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Was an easy hike, lots of areas to take good pictures. The trail outlined in this is pretty short so if you want to see more you can go different routes via trail networks(maps will be on the trail). Took a slightly longer route took me about 3.5 to 4 hours(including stops). Beautiful hike!!!

My god said closer to 12 km. Good steep climb up to lake.

9 hours ago

Great views. Stunning waterfall.

11 hours ago

A bit of an incline to warm up for about an hour and then a relatively flat approach into the valley. Would strongly recommend hiking past the decommissioned trail sign - to the right - so you can appreciate the numerous waterfalls and glacier from closer up.
It is a busy trail, and the parking lot fills up very quickly on weekends.
Overall lots of water and cool air along a family friendly trail.

12 hours ago

The hike up was rather uneventful but after you pass the 'bat cave" (with no bats) you are blessed with numerous cascading waterfalls. Waterproof boots are necessary

One of my all time favourite drives next to Icefields Parkway in Banff. Good memories here with my boyfriend. I'll forever cherish this drive.

Hiked this trail 3 weeks ago and days before the fire closure the year before. On a warm day the shelter from trees are gone and on our hike we had sun, rain, hail and thunder but still beautiful. Incredible to see how untouched the top of Bertha is.

1 day ago

Favorite!! Incredible views all the way!
The first km or so is a steady climb. After that a nice relaxing trail with good variety in terrain. Really fun & suitable for young’ns too. Even if you can’t make it all the way, it’s still a rewarding hike.

This hike is one of our favorites. Lots of wildflowers in the first couple miles, followed by wonderful views of the Swan Mtns and across Flathead Valley, with the last leg looking into Jewel Basin with the peaks of Glacier NP in the distance as we summit Mount Aeneas with 360 degree views.

All Trails data needs updating as the trailhead is further down the road, there are missing trails in the area, plus at least one trail shown is permanently closed. The total distance is well over 6 miles, not 3.1 miles.

1 day ago

Defined trails and great lakes to relax at.

Great quick hike! Went around 6pm and the sun and reflections on Johns Lake were beautiful! Only ran into two other families. Make sure that you take the hiking trail and not the designated horse trail otherwise you won’t be able to get up to Johns Lake.

Great hike. Wild flowers. Well kept trail. Easy

2 days ago

It’s my first hike in Alberta, I just moved here, and I found it enjoyable. I went on Friday evening and I was the only one on the path.

This may be obvious to some but when I parked the car at the lot along hwy 40 I saw a little trail opening so I hiked there for about 30 minutes, followed some blue flags but eventually I was lost in a forest. This was NOT the hiking path, in case someone makes the same mistake...you have to cross the hwy and there’s a sign that marks the start of the trail.

I made it to the pass, there was a nice view. It wasn’t too hard (I am someone who hasn’t really hiked this long but I am active). It was a great workout and definitely doable for beginners. It took me 1h30 min to get to the pass.

At the pass there was a trail to the left that started descending after a while, I wasn’t sure where that led but I wasted a bit of time there.

I am assuming this hike ends at that pass. There was an option to continue up following orange flags and you start scrambling. I tried that for a bit but then I couldn’t find any flags and it got a bit steep, so considering it was my first time doing it and I was alone I stopped there. Curious to try going higher maybe w someone who’s done it before.

I think coming back down took 1-1:15 hours.

2 days ago

My second time doing this hike and again I'm glad I took the "hard" route up and then the easy path down to take it easy on my knees.

The hard path starts off with a good incline and eventually you'll need toake your way up some steps made of stone that may require a good leg up to get to the next step. There were also some watery and muddy points so I'm glad I had my hiking boots on. Very fun ascent!

I saw a few children, maybe 9 years old or so, a couple who seemed challenged by the hard path. There are a couple of great viewpoints of the water below and the waterfalls. Also there are benches scattered among the way to sit if you need a break. And informative placards too! Very thoughtful!

lovely little hike

took the more difficult route up which was amazing as no one on the trail and got amazing views along the way up. Did it couple years back

Great but the lakes at the end are closed for reclamation

Nice and super easy trek. The view is breathtaking and the hike is fun with kids.

Easy hike bring plenty of water. Views are priceless.

Easy and great for kids

2 days ago

We hiked this trail yesterday. As I rate myself a decent hiker and in “ok” shape, this trail was not too challenging at all. Some steep slopes but the grade is relatively gradual.

My girlfriend came with me. She is very new to hiking and she found the hike challenging at the 3.5 km mark until we reached the lookout to the pass. The total way up is Approximately 4.3 Km. She needed breaks but was able to complete the task. Needless to say I was proud of her

The hike is very manageable and offers great views. It offers rocks/scramble, tree cover, slopes, and great vies from way up high. A very good trail to challenge new hikers and the view is worth the effort

It began to rain and hail on the way down which made the slopes very slick and you had to watch your footing.

I definitely want to do this again but maybe try and summit some of the peaks at the top.

Great way to kill 3 hrs. Have lunch at the top and introduce new hikers to the backcountry.

Did this hike in the morning to catch the sunrise, it was incredible. No one was there and it had great views!

It is not rewarding enough. Most of the trail is only big rocks. Good workout though

This was a beautiful hike! Made it up to the lake in about 3 hours, views were fantastic. My friend and I saw three black bears about 1km from the trailhead on the way back.

3 days ago

Talk to the information center wardens before hiking, and take the time to watch their bear video. Be ready to cancel your hike to avoid escalating a bear encounter. The video is maybe 45 min. of great education about bear behavior and how to respond to different encounters) Groups of 4 are currently required due to grizzly activity, including a protective Mom with cubs, who charges. Our group of 5 saw a grizzly from a good distance, took pictures with high zoom lenses, and took her hints that she wanted the trail for her feeding and family. Bears have limited habitat, so I'm glad to give her the space. She looks a little scrawny, so she may be more protective of her berry patches due to hunger. We slowly backed away, and returned to the trailhead, glad she blocked the trail on the way up instead of on the way down. We decided to hike at Illecillewaet instead.

3 days ago

Very easy hike off the side of the highway. It is worth the stop just to see the canyons and falls.

3 days ago

Amazing views of the Opal Range

Easy, family friendly hike (3 & 5 year old kids walked the whole thing)
Beautiful view at the top and lots of places to sit and enjoy the scenery.

Beautiful trail that runs along the creek for the first half and then thru the forest and ends up at spectacular water falls.
Trail marking is a little confusing as it is signed John's lake, but just keep walking by the creek. After the forest keep going all the way to the end, past where people stop at a viewing area on the other side of the creek and you will be rewarded with a gorgeous view.
Spotted deer, and a mama moose with a baby swimming across a marshy area before the forest.

rating this trail moderate is inaccurate. its borderline hard. many people (us included) did not make it to the top. with that said - what we did see was awesome, and I will definitely try it again, just more prepared. kudos to all the ones who completed it.

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