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Easy snow-covered road for snowshoeing or XC skiing. Gorgeous view of Fallen Leaf lake and Mt Tallac. But BEWARE there is no good place to park. CHP was giving tickets and towing all the cars on the road.

1 day ago

Made it to Cathedral lake in trail runners and gaiters. Snow pack is about 3-5 feet or more and is consolidated enough to walk on without snow shoes, but expect some post holing mid afternoon. I've went up twice this winter and both times were amazing. Bring the right layers as days are short and conditions change rapidly

5 days ago

A totally undiscovered trail

7 days ago

This trail is no joke! I look forward to getting back to it in the summer when the snow is gone. It’s incredibly beautiful, and as others have said, incredibly challenging. I would say with the snow, this is more difficult than “moderate”. It’s easy to follow the trails from those who’ve already been up.

8 days ago

What a magical day!! Went up to see if we could find those sweet little chickadees and we were not disappointed! 5 minutes into the trail the little guys were all over the trail eating seed out of all of our hands! We were there around 11:30, came back a short time later and they were all gone. Snow was packed enough to hike... did sink in a few times, but it was just fine! Snowshoes not necessary if you’re looking for adventure!

10 days ago

Had a quick visit to Reno, NV and visiting Lake Tahoe was a must. This hike was exactly what I was looking for; a view of the lake (an amazing one at that!) and a chance to be in the mountains. Went down to hidden beach on the way back too! Highly recommend this trail!

Amazing spot, fantastic view! Very slippery rocks toward the top and often times it can be a bit gusty. Other than that it’s such a cool adventure hike!

Closed for the season as of 12/30/18

17 days ago

Nice hike on well-packed snow. Some icy spots. Nice views around the 1 mile mark, but a lot of time spent in the woods. Parking seems like it could be a little tight in summer around the diner.

17 days ago

Very scenic trail. Starts relatively flat along the length of echo lake, clearly defined trail, spikes used in this section since compacted. As you turn to start the loop, switch to snowshoes required. still relatively easy to follow, a few icy spots. I had service the whole time to check map. Pretty consistent incline to peak. I did an out-and-back to echo peak due to time constraints. 3 hrs to peak and super quick on return. Icy road heading in to trailhead with traffic at peak hours, had to walk the last halfmile due to snow. Great experience, panoramic views and easy to navigate.

Completed on 1/2/19. Was able to make it all the way up on snowshoes. Only one on the trail all day, great solidarity and pretty views. Snow was pretty deep and there was one sketchy river crossing, but other than that it was overall very easy.

18 days ago

This one was fun, as it had some fresh snow had to use snowshoes after the first 1k feet of climbing - barely had any tracks to follow, not a well marked trail by any means (which makes it fun)

Recommendation is to use the all trails app to make sure you're close to the trail. Thank you for putting the cairns or else we'd never be able to find the trail!

Nice trail! Well worth going all the way. The trail starts out over populated since it’s close to the highway. Initially this makes following the trail a little challenging but becomes easy as you go. Went Jan 1st so there was a bit of ice and snow. Glad I had ice cleats. Couldn’t have done it without them. I will definitely do this trail again!

Did this on 12/31/18. I was the only person on the trail all day. It was definitely an adventure. I highly suggest that only very experienced adventurers take this on during this time of year, as it was very sketchy in some spots.

Great hike! Steep and exhausting, but the views at the top was amazing! I went in mid November and there was no snow yet.

20 days ago

Super fun easy afternoon hike! It looks a lot steeper than it actually is and was very beautiful. There are quite a few places where the trail splits so be mindful of checking where you are! Highly recommend for a fun local hike

20 days ago

We went Saturday 12/29 and arrived at 2:00pm Lots of cars were parked along the highway but once we got on the trail there was plenty of space between hikers.

A beautiful hike/snowshoe with plenty of options! Sunrise on the meadow and sunset on the ridge make it that much better...

A beautiful hike (or snowshoe)!

21 days ago

Love this trail year round but especially when I can swim at the bottom!

really beautiful in the winter, we started it too late in the day to make the meadow but will be back

Attempted to do this on 12/28/18. The last road was completely covered in snow, so I had to trek in about two miles on completely untouched snow. About 100 feet after reaching the trailhead, I heard a very quiet growl. I stopped and listened and heard the growling get louder and louder until I could see a good sized mountain lion to my right. I remained calm and stared at the cougar, but it kept getting closer so I ended up screaming at it and it stopped. I slowly backed away and headed down the trail. I suggest hiking in groups in order to avoid a scary situation like this.

23 days ago

You feel like a whole new person after dipping into the water at the end!

24 days ago

Pretty hike! Get to the parking area early to get a spot and make sure you park in an appropriate spot, as the rangers do ticket. We went in mid-November....Lake Aloha was great when we went plenty of water, but very cold when the sun went down. I imagine it would be absolutely perfect in the spring and fall!

We did this hike the week before Thanksgiving and it was awesome! Beautiful lakes and golden hills. When we finished we actually wished there were a couple more miles because it was that much fun!

24 days ago

Not a loop trail. Out and back. The trail gets steep with a lot of loose rock making the climb a bit technical. Otherwise, it was a great workout and provided a fantastic view!

did this trail over the summer, everything was dried up. So summer time is not the time to go! would bet spring time would be best!

Completed on 12/23/18. The hike was very challenging, especially on snowshoes. Like other reviewes stated, it's more like 8 miles round trip. Stunning views and great solidarity at this time of year. Somewhat dangerous as well however, as it was extremely steep at parts and icy, especially at the peak. Highly suggested for advanced hikers!

27 days ago

We hiked about 2.5 miles into the trail on 12/23/2018. Some things to note:

-The road into the trailhead was closed about a mile out. So we had to walk an additional mile each direction to get to and from the trailhead.
-We hiked about 2.5 miles on Mt. Tallac trail, until we got above the tree line. This point was just past floating island lake. Beyond this, the snow is much deeper and requires snowshoes. We didn’t have them so we turned around here.

All of trail is covered in snow/ice, but some of it is compact enough to walk on without snowshoes. We had great views despite not being able to hike the whole trail. The weather higher up on Mt Tallac also looked to be pretty stormy, so it was probably for the best that we turned around. A beautiful hike, and I will definitely be back in warmer weather.

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