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mountain biking
4 days ago

Good trails for the most part, pretty flat but has a few good spots, can easily send all day out there! great place for first timers

beautiful park, love the views and an absolute fun running loop!

trail running
5 days ago

not much like "trail running" but it's a beautiful paved sidewalk along the water and makes a great run!

Not a busy and easy trail around a small lake. Nothing special

Used the coast bikes app to rent a bike from downtown Tampa and road it along Bayshore! Definitely a nice view and it has inspired me to bike more. This was my first biking trail and it was comfortable the entire way!

It’s awesome, just, as you need to in every park, watch out for snakes. I saw a beautiful diamondback when I was there last.

13 days ago

Easy, beautiful, sunny stroll along the Hillsborough River in Tampa. Lots to see and do in the city along the way.

Love this place - I’ve hiked every trail and each one is a fun, beautiful & peaceful adventure. It’s very quiet - especially during the week. The boardwalk is also a beautiful spot and perfect for those with younger children & strollers. If you have the right stroller, you can probably make it through any trail - however I suggest you avoid the Blackwater Cutoff due to the tree roots throughout the trail.
The only reason I’m not giving it a full 5-stars is because of the no dog, no Geocaching and no rock hiding rules. We rescued a dog about a year ago and haven’t been able to visit since then, so we go to the Brooker Creek Headwaters Preserve in Lutz/Odessa for our daily hikes now - I have read other reviews that say the rule is overlooked but I also know someone who brought her leashed dog to this park and had a police officer waiting for her when she returned to her car about an hour later. They did not fine her but they took her info and said if she ever returned with her dog, that she would be fined and/or arrested. So that, along with the fact that it’s a bit of a drive for me to get there...I’d rather not take the chance of having my hike ruined over it. However, if they ever decide to change their minds and get rid of the No Dog rule - I would most definitely return.

Beautiful paved trail. Very wide and allows for running with a dog or stroller. Beautiful scenery and a boardwalk to check out after your run. It was slightly busy when I went, but the wide trail allows for plenty of room. It does cost $2 to get in and you may need cash.

18 days ago

It was a great walk to be done the first day of the Year.

trail running
20 days ago

Looks like it would be lots of fun on a mountain bike, trail running it was just sort of meh. I had visited Hillsborough State park just a day before, the trails are shorter there but I think better for running and hiking, there is just more to look at.

road biking
23 days ago

We’ve been here a couple of times and we’re never disappointed! The first two times we walked the paved bike trail and recently we brought our bikes (12/23/18). The paved bike trail was flooded due to the storms a week ago but you could still keep riding. Some people kept going and some turned around. It was a perfect day to ride.
My husband saw a Florida Panther! Incredible! I saw a whitetail deer!

1 month ago

nice park. you can walk directly around the lake on the red trail or do a longer hike on the blue trail which still takes you to many places on the Lakeshore too. plenty of benches to sit down if needed and a couple of tables for a nice picnic too.

The “bay” in Upper Tampa Bay trail is a misnomer. Of the 19 miles pedaled today, maybe 4 were near streams, channel or ponds. Starting at Channel Park you encounter a detour, allegedly until January 2019. Thus puts you on the road or sidewalk for 2 miles, breathing exhaust. Many busy intersections to cross with heavy traffic beyond the detour.
The good-you are outside, the path is wide, well maintained and shady with little traffic this Sunday. Bike shops for repairs are available, as is cold water, benches and eateries, such ad Ballyhoo.
The bad-previously mentioned detour and trail signs which are all with fading print.
The ugly- may miles of roadside paths, landfill, construction sites and warehouses.

I loved this place! I will tell you my Apple Maps almost took me to the wrong place. It almost had me turn on a “no trespassing” road. But I kept straight and made a left and the entrance was there! It was absolutely incredible. I went on a November week day but the weather was incredible. It was slightly busy but I don’t mind. It’s a 2.5 mile loop. We (my son who’s 9 and I) did it easily because the weather was nice. I don’t think We would come on a May, June, July, or August afternoon. Only half the trail has a canopy. The first half ( we started to the right) didn’t have much tree coverage. But it was a beautiful trail. We met a couple of bird watchers and there was a couple trail runners. Very cool!

Quiet and dogs on leash allowed - pick up after

I come here often, most recently for my company’s picnic. There isn’t very much room to kayak but I love the boardwalk and observation tower. My friend proposed to his girlfriend on one the trails.

road biking
2 months ago

Really good loop. At first I thought it would be boring, but it turned out to be a nice bike ride. It does not appear to incline in elevation, but it does. And so it's a great trail for some good bike training. Did not see much wild life except for some free range turkeys.

great trail

2 months ago

Not a trail, but a beautiful walk along the city.

not much of an established trail. need to avoid disk golfers. The Trail to the tail end curving into the bay is overgrown and under water during tids. It has not been maintained in some time, the garbage in the trash bin is months old.

trail running
2 months ago

Beautiful, well maintained, paved. Lots of animals.

on Picnic Island Loop

3 months ago

The park is nice for boat launching, picnic gatherings and dogs as it mentions. But hiking? I think not. It does have a secluded area for kayak launching.

I go here with my family quite often. Always full of wildlife and positivity. The tower has a great view of the river too.

lots of shade covering most of trail, good direction using the app, decent amount of trail markers, clear path, only ran into other trail goers every 10-15 min, saw a few deer, luckily did not see any gators though I'm sure they're in there, trails could easily flood so don't go right after any heavy rainstorms

3 months ago

Awesome trail, though paved it makes for an excellent hike! There are several parks connected that might call for further checking out.

Perfect for walking, running, skateboarding, cycling. For families, couples or singles. We must go to the County for its maintenance.

mountain biking
3 months ago

beautiful Wildlife ,great paved and dirt trails, plenty of water facilities along the trail ...my favorite one so far

3 months ago

Exekent For Hiking And Bike

The view was amazing and I saw 3 deer.

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