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19 days ago

Great place

My cousins and I decided to do this hike today as we had never done it. I saw the falls in a few friends’ Instagram posts so we rallied to do it. My sister brought her 2.5 year old with us. We started along the trail and realized the wagon wasn’t gonna make it so we stashed it behind a tree and trekked on.

The “trail” faded after about a mile. Needless to say, we definitely got lost. Luckily I had the app to guide us along where a trail used to be (there wasn’t a trail). My phone died but we finally made our way back and ultimately did the entire 4+ mike hike.

We never found the waterfall.

such a beautiful hike! We never made it to phantom falls due to really poor markers so we just followed to River down after the first water fall and found one that rivals the size of phantom falls. Pretty easy hike just wear good shoes as there are lots of loose rocks everywhere.

1 month ago

Beautiful little lake at the bend of the loop, beautiful views all around

Such a variety from rocky to green meadows. My only complaint was it being a little difficult to figure out which way to go as the trail was not marked very well.

Great hike! A few snow areas that are iced over and you need have the right foot gear with you. A few trails are under a few inches of water, but you can maneuver around most of them.

the trail was really beautiful. Just like the other reviews, youll see the yellow and brown trail marker across the road from the parking area, close to the bridge. the trail is sketchy in some areas as there was loose gravel and rock, but an overall beautiful hike near the creek. There is a lot to see going along. I was a little disappointed at the end at the falls, there is a fish ladder to gelp the salmon up the stream. A bit of an eye sore, but the falls were beautiful. No real trail marker at the end of the hike except a bench.

Beautiful and well-maintained right now. Took 4 humans and 5 dogs. Had a blast. Bring a picnic.

2 months ago

Very short hike along a paved path but we had the place to ourselves and there was enough good snow on the ground for a good old snowball fight.

All trails direction sends you up the main road past the Frazier Falls turnoff sign. that road is blocked. we doubled back and took the brown Frazier Falls sign turnoff. that road is a bit icy in places. driveable though.

plenty of picnic tables and benches.

This trail is beautiful. However, as of Nov 25, 2017, we found several patches of the trail under snow. This made it hard to follow the trail. But this trail is breathtaking.

I am not sure why this is rated MODERATE. It’s a straightforward walk around a large pond. I’d probably rate it higher as a short trail run because the paths are well defined and unobstructed. It’s not a trail I will walk again but this is my perspective as a landscape and wildlife photographer.

Agree, this is an EASY rating. It’s a short hike on a decent path with a nice photo opportunity at the end of it. A good one for those who are physically less able. Be forewarned it can get more windy / cool than is felt at the car park.

i think anywhere out here in this area is gorgeous, all trails worth it! we encountered quite a bit of snow Nov 25,2017 post holing occasionally but it's still worth it!

Beautiful in the spring when the wild flowers are in bloom!

Nice fall hike.

There's no water flowing but it's a. Ice hike. Quick and easy.

Got a light dusting of snow this morning. Trail was still easy to navigate. Stunning views. Hard to beat.

Wonderful little trail. The trail work being done on it is really great! They are not done, yet, but we were so impressed with what they have done. We did this just before sunset (gate is closed at sunset) and it was super peaceful. The lake was pretty in the evening light.

We really enjoyed this hike with our three children (ages 11, 9 & 9). It was moderate, but challenging for the family. The prize at the top is worth it. Agree with another reviewer that the loop is not well marked at the top so it was an out and back for us, too.

Great trail. No major inclines or declines with good variety of scenery. Completed in late september with some snow on the ground with a group 25 people ages ranging from 6-70 year old hikers without any problems.

5 months ago

Excellent hike from Packer Lake to Tamarack Lakes then up to the PCT and back. Leaving Packer Lake is a rocky off road jeep trail, but once to Tamarack Lakes single track trails are great.

"Completed" this hike about two weeks ago.... what a poor choice in hikes to do. Enjoyed the drive up from Davis.... but too hot, too dry, too unmarked. Wait until early spring is my suggestion, even then not a great hike. Also broke my pup and had to carry her as there were tons of stickers, foxtail type weeds.

Great trail. Amazing sights and wonderful lakes!

6 months ago

I'm a 50 yrs old beginner hiker and consider this hike more moderate as it was on a rocky 4WD trail that was pretty much uphill. Definitely a nice reward to see Lake Tamarack. Wear good hiking shoes as it rocky.

6 months ago

I would not rate this a moderate trail. Majority of trail is uphill on loose rocks and there are several series of bolder steps with a twelve to eighteen inch vertical step. Thank heavens the water was so refreshing once we made it to Smith lake for a quick dip.

The hike was on an a 4wd trail. Rocky and steep but well worth the views of the lakes.

Don't go here this time of season, not worth it.

7 months ago

We followed the All Trails Tamarack Lakes trail from the parking lot near Packer Lake up past both lakes stopping a little short of reaching the PCT, then backtracking and spending a little time around the lakes before heading back down to the parking lot. Great hike and great views of the lakes and the Sierra Buttes. This starts on a 4wheel drive road and turns into a trail once you reach the 1st lake. It is pretty much uphill all the way with some fairly steep sections but it's not a very long hike and even shorter if you just go to the lakes. The trail is rocky so stiff soles make it a much pleasanter trip - not a great hike for tennis shoes. You can continue on all the way to Sierra Buttes on this route which makes it a much more strenuous hike.

Note: This is NOT the Tamarack Lakes trail that starts near Sardine Lake! That trail has much more elevation gain and distance. This version is the lazy hikers way to see Tamarack Lakes and well worth the shorter clime.

7 months ago

We took a variation of the All Trails Gray Eagle Creek/Waterfalls hike and turned it into a loop including Smith Creek and Smith Lake. This ended up being a fairly strenuous hike, at least more so than we had counted on. After starting on the Gray Eagle Creek trail we took the cut off that goes over to the Smith Creek trail. This trail goes up and over a ridge with a few nice views on the way. Then we walked toward Smith Lake on the Smith Creek trail - upstream and uphill all the way through forested area. The Creek is pretty as it tumbles down with several small cascading falls but it would have been prettier if we had seen them walking downhill. We side tripped to Smith Lake then came back and crossed the bridge and went down the Smith Lake trail to the parking area not far from Gray Eagle lodge, picked up the Gray Eagle Creek trail to head back to where we started. Great views of the area from the top of the Smith Lake trail. If I were to do it again I'd make it a point to point by taking the Smith Lake trail up to the lake and the Smith Creek trail all the way to Mohawk/Plumas Pines.

Wonderful hike! Beautiful views at every turn. Great for 2 active Border Collies with lots of water to drink and swim in.

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