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it's a leisure walk. very pleasant.

this is a nice Easy hike. 6.6 miles no big hills. only down fall is you can see houses and the road is only about 100 yards from eagle rock...

Clear signs on where the trail is going, but poor communication about the nature of the trail - it's a 1.7 mile loop that includes a 0.5 mile section on the road to a campground. Very confusing. If you turn back at road as we did, then it's just a there and back for a total of 1 mile from Skull Rock. Nice informational signs about vegetation along the way, and plenty of cool rock formations along the way, but also very close to road.

8 days ago

This hike is ok. You are mainly hiking through rocks at the beginning and then Bonita Falls isn’t even pointed out with signs your have to find it yourself pretty much (it’s on the left about a mile down the rocks by a huge tree). There’s a TON of graffiti and trash. The waterfall is very pretty when there’s a lot of water but there’s always been a lot of people every time I go. The creek is pretty too but on the warmer days there’s tons of people partying around the creek leaving trash and dirty diapers. Such a shame that people have 0 respect.

Excellent moderate hike! Mix of forest setting and open space. Trail well maintained, marked, easy to navigate. Eagle Rock was awesome! Great run back to start off trailhead.

Awesome and scenic trail! We have done this numerous times. If your lucky you will see an amazing waterfall!!!

12 days ago

Cool rock!

12 days ago

Great waterfall, even in the fall without much rainfall. Cliff goes up at least 50 feet. Hike is pretty rocky without much of a trail path. Be careful; did hear a rattlesnakes rattle near a tree out on the rocky path

This took 2 hours 45 minutes. We stopped at the picnic table and enjoyed the view of Bump and grind trail to the right, Eisenhower Mountain above, and the valley below.

Great hike, though just a bit too busy on the weekends. Keep in mind that dogs can’t make it through the slot since you have to climb up a ladder at a certain point.

Easy comfortable hike. Cool in the afternoon.

nice and quick hike.. rocky to say the least..

16 days ago

Just went yesterday the scenery was great! A 2 mile hike that is kid and dog friendly. Bring proper shoes since there is lots of rocks. Overall a true gem.

16 days ago

The hike itself was decent, a little up hill but nothing too strenuous. There weren't any trail signs posted so it took a while to find the actual trail but luckily I had this app to follow. I read reviews about graffiti but I didn't expect sooooo much. The actual waterfall would be much more beautiful if it wasn't covered in graffiti, the entire way up is littered with it.

17 days ago

Short but lots of fun!

Diverse scenery. The eagle rock does not disappoint.

Love climbing through the canyons and the views of the water. Quick but fun hike that doesn’t take up a whole day. Easy to park and walk down.

Fun hike with the family

Not much of a hike, but the slot canyons are very cool and worth checking out

Not too difficult, but it is all rocks so make sure you wear good shoes!

Easy. Easy. Easy.

29 days ago

This is a very enjoyable trail and easy to trek. But there is not enough directions on where it starts and ends. You just have to guess at what you’re doing.

Re-did this hike with two friends Oct 31, 2018. Weather was perfect with breeze. Very strenuous for inexperienced hikers. We all ran out of water from our backpack bladders carrying 2 liter each. Luckily we had a couple of water bottles as supplements. I suggest also taking something to help with rehydrate with nutrients as there's much sweating in this hike. This hike shows 8.3 miles up and back, but both times I've hiked it, mine and my buddy's distance counter showed 12 + miles. The views are spectacular and the Salton Sea can be seen to the east. To the west Palm Desert and Rancho Mirage can be seen. The elevation change is about 2360 ft so it was a good cardio. It would be worthwhile to pack food to eat along the way to re-energize. We were disappointed when we saw two men coming up the trail as we were returning from the palms. Each only had one plastic bottle of water. They hadn't even made it halfway. I offered bottles of water, but they said no thanks. Hmm. Hope they did well in their hike. Taking extra water is essential on this hike. The trail is pretty visible. The Grove can't be seen until your about a 3rd of mile from it.

My favorite trail! Lots of different terrain, and magnificent views! Bring lots of water, good trail shoes, and a snack for the top! The boulder climbing is great too!

Beautiful scenes with an element of adventure and climbing. we loved this quick and easy to get to trail.

What a special “canyon niche” this is, in Solana Beach, of all places! Must enter thru North Rios Street - San Elijo Lagoon. Definitely, a “one way” short “climb, with a few unexpected photo ops along the way.

1 month ago

It’s unfortunate that it was so graffitied up, but it’s a nice little treasure you wouldn’t guess to be there. We saw a pack of rams on the way in which an experience in itself.

This hike, while better in the spring, is always a favorite of mine when I’m visiting family in So Cal and have half a day for the drive and the hike.

We did this trail as a night hike and it was pretty awesome. May want to bring gloves as there is a ton of bouldering to be had.

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