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This hike is absolutely fabulous. It is incredibly steep getting up to mile 2 - by far the toughest stretch of trail we hiked on our visit to the area. But once you get past mile 2 and the short distance through the saddle, the trail is flat and the views are raw beauty - the Rockies at their best. The lake color is spectacular. We enjoyed this more than the Ice Lake trail (which was also great).

A tip that we figured out the hard way: The road to the trailhead is a narrow “4x4 only” road. If you dare drive up the road anyhow, there is only room for 2 cars along the side - and if those spots are taken, there is not a good place to turn around. The easiest thing to do is park at the bottom of 679 after you cross the one lane bridge (by the camp sites), then hike up the road to the trail. The trail itself is 6.4 miles - adding the hike up the road made the total trip ~8.7 miles.

Great hike and great fun. Moderate to difficult west to east but worth every bead of sweat.

Rode this trail with 17yr old son, and what a Great ride! First part is a little grueling with the climb, but well worth the effort for some great down hill biking. Recommend for Intermediate to Advanced riders only. Awesome views of Telluride.

This is a beautiful hike. I got elevation sickness so it may not be for everyone. It’s worth it though. Take lots of water or a water filter (lots of water everywhere) and sunscreen and make sure your battery on your camera is well charged because your going to use it!

One of my favorites as a local! I used it as a afterwork delight hike up the steep incline and run down. Incredible views of the town. Everyone is friendly and dog friendly. Plus it’s a loop and there are options for more hikes!

We started east to west and definitely hit the hardest parts first. Beautiful view of the city. A fun little hike.

lots of people on the trail. I'd recommend heading to the falls instead of doing the loop. and if you're scared of dogs this isn't for you; lots of unleashed dogs with no owner in sight.

7 days ago

Great views! Go west to east to get the most difficult part out of the way first I think. Steep but worth it!

This “hike” is on a rocky road with cars passing, hardly any shade and is not worth the effort. Either take a 4X4 up to the falls then hike from there to Silver or Blue Lake. Or skip this and go to Bear Creek Falls which is a much more enjoyable hike.

Very enjoyable hike within walking distance of downtown Telluride. Nice views. Not crowded.

Incredibly beautiful. Definitely steep but worth the climb


Its a dirt road that leads to the falls. tue Scenery is nothing special and the Falls werent that great. Go and do Bear Creek instead. The falls there are surreal.

14 days ago

This hike was incredible. The lake and views of the surrounding peaks were amazing. Started out very steep and the first section full of switchbacks was a bit of a challenge, but gets easier after that.
There’s very little snow up there right now-easy enough to cross in hiking boots, and the wild flowers are blooming! Made it up in a little less than 2 hours and made it down in an hour and a half. Wish I had trekking poles a few times on the way back down.

14 days ago

This is one of my favorite CO hikes! Not only is the lake stunning, but the views as you make your way there (once you exit the forest) are amazing! The vertical is pretty intense, but pace yourself and just keep moving... even if it's very slowly. The last mile before you reach the lake has very little elevation gain and you will be glad you didn't turn back!

Note - There's a trail that shoots off to the left once you enter the clearing. Don't take that... you still have some climbing to do! :-)

Pretty awesome time to head up there with the clear skies.

Very easy in a stock T4R. Great views!!

Beautiful views of Telluride

This is less a trail and more of walking up a dirt road. Falls are beautiful, but better to drive to the top and then start the hike to Blue Lake.

Beautiful views at the top but you are following ski runs the entire time.

Amazing hike! I thought ice lake and blue lakes were amazing but this was even more impressive. NOTE the mileage is wrong and the hike is 8.5-9 miles depending on where you can park but well worth it!

trail running
24 days ago

totally worth the sweat, all that incline and heat are worth it once your in the mist at the base of the falls

25 days ago

Quick hike down from the gondola. rocks were a little unstable, but other than that, it was a great hike. Great views and beautiful aspen groves. Really nice that bikes aren't allowed on this trail.

25 days ago

Great for a quick track down hill with kids.

Gorgeous, stunning... and read on for tips not mentioned in any other review. For me, this was a 12.3-mile hike, because my car couldn't get over the rocks and straight waterfall crossings (for real) on the ride up Bridal Veil. :)

IMPORTANT: As someone else said earlier (thank you! I would have been lost without you), there are no signs, so remember: At the first trail split, stay left; at the second trail split (another 1/2 mile or so up), stay right. This way you'll make it to Blue Lake and not some of the other lakes.

PRO TIP: You can hitchhike up or down it! Locals do this often. I didn't realize this until the end of the hike, however. I started my hike at 10:30am and finished at 4pm. No snow at all this time of year. This hike for me was very long and rises in elevation 3,000 feet.

Also, this is COMPLETELY different than the Blue Lakes Trail near Mt. Sneffels, I did not know this, but it hardly mattered because the views are beyond stunning and truly kept me going. The majority of the trail past Bridal Veils falls is in the sunshine; wear sunscreen even if you normally don't and bring plenty of water. And a fully charged phone or camera, as you'll want to take hundreds of pictures.

So beautiful. With a lovely surprise just around the bend!

Tough but so worth it! Great views and easy access from downtown

1 month ago

Great trail accessed via parking in the free Mountain Village parking garage and riding the free gondola two stops. Some snow to trump through a couple of weeks ago (Memorial Day wkd) but totally manageable with normal hikers. Hiking poles help some, especially on the scree coming down. Amazing views as the trail/ski run name implies.

Good view at the top but not a hike worth writing home about.

off road driving
1 month ago

Easy dirt road trail. Saw a Toyota Prius at the top. Probably wasn’t an easy ride for them but they made it. Beautiful scenery, sucky fishing, and beautiful star view! Worth the trip. Currently on stage 2 fire restrictions by the st. Miguel county but stage 1 by the forest service.

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