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1 day ago

One of the top hikes in Colorado! Went on 09/16/18, was there by 7:45 a.m. so beat the crowds. Amazing colors on the Aspens at the start of the trail, beautiful views of the surrounding mountains throughout the entire trail and the waterfalls were some of the best around! When you first see the falls you can take a path down right to them, would recommend. The last .4 mile up is a very narrow hard elevation gain, but the rest of the trail would be good for anyone.

Incredible views! Nice wide trail. My friend suggested we go early (8am) and only saw a few others on trail going up but passed lots of hikers coming down. If you want to experience the falls alone go early!

Best hike of our trip. My wife and I started and finished at the Jud Wiebe trailhead. Moderate-Hard. The hardest part for us was the saddle. Slippery (small dry gravel) and steep on the way up and rock hopping in the way down. We saw some marmots, and 1 other person! This was mid September, 2016.

Beautiful Hike - every turn you take you either have an awesome viewpoint or eyes on a waterfall. Hiked this in last August while a storm was rolling in. It was overcast, but I imagine on a clear day you will be hot and in the sun for most of the hike.
Any 4x4 car will make it to the top of Bridal Veil Falls (no need for high clearance). The first fork in the trail: Right will take you to Silver Lake. Second fork in the trial: Left will take you to Blue Lake, Right will take you to Lewis Lake

10 days ago

Beautiful hike. Lake is low but still totally beautiful. We went on a weekday and had the whole lake to ourselves for hours. The scenery on the way up is beautiful! Happy hiking!

Waterfalls that are so amazing! Did not disappoint!

Beautiful hike on a somewhat rocky trail, but don’t forget to look up as the peaks are magnificent. The falls are beautiful and the view back down the valley is spectacular.

Best trail I've ever hiked in the 10 years I've been hiking.

16 days ago

Considered this hike hard. Continous incline until reaching the lake. Unfortunately the day was overcast and the lake wasn't as blue. Great views and waterfalls. Took us 4 hours to complete

Gorgeous views. Wonderful hike; I was glad I hiked it early, because I met a lot of people hiking up as I descended. I can see why it’s so popular.

18 days ago

Loved this hike! Well maintained and easy to follow. The trail starts out easy and the second half is more strenuous. Most of the climb is after the first mile. Beautiful hike with lots of trees and rocky spots. I was surprised at how colorful the vistas were.

This is an absolutely stunning hike. We drove our jeep to the top of bridal veil Falls near the powerhouse and parked in the sixth switch back up. There is no parking at the very top of the 4 x 4 trail near the powerhouse. We are flatlanders from Ohio and it was our first day at altitude so we were sucking wind most of the way up. Took us about 2 hours and 10 minutes to reach the lake. Started hailing as soon as we got up there. It was a beautiful hike all the way through with a stream, waterfalls, and amazing mountain scenery the whole way. For sure one of my favorite hikes of all time. Bring a lot of water, I drank about 4 L, and make sure to dress in layers and be prepared for weather at the top.

22 days ago

Beautiful views. Trail was not crowded when we went Friday morning. Most difficult part was breathing with the altitude. Glad we went.

We did the hike starting from the very bottom of the falls since we just had a small sedan. The hike was about 11 miles from the bottom round-trip (per my Fitbit) and was about 150 flights up. The trail was gorgeous! Honestly, it was one of the prettiest hikes I’ve ever been on (and I’ve also hiked Mt Sneffels). Since we went at the end of August, the colors were breathtaking and we started around 7:00 am so the mountains were shrouded with clouds & mist. It was awesome. Definitely a challenging hike since the first 5+ miles are all incline. The Lake itself isn’t that spectacular but it was cool to see the old mining ruins next to it.

off road driving
23 days ago

Pretty quick and easy ride up to the trailhead for Bridal Veils & Blue Lake. The trail is pretty rocky and I don't think a sedan would make it but any higher clearance vehicle would be fine.

