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3 hours ago

Did this with my two sons as I was trying to get them outdoors. Beautiful views! They loved it!


So hard!!! A lot of climbing straight up rocks. But GORGEOUS and a great workout. Highly recommend.

The reviews were confusing before I went. That's because there are two ways to get to the lake. Many ride the gondola to High Camp, which allows you to hike to Lake Shirley, w young children. If you do the actual climb from the bottom, (CCC alumni here) it is tough. Do not attempt if you are not in shape.
If you make it to Lake Shirley, you may as well keep going up to High Camp. It's 3.82 miles to High Camp from the trailhead at the bottom with close of an 2,000 elevation gain. Caught the last gondola ride before close. The gondola is dog friendly, Which was a huge plus. Definitely will do this again in the fall.

Such an amazing hike! Full of gorgeous wild flowers currently.

on Castle Peak Trail

2 days ago

Great hike with amazing views.

Things to know: Take bug spray. You’ll be happy to have it in the first mile or so, before you get into fast elevation grades. Obviously, you need
water, glasses, and suntan lotion. I don’t like poles, but I’d think most people do.

The hike is 3.0-3.1 miles to the top. After the first 1.5 miles it gets much steeper with incline grades of 30-60 percent. Those don’t relent for almost the entire way to the top. At the top you have to do some very minor rock climbing to get to the top. Amazing views and feeling of accomplishment.

For those who are in very good shape it’s probably not that big of a deal. For the weekend warrior it’s a great workout but it’s not going to be easy, but you can do it!

Also, anyone who takes a 4 year old on this trail is irresponsible in my opinion. It’s way too steep to think taking a small child on the last mile
of this trial is a good idea.

2 days ago

An incredibly beautiful hike! The wildflowers are blooming, waterfall flowing, and snow is gone. The first section of the hike to the waterfalls is very easy! The second section is quite challenging. A lot of elevation gain with steep hills. I recommend hiking poles. There are sections with loose rock and dirt. Well worth it when you get to the top! Give yourself time to acclimate to the high elevation. And btw the bathrooms at the parking are closed!

3 days ago

Beautiful hike
We crossed the river at the beginning and stayed on the side to avoid the people as it was pretty crowded

I hiked Thunder Mountain on July 14,2018. I have done many hikes and this hike was one of the prettiest hikes I have done. Due to late snow melting and a mild summer so far, this trail was decorated with hundreds of wildflowers and greenery. It felt magical walking through it.

The total miles to the summit and back is 8 miles. I suggest leave very early as most of the trail is exposed to sun. Also, the actual summit is extremely small (maybe big enough for a handful of people). I started the trail at 7am and I was the only person on the trail. I had the summit to myself for 40 minutes. When I started to head back down, I must have passed 20-25 people coming up. The parking lot was completely full.

The trail has many sections that are flat which allow you to take a break and catch your breath. The inclines can sometimes get to 30-35%, but very doable.

This trail is going on my annual hiking list!

10/10 would recommend! We went out towards Winnemucca first, crossed to Round Top Lake, dropped to Fourth of July Lake, and took the Woods Lake trail back. Does not disappoint!

This is an Absolutely gorgeous hike. Fun scrambling up and down. It was very quiet and peaceful at Ropi lake.

3 days ago

This trail was really nice. Easy to follow and most driving on paved road to get there. The water was not flowing like crazy (it's July, so . . .), but there were plenty of pools to splash in and get our feet/legs wet. The only reason I dropped it to 4 stars was that there were a lot of places with broken glass lying around, and I had concerns about our dog. She was fine, but it was not a pleasant part of the trip.

This was a fun hike on the way back! We started out early enough to beat the crowds and the heat. Armed with a map we downloaded from AllTrails we headed out around 6:30 am. First issue, absolutely no sign indicating which way to go for Enchanted Pools. We took the trail leading to Twin lakes Island. The trail was pretty good for the 1st 3rd of the hike after which we loss all evidence of a trail. Fortunately we had a map that gave us an idea of which direction to go.
After about 2-1/2hrs we finally made it to the pools. We were there alone and it was amazing! Well worth the struggles to get there. The way back was soooo much easier. It seems as if it took us much less 1/2 time to get back. We found more defined trails- not marked- that made the hike so much easier.
I’ve seen descriptions that talked about looking for Mother Daughter rock.... have no idea what those rocks looks like.
That will probably be a fun hike second time around. Will definitely do it again.
Recommendation for first timers! Download a map that you can reference along the way. Cell service is spotty along the way. You will get service occasionally. Of course, comfortable clothing, shoes, and water and snacks.

