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Such a beautiful trail. Only saw a few people on a Sunday. Listening to the river made up for my dogs pulling! Not technical. A little rolly. Be back soon!

Well maintained trail in the heart of PDX. I prefer early as the trail is open at 5 AM. Nice and quiet then.

beautiful...Lots of trails.

Grew up hiking these trails as a kid in elementary school on field trips. A good easy hike for all ages! The suspension bridge is always fun too!

Great loop trail. Shaded the whole way and there are a lot of other trails that branch off of it. Dogs allowed and wasn’t very crowded (5pm on weekday). Great way to escape heat In summer. Highly recommend.

Great views!

Great trail and stroller friendly

beautiful waterfalls!

Falls themselves are beautiful and the water feels very crisp this time of year.

the hike itself isn't bad at all and there is a decent amount of traffic throughout the hike.

Beautiful hike. We did it on Tuesday after 5 pm. We had the trail to ourselves. There were some people by the lower waterfall.

Nice hike. Little overgrown in spots and a bit of scramble to get to the falls. The water was beautiful and cool :)

trail running
9 days ago

beautiful view. uphill, downhill, and flat terrain. easy to get to if you're in Portland. trail, stair, or road options. very dog friendly. usually occupied by a lot of other people. not a secluded area at all. great for all levels.

9 days ago

Great hike in the city.

Love this trail, perfect hiking place for a hot day.

Great trails. Not too much traffic and we went on a Saturday. Parking was a bit limited.
We did the entire loop which was about 2 miles. The upper trail was missing a bit of signage, which lead to a few incorrect turns for us. If not for that I would have given this five stars. The views of the lower and upper falls were incredible!

Enjoyed this hike. Peaceful and beautiful

Nicely maintained trail. Beautiful view at the top.

This is the only place where people can take their dogs to run around off leash for endless acres surrounded by beautiful rivers and woodlands. The trail route listed above is only a suggestion of the endless way you can configure the maze of trails. It even includes crossing the channel, Which can only be done by fully swimming, which I would only suggest in the summer when it is warm and the waters are low, or by boat.
The only people not rating this five stars is a singular person, Sam M. Sam, we hear you. You think this should be a birdwatching sanctuary and you don’t like dogs. I wish I could take my dog to Oxbow or Dabney, but I can’t, not even on-leash, those are reserved for people like you. Please enjoy.

Was fun and short mostly up hill but great day!

Really great for a city trail. Good for trail running.

We only completed the loop portion of this trail. Quite beautiful trail itself with only glimpses of views. There were lots of trail runners and other hikers.

great trail for dogs! good afternoon romp for my pup and me. pretty mellow trail. good shade. will be doing this again.

18 days ago

Did this trail this morning, started at Homestead and took trail 770 upto the small side trail to the peak. Once you start on trail 770 is is a steep incline. Side trail is even steeper but brief. Great views and more for a workout then views on the way. Other trails are more scenic to top but enjoyable and I recommend.
Grab a map in the beginning, trails can be confusing.

19 days ago

camped at Big Lake to enjoy swimming and soon discovered Patjen trail head.

depending on which direction of loop you take you will do part of the hike through a old forest burn. great to see all the new plant life already flourishing.

Pleasantly surprised to see some of the Cascade mountains at one point, and came across three small lakes. mosquito repellent was definitely necessary.

21 days ago

Our maps took us to a weird place but it’s near Vistas House so do use that as your guide. There are two trails actually! One leads to the waterfall (lower falls) that allows you to see it closer than you would have just standing on the bridge. We didn’t know until we got home :( The other one (upper falls) was super gorgeous. We even climbed the rocks and walked behind it! Very calming and nice scenery. There were some steep inclines but so worth it! :)

Great hike!!

23 days ago

Most of the hike (that we ended up on at least) was on a big wide gravel trail. It’s doable but definitely took some breaks to catch our breath with the elevation rise. Beautiful view and even more beautiful coming down looking out west! Would do again

23 days ago

Agree with other recent review. There are signs when pulling in saying to lock your car and must admit did see what seemed to be sketchy characters in the area.
Ok hike. Good for a workout.

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