25 days ago

Video of this Hike on YouTube: TrailPerspective

Giving this hike 1 star is REALLY low class. Come on people you are rating a nature trail, not a hotel experience.

Let me correct the 'Trail Divas' below (complaining about lack of shade...really?!) by saying that the scenery on this hike is absolutely gorgeous and this is a great hike if you do not wish to spend the whole day hiking and want to spend part of your day in Telluride.

Going early eliminates some of the crowd (and sun) and the cars driving up, but I didn't expect extreme solitude being so close to town. We did this hike to warm up for some bigger hikes later in our week long trip and this was perfect. This box canyon is absolutely breathtaking and packs almost un-obstructed scenery the entire hike.

Challenging, but completely worth it. I'm in shape, but my lungs struggled to keep up. Recommend being acclimated to altitude before you go. However, the rewards (waterfalls) are AWESOME if you stay motivated and don't give up.

This was a steady incline- but beautiful views and rest stops along the way for kids. We really enjoyed this hike.

1 month ago

A great hike. The views on this hike are breathtaking. The last mile was pretty difficult with steep grade switch backs. But I do not live in altitude so that made it difficult. But it was so worth it. It was told to me by many a local that the lake was the lowest they’ve seen with the lack of snow this past winter.

Nice warm up trail with a waterfall on top

up hill the whole way but definitely worth it for the views and knowing you climbed a mountain

one thing that was discouraging were the rock piles along this trail, along with initials carved in trees. also a lot of traffic.

1 month ago

Hike was a challenge for our seven and nine-year-old but we were able to push them along and they were glad they made it to the Falls! What a spectacular seen. The trail is beautiful framed by mainly Aspen, with some stunning scenery of the cliffs.

One note: as the write up says this is a very popular hike, so there were plenty of other people, dogs, and trail runners but all courteous and friendly.

Very nice trail, mostly on an old forest road but be prepared for some extended hiking on rocks in places. A good balance of shade and sun. If you take your pup, there are a few small stream crossings where they can get a drink. Near the top there is a nice area to see the falls from about a quarter mile away, but the hike to the falls itself will reward you with some great views back toward the valley.

This was a great hike. Great day and a beautiful hike.

Fantastic hike. The first half of the trail is easy going and the second half contains most of the vertical. Fantastic scenery all along the way. I stopped to fish at the top for an hour with no luck. The view on the way back down was incredible. Make sure your vehicle has good ground clearance as the road has plenty of holes and ditches along the way

A great hike to get acclimated to the altitude. If you get an early start then you’ll likely have the falls to yourself. The views are fantastic along the way. We wrapped up the hike around 11:30 after relaxing at the top for 40 minuets, and the trail was pretty crowded at that point. Only 4 stars due to the sheer beauty and solitude of other hikes in the area.

Definitely worth the short semi steep hike. Runnable for those who like to trail run

Did this lovely hike with my 21 month old son in a backpack and my 10lb shih tzu. We had a blast, and even took a dip in the ice cold lake!

We went early in morning and only saw a few people on the trail and at the falls. Great for photos. More people on the trail after about 9am. We took our time and explored a lot of side trails, playing around in the creek and taking photos of the views, and that made the hike even better for us. Not many wildflowers this week, except at the last .25-mile near the falls and then some very pretty foliage.

1 month ago

Stunning hike which I agree is moderate. The scenery constantly changes, wildflowers and microclimates, creeks, waterfalls and lakes. SO beautiful. The challenges for me were the altitude because we arrived in Telluride last night and hiking down a rocky trail. If you have knees or hips which cause you trouble, take your hiking sticks. Hiking downhill will be so much easier for you. By the time we sat down at Hope Lake I got my head back, dizziness went away and my heart settled down. Totally worth all of my effort, one of the most beautiful hikes I have ever been on. My husband had no trouble with the altitude but was very glad he packed his hiking sticks for the rocky trail down.

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