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2 hours ago

Took the first boat, then hiked to Upper Two Med and walked the south shore back, about 8 miles total hiking. A good moderate hike. Nice views toward and around Upper lake, and also along the west part of the south shore trail. The suspension foot bridge sways both up/down and sideways, and has only low cables as hand rails.

We took the Standish chairlift to the top and then the Twin Cairns and Monarch viewpoint trail back to the Sunshine Village. This is a fantastic hike. The scenery is spectacular and we had the trail to ourselves. Everybody else took the lakes trail.

14 hours ago

Long drive up the forest service road with great views along the way, then long, constant grade steep hike through the trees with occasional views — all totally worth it once you get into the larch zone. Views for the last 1/5 or so are spectacular. Took us about 2.5-3h up, stayed around the cabin for about 1.5h (go up the knoll behind cabin), then 2h down. Hiking poles are a good idea. We were a big group. (This whole region ought to be protected for future generations. Can hardly imagine the ecological damage wrought by the proposal for 10,000 person resort development...)

14 hours ago

Easy path, beautiful canyon and thrilling waterfall at the end.

1 day ago

Short and sweet, even in horrid weather.
Cute squirrels and chipmunks to watch playing in the trees and undergrowth.
Wheelchair friendly ramp for access and washroom in car park.

As Bryan said, it's do able on a weekday. I got there at 4 PM, got a bit lost by walking around on the wrong side of the road and then made it to the correct trailhead. I was all done by 7:15 and that included a break at the top and a few small breaks coming up

1 day ago

More of a stroll than a hike, there isn’t a lot to see on this trail, but it does serve a purpose.

The entire trail is boardwalk and pavement with handicap accessibility throughout. The loop winds through heavy forest, and the park has installed signs to educate walkers about trees on the trail. The entire path is covered by the forest canopy, so there is no exposure. Overall the trail is reminiscent of an eastern US nature trail.

If you have children, mobility issues, or are just tired from some other trails, this is good way to spend a half hour or so. It can help you warm up for a more strenuous hike and learn more about the trees that populate a portion of the park.

nature trips
1 day ago

Wonderful hike! The switchbacks are through shoulder high pine trees, making for beautiful vistas. The creek crossing is lovely, the forest beautiful, then you reach the box canyon and fully see the glacier - glorious. You hear the water in the creek and the rumble of the glacier above. The loop over the top plateau is quite steep and loose rock, super fun (better with hiking poles). Fantastic views. No bugs this time of year.

1 day ago

Lovely hike that I was able to do on a weekday. Only person on the path for the entire duration. This is an excellent hike for a first-time solo trip. Not overly challenging but still gets the heart rate up while providing some nice views. 1.5 hours in, 1 hour out.

Such an incredible hike! The first two hours to Lillian lake is in the trees and very beautiful. Shortly after you start your ascend after Lillian lake towards Galatea you break out of the trees and suddenly you’re on top of the world. Probably one of the prettiest places I’ve ever been. We clocked it at 16.4 km to get to Galatea Lake and back. Took us 5 hrs and we had a good lunch break taking in the incredible views at Galatea.
Can’t wait to go back in the summer and camp and try the summit!

Good fun. Hard 3hours but great views of maligne lake.

Really enjoyed this route. Would thoroughly recommend. While you are up there it’s worth dropping down on to a few of the other trails so that you don’t put in all the hard work for nothing.

This is a steady climb all the way up with waterfalls on route. Most of the walk is through burnt forest (2017) but still spectacular and bears are easy to see. Once you arrive at the lake there is a 4 km walk around, if wanted. We were the first up today but passed 20 people approximately on the way down, but it is September. Could be busier in July/August. Take water ! Highly recommend.

More of a nice after lunch walk than a proper hike. Nice waterfalls and river but not much of a view. Would be a good spot for a run starting from the sixth bridge.

4 days ago

Super awesome view for a fairly easy hike. Some steep areas but worth it. Definitely going to do this hike next time I’m in town! Lots of horse poop so keep a look out!

Great hike if you’re looking for something close to Whitefish.

A little bit challenging but very nice hike. There was snow on the trail and moody at some elevations so you have to walk carrefully.
We had fog at the first lake so we could not see much... but it's the game

We hiked this trail in September 2018 and loved it. The first part of the trail, along the south shore of Two Medicine, winds through forests and more open areas, and had a quite a bit of traffic on it. There is a rather wobbly foot bridge across a creek at one point that is fun to cross (one at a time). Most hikers the day we went were destined for Twin Falls, which we took a detour to see and we ate lunch there.

The best part of the hike, however, was on the way to Upper Twin Medicine, which is further past Twin Falls. Spectacular scenery on this stretch of trail, as you are surrounded by dramatic rocky mountain peaks and (in September) beautiful colorful foliage.

Great hike good mix of trees, streams, and Meadows. Saw a bobcat and bull moose right off trail and a mountain goat up higher. We continued around Two Medicine Lake for a total of 8.2 miles. Counting a 20 minute lunch break at Rockwell Falls this hike took us 4.5 hours.

5 days ago

September 15,2018 - Always a beautiful hike. There was snow on the trail at some elevations and trail was a bit muddy at some points. Traction was good for the most part though. We did not need the microspikes, but always a good idea to have them in these conditions. Heard lots of rock fall while at the upper lake. Careful if heading up the scree slopes to the cliff edge.

We took the tram up, then hiked up to both summits, then took the tram back down. Beautiful experience! really worth it. Took us about 2 hours in total. Bit pricy but good overall.

6 days ago

Short Hike.


Beautiful scenery with the option to take a lift down.

quick hike to complete in an hour. take the "more difficult" route for a more scenic hike and awesome gain elevation near the waterfall to the top. i would recommend you come back the way you came vs doing the "easy" route back down; it's boring but understandably save for those that need a level way to walk. beautiful view of canmore. don't forget to carry your bear spray. :D

great hike! great view :) on a snowy day

Amazing scenery and views in mid-September. Be prepared for weather changes. Would definitely recommend this beautiful trail.

8 days ago

A short walk on a paved path to a great view of the tall, spectacular falls. Crowded parking lot and walkway.

8 days ago

Relatively short hike. It was very muddy on the day we went. The small Moose Lake at is beautiful and peaceful. Unfortunately no moose on that day.

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