Great hike from hwy 88 trailhead to top of Thunder mountain summit. Actually 8.5 to top and back. Amazing wild flowers all along trail. Breathtaking views!

The trail starts of fairly rocky and smoothed out again until you get closer to the top. Very nice scenery throughout the hike. View from the top is a nice payoff. No water so bring what you’ll need plus food. Did it in early July and saw lots of wild flowers. Well marked. Hard to get lost. It took us three hours with stops.

Great hike we have older children they loved it beautiful views

Couldn’t find the pools but still pretty! The trail to the enchanted pools is not labeled at the trail head for Twin Lakes & Grouse Lake trail.

4 days ago

This was a fun hike with a friend. Lots of great views and the weather was perfect since we live in the valley. Nice day trip to get out of the heat and get in some fun exercise. Would definitely do it again.

Great views it’s worth it when you get to the top

Mostly dirt road, not a bad quick hike with decent views

5 days ago

Fragrant! The wild flowers on the trail are in bloom and smells amazing! Take the hikers only track to the right when facing the sign. It's the trail that would lead directly to the waterfalls. Then, it gets more arduous from there because of the elevation! If you're not worried about the altitude, then by all means...."Charge" the mountain!

6 days ago

love this trail! take a bathing suit

It was not an easy hike. Some parts were of course but scaling the 300ft wall to get to the other section was a bit of a leg burner. We did get to the lake and we were hiking in 88 degree weather. So with that we were more than happy to jump in the lake. I would recommend this hike waterfalls and beautiful landscaping just bring water it can get warm out there. loved that we did it.

This is an amazing hike. Today was my third time. Two times have been successful to the top, and one was thwarted by snow. My husband, myself and two boys did it three years ago (they were 10 and 7), on a slightly overcast day in July. Temps were probably in the 70's. My husband and I attempted it in late April, and there was still too much snow to get to the top without snowshoes. The hike itself is really not that difficult, but a couple variables will really up the difficulty... On a hot, sunny (no relief from any clouds) day, it's quite difficult to get to the summit. Our group included two very fit grandparents in their mid 60's, two boys now 13 and 10 and a fit 43 yo. The last section past Shirley Lake was tougher than I remember, and if I could do this again, I would not bring my parents beyond the granite slope/boulder portion. If you live in altitude, it may not be an issue. If you live closer to sea level, perhaps take caution to go on a day where it's a bit more overcast, and make sure to bring plenty of water and food. The members of our group declined food, and if i knew what I know now, sandwiches at Shirley lake would have been mandatory!

6 days ago

Starts off nice and easy stroll for about 3 miles then you hit the awesome waterfall! After that is all up hill from there. me and my wife are just getting into hiking and it was by far the most challenging hike we have done so far but well worth it for the view of Truckee, Reno, Sparks, Carson City and of course Lake Tahoe. It took us about 5 hours at a decent walking pace. We stopped at the waterfall for about 10 mins and 30 mins at the summit. Lots of flowers along the way, a few creeks to skip across and even ran into a hungry marmot and chipmunks that greeted up at the summit. Weather was about 75 all day and only a little windy towards the summit. Defiantly bring lots of water, hiking shoes and a stick or poles if you have them. Enjoy!

6 days ago

beautiful hike and and great swimming holes. hardly anyone out there on Monday. The waters low but the falls are still flowing and the pools are safe for kids. what a wonderful day!!

Did this trail with my sister. It was my first time to squaw valley. It’s a very beautiful area. We were the first two to go on the updated trail. It’s a steady incline with a couple of mountain streams next to the trail. I used them dip my hat in and cool off. There are some really great meadows as well, and all the flowers were in bloom. It’s July, so it’s definitely a bit toasty. Make sure to bring a hat and sun block.

Beautiful views! The hike will take your breath away!!!

great trail a bit tough. not for weak of heart. last section needs help. slippery steep gravel road

8 days ago

Pretty lake, secluded. Tougher hike than I expected. Map shows it as 5.5 from Glen Alpine but it felt more like 7. Could just be my lack of conditioning backpacking though. Wildflowers were outstanding. Loose rock on parts of trail were tough on feet.

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