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Tahoma, Lake Tahoe Map
12 hours ago

best to drop 1 car at viking Holm, and drive another car to bliss state park, lester beach and start from there. then you only go one way. or have some one pick you up by boat.

great vista views up and down

15 hours ago

This is a challenging trail. Spend time on a good stair climber if you’re over 50.

17 hours ago

Short, sweet, and easy, but absolutely gorgeous. Haven't done this in a very long time, but miss it terribly.

18 hours ago

We made a day hike out of this and was not disappointed by the challenge of mount Tallac. This is a beautiful Mountain, with several terrain changes. To start the hike about 0.4miles in we heard brush moving on the hill to our left, noticed very quickly that we were within 40 yards of a momma bear and two cubs....we backed off gave her space, she lets us know she saw us as well, she and the babies continued down the hillside crossing the trail and continued on there way. What a beautiful moment, with a great outcome! Be sure to be alert! Take plenty of water and energy snacks with you as you will need them. Sturdy hiking boots,& definitely would not do this one without trekking poles, someone offered to buy mine on the way down but I had used them so frequently at that point they were not for sale. The terrain rover the last three miles to the summit is strictly rock, which offers an awesome challenge and on the day we did the climb was coupled with a slight storm which offered a nice 50mph wind, making the summit just that more sweet! The views from the summit are absolutely breathtaking,& we highly recommend this climb!

Beautiful views the entire hike. The summit is definitely worth the effort. Bring plenty of water if you're not used to the elevation.

Tough hike, but the views along the way are breathtaking.

Such a beautiful and amazing hike. Great incline.

Bring lots of water!!!

2 days ago

Did this hike on a Thursday late August and the small parking lot was full by 9am, but never mind, just parked a little bit further down. AMAZING views, easy access to trailhead and plenty of other hikers on the trail and on top. Fallen Leaf Lake was stunning, as of course was Tahoe. Plenty of sun exposure so wear sunscreen and bring enough water.

Great hike! Beautiful views at the top! Took us a little under 4 hours to summit, but being from Ohio we aren’t regular hikers - and we stopped for photos along the way. We brought 2L of water each, and we both ran out on our way down. Trail is very rocky virtually the entire time, which was a bit rough on our feet and ankles. Going down wasn’t easy! And agree with previous posts on length - I tracked almost 13 miles for this hike. Recommend lots of water, sunscreen and chapstick; and we used Cliff shot bloks and which helped us a lot. Overall excellent hike - highly recommend!

Don't forget the falls aren't there in September. Still awesome though, was able to cross the "falls" and go way further and higher.

Awesome trail! Well worth the effort! My wife and I hiked it with our 3 daughters, 4, 8, and 10. Took just a hair over 2 hours to get to the peak. Absolutely breathtaking views. And the girls loved it. Best hike ever.

5 days ago

Awesome and easy hike! Views are breath taking. I suggest getting there (if going on the weekends) early in the am between 8-9 am. You’ll beat the rush as anything past 10 am you can forget about finding a parking spot.

first 1/4 all stairs so that part is tough but it's an amazing trail the views are spectacular

Toller Trail!!!
Anstrengend, viel loses Geröll und Steine.

Beautiful, very challenging hike. Thankful for my good, supportive hiking shoes with tread. Also found a walking stick to be extremely helpful both with the steep ascent and descent. Glad it’s a ‘short’ hike or I might not have made it all the way up! Glorious views, worth it if you’ve got it in you! Trail disappears about 2/3 of the way up and increases in underfoot instability. Unlike a review above, I found the cairns, rock stacks, very helpful to follow. I feel very accomplished after this hike that took me about 4.5 hours to complete, not including the exploration and break at the peak.

7 days ago

Amazing views along the entire trail but once you reach the lake it is really something else. Worth every step.

7 days ago

Perfect views
Easy trail
Enjoy it

This trail was really scenic and a joy to walk. The only downfall is that the trail just ends. You need to be careful and walk through the big boulders and lead yourself to the cascades by the noise of the water.

on Rubicon Trail

8 days ago

This is the most beautiful trail I’ve ever hiked in Northern California! Absolutely recommend & will definitely be doing again!

9 days ago

This was not easy by any means. My wife and I hiked it at a pretty brisk rate, so we made it to the top from the trailhead in under two hours. The hardest part is hiking through the big, loose rocks (they're not wobbly or anything, just a lot of jagged sharp edges you have to navigate through) halfway up and then again near the top. The rest of it is fine, it is just a long hike and I would HIGHLY recommend start before 9 in the morning if you're doing this in the summer. It gets hot before too long.

The view at the top is MORE than worth the hassle of hiking up there.

Did it today. Good Lakeviews and well maintained one. You have to pay to enter the park. There are places where you can get into the lake near emerald bay.

*signed well.
* it was $10.00 for me to park in the day use area to explore the biathlon trails.
*options to go to lily pond (+1.3 miles)& lost lake(+4.5 miles).
* water on the trails for the dogs.
* nice tahoe access if you cross the highway on the paved trail & see the mansion estate.
*easy, easy pleasant stroll.

A good family hike on a gorgeous day in Tahoe. Reliable shoes a must as the gravel trail was easy to slip. Our 5&7 yr olds held up well. Took the Vikingsholm tour and walked along the beach before ascending.

Beautiful hike! Elevation gain from the start all the way up! View from the top is spectacular!

on Rubicon Trail

10 days ago

Awesome trail. One of my favorite hikes.

10 days ago

Amazing view at the top

Great short hike to beautiful views of cascade lake with lake tahoe in the background. I disagree with this hike taking 20 minutes.. we didnt bring water because we read that review =( About an hour to enjoy the stream / falls out & back. highly recommended.

Amazing hike. My Garmin clocked it at 4.5mi and about 1,400ft elevation gain...took us 3 hours round trip. Be prepared to climb - no rock scrambling but a lot of vertical starting at the trail head and going all the way up. Totally worth the work

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