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Taos 2017 Map

My daughter and I just backpacked out from Pecos Falls (Pecos Trail) up Gascon and down Hamilton Mesa to Iron Gate (campground and trail head). I would have to agree with Naomi Cicada that it was a terrific experience and hike. Gascon is a short but steep trail with many fallen tree obstacles, but once on Hamilton Mesa trail, the views are wonderful! Well worth the effort.

Great trail took the small loop about 1.6 miles with my daughter. Great way to build up for other trails and a very nicely cleaned up trail.

19 days ago

We joined this hike mid-ridge coming up from the Ho Chin Ming trail near the Country Club access road. Moderate to Easy to Very Easy once on the ridge line. We saw marmot and many birds. There was a surprise herd of cows at the midway point. Exciting, no bulls - whew! Great for hearty kids.

scenic driving
1 month ago

The only bad part was when it ended.

This trail is closed 7/4/2018

We recommend using the app on this trail as there are some new logging roads that can make things confusing. We have done this trail before but got a little turned around but used the app to get back in track. The trail is not marked well. We did have a “cow encounter “
On the trail as a cowboy was herding at least 50 head of cattle along the trail. We stood still and tried to move to the side as the nervous mamas and babies passed us. The views are beautiful and we enjoy the trail , we’ll do it again.

Must have 4x4 to get to the trailhead.

This is a seriously underrated hike. The scenery was just beautiful and the trail was easy to moderate. The mileage is incorrect however. Round trip it’s just under 20 miles. The description makes it sound as if it follows the river but it doesn’t, as such the last chance to top off on water is about 3.5 miles in at a horse trough. My friend and I did this as a 3 day trip and set up our camp at mile 5.4 by Bob’s trail junction. Having seen the rest of the trail and camping not currently being allowed by Pecos Falls I think it’s the best spot to camp by far. After the trail turns off the Hamilton Mesa trail to the Falls there are a fair number of downed trees but the trail is still passable.
In the morning I saw a herd of elk and I night we heard coyotes. I saw a fair amount of mountain lion scat. All-in-all this is an A+++ hike. Just perfect.

Trail is beautiful, followed with the app. Rated it 3 stars because we bumped into three trucks on the trail. The people in the first truck made me feel uncomfortable, the second and the third truck the people seemed fine, just don’t understand how they got there and why.

3 months ago

We were recommended this over La Junta, mainly because the drive from Taos was 1/2 an hour shorter. The drive to the trailhead/campground area is a not great, road is dirt and has quite a bit of potholes, so take it slow.

The trail itself is a bit challenging. The beginning going down is quite steep. At about half way it is not as steep and pretty easy. The access to the river is a nice area, you can be brave and jump in, but be aware of the strong current. Hiking back up is obviously harder and the steep beginning(end going up) is hard. All in all, well worth it, took an hour down and 1.25 hrs up.

I’m not sure when that picture of the Hot Springs was taken but it wasn’t anytime In the last several years,if not longer. Uploaded a photo of the “Hot Springs” and it’s full of cat tails and grass and in a state of disrepair. Hit Springs is located on Pueblo land and two photos stating that was uploaded.

**Dogs ARE allowed here** Great hike, though hard to follow the trail sometimes. Definitely needed the AllTrails map to follow. I was also glad I'd thrown my snowshoes on my back as when I needed them, I really needed them. Beautiful quiet trail, especially with the fresh snow!

Great spring hike, but do wish there was better signage along the way...thank goodness for snow and footprints to let us know we were still on the right path. If I was to do it again this time of year, I'd take my snowshoes.

5 months ago

Love the camp sites
Looks like the bridge to get to the picnic tables was washed out?

The water is gorgeous at the bottom and the hike back to the top makes drinking a cold one at the end totally guilt free

I grew up in northern New Mexico so I’m no stranger to scenic mountain drives, but this one really surprised me and I considered it jaw dropping in places.

6 months ago

Somehow only hiked 5.75. But enjoyable without being difficult. Saw elk and mule deer.

7 months ago

Worth it, but definitely not an easy trail.

7 months ago

Absolutely loved this trail. So much to see, many vista views of angel fire, eagles nest, and trees! However in December it is easy to lose the trail so plan for extra time on the trail.

off road driving
8 months ago

Main picture is not this place.
This trail is more a dirt/gravel road for off-roading. Road had some ice/snow in some spots and was pretty easy.

Did this stretch of road on our way from Taos to Colorado Springs. Typical SW canyon country driving. I think the section from Taos to the Angel Fire cut off is just about in the same category. Both nice drives.

10 months ago

In no way shape or form is this trail easy. It was a fun hike, but definitely not easy.

11 months ago

not very shaded. not a good trail for small dogs. more dead fallen trees than I prefer on a trail. not my fave in this area.

Good times with the kids.

11 months ago

Easy trail with great views from high up overlooking Angel Fire. Writing this in Aug 17, the trail is clear and varies between single and double track. Dogs ARE allowed.

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

loved it

Not for biking. I did search for mountain bike trails and Pecos Falls came up. After driving primitive roads all the way back here we find out bikes are not allowed on the trail.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Great trail and wonderful views. Use this apps pro map as there are many unmarked side trails that can be confusing.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Hiked lots of times. Not difficult but lovey.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Not a great hike, hot dirt road with a lot of broken glass. The end result is a run down old series of pools fed by a natural spring. It's kind of cool but not something I would do again. Better off going to John Dunne bridge for a dip

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