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2 days ago

Beautiful hike. Super easy but an awesome day out. Not much snow. Plenty of scenery, and a great to see the larches in full bloom, by the lake. Almost made it to the saddle but had to turn around due to incoming weather.

nature trips
5 days ago

Wonderful hike! The switchbacks are through shoulder high pine trees, making for beautiful vistas. The creek crossing is lovely, the forest beautiful, then you reach the box canyon and fully see the glacier - glorious. You hear the water in the creek and the rumble of the glacier above. The loop over the top plateau is quite steep and loose rock, super fun (better with hiking poles). Fantastic views. No bugs this time of year.

Did this hike on the weekend before the snow came down. It was a great hike for my son and I. Trail was a little muddy and slippery in spots from the recent rain. And provided a good challenge for us. The view at the top was amazing and worth the climb. Lunch along the water was great and we were joined by a cheeky chipmunk and the chirps of the Pikas.

nice trail for start hiking specially with family


Trail is in great condition, but we saw a grizzly today 5 minutes from the lake and had to turn around. Be cautious if heading that way. We reported it, but there is no change to the trail report.

13 days ago

The first part of this hike takes about an hour until you get to a plateau where the views get better, most people stop here and enjoy their lunches while looking at the Glaciers and mountains around. This first part is fairly easy with nice inclined at the begging and towards the end before the plateau.
If you feel energetic I highly recommend doing the loop from the plateau, as you look up the right side has a small waterfall, marmots and caves, took us about 1 hour 10 min to do the loop.
Hiking poles and hiking boots recommended for that last section.
It was pretty crowded by 10 am so go early.

absolutely beautiful hike! seen lots of fresh jumping in the lake and many birds :)
plan to spend lots of time at the lake as there's lots to see!

A great trout lake but can be finicky. You can catch 50 when it’s on or 0 when it’s off.

Beautiful trail.. I started early around 8AM, this hike is busy...crowds start at 10AM. Weather change quick up at Rawson Lake... moderate hike till Rawson lake.... it’s little technical after lake towards Saarail ridge be careful...

If you have time and energy, go all the way up to the plateau where you see a line of trees below the glacier. It is almost a mile beyond the end of the trail and rigorous climb up the shale but SO worth it! There are two trails to get there. When you get there, you will feel like you’ve stepped into a big secret! It’s a beautiful little forest, with a meadow and a bustling stream with incredible views right beneath the glacier! One of the prettiest destinations I’ve been to on a hike!

19 days ago

Great trail and not very difficult. Views of the glacier and waterfall are well worth it.

great hike! good for all skill levels. The view of the lake and the mountain at the top did not disappoint.

The first 3/4 of this trail is all uphill, but it takes you through gorgeous forest, and the views of the lake, cliffs, and mountains at the end make it all worthwhile. The trail was heavily populated with people of most fitness levels and quite a few dogs. To note, there is a pit toilet at the lake. The trail continues around to the far side of the water, and some of it is pretty rocky - good shoes are a must. In all, a trail I would recommend: hard work rewarded with a beautiful endpoint.

Awesome hike with lots of variety. Worth the climb, will come back and do again next year!

This was on the list for the summer and it did not disappoint. Steady climb to the lake but well worth it. Next time we plan on going on to do Sarrail Ridge.

22 days ago

Great views , the waterfalls are beautiful by the cave and the glacier you’ll defiantly have to see .
: ) nice trail .

Excellent hike, just hurry up the first switchbacks until you get into the bowl at the top. My 5 year old did the entire trip and my 3 year old did about 60% of it. Lots of Picas at the top.

Beautiful hike and a little bit of everything to see - a waterfall and two lakes. Scenery is unreal. Some of the trail is steep in the middle but overall the hike is short. Can’t wait to go again. We hear you can go to furthest end of Rawson Lake and hike up to the ridge for peek views! Next time for sure.

