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Fantastic hike with one amazing falls after another.

Exquisite and idyllic!

Beautiful hike. Lucky we had a clear day got to see Mt Hood and Rainer. Good workout too.. went on Sept 2, 2018

This was an easy hike with gorgeous waterfalls. It can get crowded, especially at the falls that are less than a mile from the trailhead, but the farther away from the trailhead I got the less people I saw.

5 days ago

Trails level surfaces and well maintained so little risk of tripping when looking up at trees.

5 days ago

Nice hike. Some beautiful views. Half the trail is very well maintained, the rest is roots and puddles. Went hiking on a rainy September day.

7 days ago

Hiked this trail on Sunday 9/9/18. Started about 2:00 pm and went counter clockwise. Clocked over 9 miles and 1400 feet of elevation gain. The falls are amazing, though a few were dry. Not as many people in the afternoon and going that direction. Make sure you have your Trail app on because some of the trail has no signage. Very well maintained hike with a push toward the end up switchback stairs. Will be back in spring when the water is higher!

on Coyote Wall Loop Trail

7 days ago

Pretty hike. You will loop around, and up through grassy hills and then to coyote wall. Would be pretty in the spring with all the wildflowers.

The hike was pretty nice, but the signs weren’t very helpful, and we were expecting to see at least some flowers from the reviews, but unfortunately didn’t see any. It was a pretty leisurely hike, however and the different trees with their labels was definitely a nice addition. All around worth the experience.

9 days ago

Beautiful beach on the bottom. Relatively easy trail, not much variety though.

trail running
9 days ago

This was a beautiful run to do, definitely stopped a few times to take in the sites, going counterclockwise around the loop, you get the gradual climb done first and then you have a gradual downhill and steep uphill to finish on.

beautiful hike, we ended up doing 10 miles by the time we got back to the car to make sure we saw everything we came to see.

Amazing, amazing, amazing!!
Winter Falls and Double Falls are both dry at the moment, so unless there’s a bit of rain soon, probably not worth the trip - but even with the falls a bit drier, and having a lighter flow, I would highly recommend this. It’s not too difficult but it’s absolutely beautiful. It took me about 4 hours all up to do the loop, and I was taking my sweet time.
I did the loop counterclockwise (aka South Falls last) which I was happy with - except between South Falls and Lower South Falls there’s about 180 steps... that’s hard to get up after already clocking in a few miles haha. Barely saw anyone going that way for whatever reason - I barely saw anyone at all really. Early September, on a Thursday in the middle of the day... apparently a pretty quiet time for the trail ha!

A fun, easy hike. Went here for a first date with my boyfriend

This hike is filled with beautiful views of the ocean as well as the old growth forest. The trail has several areas where the tree roots are quite dominant creating steps in some places and obstacles in others. There are several quite muddy places that require some careful navigation. The only wildlife we saw on this particular day was a couple of snakes. The hike was lovely and enough of a challenge to be satisfying without being overly taxing.

15 days ago

I left a cool hiking stick at the trail head for someone to use.

Beautiful view, but hot! I would call it difficult, rather than moderate. It is straight up hill, with no shade, and the gravelly path made it easy to slip. We never found the waterfall.

We did the 9.5 mile loop around all of the falls. We went clockwise, which was great to avoid the Labor Day crowds. But Strictly based on elevation, I think it would be easier to go counter clockwise. There were lots of fun areas for our kids to play in the river during the hike too. Overall the waterfalls were stunning and the trails were well maintained. They weren’t very well marked, so if you can keep the AllTrails app up, I would suggest you do so.

I would highly recommend this hike. The views over the ocean are absolutely stunning. There are some very muddy spots that are not all that easy to traverse, but it's so worth it. I saw one guy trying to go through in flip flops, which I do not recommend. Appropriate water proof footwear is almost an Oregon coast must have. Also the parking lot was overflowing when I arrived about 11am. So, go early.

Beautiful ! So many waterfalls. Bring lots of water!

Gorgeous views of the gorge and Mt. Hood. Not too strenuous a hike at all. Wear sunscreen and probably some sort of tick spray!

17 days ago

Fantastic little hike. As the others have said, it’s quite muddy and therefore very slippery. We started at 8:30, and didn’t see another soul on the trail or at the beach. The tide pools were phenomenal. I have never seen so many starfish in one place. Once on the beach, if you go right to the rocks stay hugging the wall over the small gravel all the way until you get to the sandy part between all of the rocks. During low tide, you can walk all the way to the waters edge where all of the starfish are.

This hike was okay, great views (even with the fog). But it was SO muddy, wear appropriate footwear, we were ankle deep in mud at a couple points through out the hike. Very crowded but that was expected close to the holiday weekend. We brought our two dogs who are well behaved and were leashes the entire time and encountered a couple off leash dogs, PLEASE keep your dog leashes.

Very muddy, but a great hike!

Favorite. Hike. Ever.

20 days ago

20 days ago

Spectacular views of the falls. If you only have a morning or an afternoon, I recommend parking in the South Day Access parking lot. Plenty of picnic tables, restrooms, and even a snack bar. For the hike, the Rim Trail up to the North Falls is very wonderful. Coming back to the parking lot, I opted for the Canyon Trail. Glad I did. I saw three more falls and each seemed to be better than the next.

22 days ago

Very beautiful!

Might be the best trail I’ve done in a while. Came here on a Monday afternoon and it was almost completely empty. A nice variety of environments and difficulties.

Great view at the end. Edge of a cliff, into the ocean.

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