This was a beautiful hike, that we did yesterday! It is all uphill and had some steep spots, but if you take your time it is well worth it! The trail is very well maintained. It was not busy at all. Once we got to Rawson Lake my son and daughter continued up to the ridge, it took them another hour to get up on the ridge. It is a steep climb up the ridge and they did it without any poles or equipment. Beautiful photos from the top of the ridge. Great hike, beautiful views!

This was a great hike! There are some areas where it gets steep and I would recommend poles for the decent. Absolutely worth the views once you hit the top!

nature trips
30 days ago

Great views and incredible to see Burgess Shale fossils

Got to enjoy the lovely views of both the Upper Kananaskis lake and Rawson lake. Entire hike is uphill, but well worth it when you get to the top. Rawson lake is absolutely gorgeous! Not many people around when you get to the top. More people around the Kananaskis lake.

1 month ago

Great trail! Took our two kids with us (4yr and 8 months). Its easy to moderate hike. Slow and gradual.
Bonus- we went during long weekend and saw only handfull of other hikers , it was like a private hike and with kiddos its more than we can ask for.

I have done this hike twice now, the first was at the end of March in heavy snow where you could barely see across the lake, the second was Tuesday evening - we were going to hike up Sarrail ridge to catch the sunset but we had too late of a start to even catch sunset at the lake - not sure we would have seen much through all the smoke, but it is a lovely hike and will definitely do it again and hit the ridge next time!

This was an amazing hike for our family. We camped at Mt Sarrail walk in tent campground. Tuesday morning we walked across the street and up to Upper Kananaskis Lake and then to the trail head of Rawson Lake. We were so lucky to have a blue sky sunny day and enjoyed every amazing step along the trail!! It is a moderate hike with lots of twists and turns, uphill switchbacks but so much beauty. We stopped for lunch on Rawson Lake like many other families. One of my sons and my husband ventured on to the challenging steep path of Sarrail Ridge. My other son and I headed over to “the big rock” and found it easy to climb on top! I made it about 1/4 of the way up the steep incline to my goal big tree towards Sarrail Ridge and was satisfied with seeing the beautiful views from that viewpoint. We had a dip in the glacier fed lake on our way back to the lake because it was so hot!! We spent about 6 hours on our hike between stopping for breaks and hiking back to the campground. It was an incredible hike and we would definitely do it again.

I’ve done this hike twice now: late spring and mid summer (last week). The first time the trail was still snowy but still great; this time it was like completely different hike since there was no snow. Beautiful well-marked trail through the forest. Easy elevation. Unfortunately there was a grizzly near the lake so we had to turn back.... snow and bear, have yet to see the lake :(

Did this trail back in May and there was a lot of snow. We ended up going the wrong way and added an unexpected 20km or so to our hike that we were not prepared for. By the time we got to Rawson Lake we were sore and wet from slipping in the feet of snow that covered 70% of the trail around the far side of the large lake. Rawson was still frozen over also. All in all good hike but make sure you know which way you’re going!

After a full day of day hikes through Banff National Park, we stumbled upon this hike by accident. We already were exhausted so we made it to the bridge before we turned around (getting dark and my girlfriend was getting hangry). It was a great easy track up the switchbacks with awesome views. Lots of young trees with evidence of a past Forrest fire. Wish we had the time and energy to complete!

As of August 3 the trail has reopened.
This is a family friendly hike that is steady through trees but not technical.
If you go at a decent pace you can make it in around an hour to Rawson lake.
There is an option to continue on to Sarrail ridge, which I would recommend if you have poles/a walking stick and are prepared for a STEEP dirt trail. From the ridge you get a fantastic view of Rawson lake as well as the upper Kananaskis lake on the other side. Quite spectacular.
Otherwise, Rawson lake is the perfect spot for lunch, there is an outhouse a little ways a way and I did see people swimming and fishing in it (though you should check if fishing is allowed).
Overall a well kept trail to a beautiful lake. There are planks put on the ground for a section near the top to traverse muddy sections.

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