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18 hours ago

Trail well maintained. First 2.5 miles including the falls iis a mild trail. Looking up to Mt. Rose in the distance was a bit daunting. The views just got better right to the summit. Definitely going back.

great vista views up and down

9/15/2018: Our group including 5 adults and 3 kids (ages about 5-11) all wearing regular shoes, made the trip up and back with time to stop for lunch and views in about 5 hours. It was a stunning day to be outside as it was nice and brisk but sunny. Bring a windbreaker though- it was downright COLD with the wind up near the top and out of the tree line.
Side note: It's been several days since our hike and my calves are still barking! As others said, it isn't overly steep, but it'll still get ya!
We'll definitely be headed back! (I heard the flowers are lovely mid-summer!)

never knew Nevada could be so pretty

2 days ago

This was a great hike beautiful landscape..up hill for about 4 or so miles then down a bit..and look for water falls..and if you have a dog please have shoes for them this will tear up feet

Tough hike, but the views along the way are breathtaking.

It was beautiful, plenty of parking and well taken care of trails! We had about a 5 min snow storm randomly! I couldn’t believe how green it was this late in the summer and there was a decent amount of water in the falls.

Such a beautiful and amazing hike. Great incline.

Fun little trail. Took the kids in the rzr. There is only one technical spot with large boulders, but the trail bypasses it. The view from top is awesome. 4x4 is necessary, and higher than stock clearance is recommended

3 days ago

Great hike

3 days ago

Amazing views!

Great hike with amazing views! Going down was a little tough/slippery... bring gloves!

Visited Bassi today. Beautiful as always. Not much water but what there was was clear and crisp.

4 days ago

I have done castle Peak at least 5 times. I have completely circled it and spent a night at Warren lake. I have also done Andesite and Basin Peaks.This is an amazing area. It is loose and steep up the final ridge. Bring poles. Also you can park closer if you have a high clearance vehicle. We mad a video of our last ascent it can be found on YouTube at Chris and Bobs adventure channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpJF3zCamY0

Awesome trail! Well worth the effort! My wife and I hiked it with our 3 daughters, 4, 8, and 10. Took just a hair over 2 hours to get to the peak. Absolutely breathtaking views. And the girls loved it. Best hike ever.

I did this hike on Friday, Sep 7th. Great hike with views of several lakes including Lake Tahoe. You will get a great view of Lake Tahoe early along the hike. It was so much cooler at the top, bring layers. The waterfall was beautiful too and a great time to rest. We arrived at 8:30 a.m. and didn’t have any issues with parking space. Hiking poles really helped. It took us about 6 hours roundtrip including a stop at the top for a snack and many breaks along the way.

5 days ago

This is one of my favorite places in the world.... if camping, I highly recommend going past the end of the trail to this private campsite near several lake inlets. Truly stunning. The water was some of the warmest I’ve felt in the area in July

My ‘95 Toyota Avalon made it up the forest service road, just have to watch for rocks! Only 4 vehicles in the “lot” on a Friday at 945am when I started and two when I got back around 4pm. Beautiful views at the top, barren sandy moonscape. I didn’t see anyone for the last 4 hours — from the climb up Freel and over to Jobs Sister & Jobs Peak (clockwise). Don’t know why you’d want to do counterclockwise as ascent of Jobs Sister from Jobs would not be fun at all. Super sandy and steep. Was a bit delirious at top (from altitude I think) and it was quite cold and windy up there too.

We only go as far as the waterfall, so approximately halfway. It is a beautiful hike.

6 days ago

Easy hike...beautiful little lakes, neat rocks, peaceful

Beautiful, very challenging hike. Thankful for my good, supportive hiking shoes with tread. Also found a walking stick to be extremely helpful both with the steep ascent and descent. Glad it’s a ‘short’ hike or I might not have made it all the way up! Glorious views, worth it if you’ve got it in you! Trail disappears about 2/3 of the way up and increases in underfoot instability. Unlike a review above, I found the cairns, rock stacks, very helpful to follow. I feel very accomplished after this hike that took me about 4.5 hours to complete, not including the exploration and break at the peak.

Great day hike. Poles would've been a smart idea since it is rocky and slippery in spots. Beautiful views ❤️

Beautiful trail! Take the gondola down :) worth it!

My first peak hike. Stunning views at the top.

Great hike. Stayed at wood lake campground. Host was great. Started from there. Lots of things to see, mine, snow, climbing, water to jump in and view from top was amazing.

10 days ago

The road to the trail is obscure, random unmarked turn off 89/Luther Pass that goes back about 5 miles and since its a bumpy road its about 20 or so minutes driving...stick to the left...eventually you end up at the bottom of the unmarked trailhead. The way up is steep from the beginning. The final climb to the top is steepest. Way back is hard on knees without poles. We did it up and back it in about 4 hours and my sister hadn't been accustomed to hiking, including our break for enjoying the stunning Carson Valley views and filling out the journal in the fun mailbox. Very sentimental for us. We got phone service on the mtn. top. If you have the forethought, bring chalk or something to make some markers starting from the turn off on Luther, so people aren't as clueless LOL

Beautiful hike! Elevation gain from the start all the way up! View from the top is spectacular!

absolutely beautiful

12 days ago

This hike is fab!!! I went in late June with my cousins, during a very hot time of day. So hear this: Bring at least 3-4 bottles of water and make sure everyone in your party does, too!!!! Just every time you hike, make sure everyone has plenty of water. Although I was prepared, all my cousins only had 1 or 2 bottles, and 1 of them brought nothing. So I shared a lot, and so did my uncle, who just brought a cooler backpack filled with water and tea. There are no water sources or bathrooms at all.

Anyway, as long as your totally hydrated, this is a great hike! The further up the mountain we got, the louder my exclamations were at the lovely view. It's steep for almost all of it, and there are rock scrambles along the way. As you approach the summit, it's all rock- small rocks. So be careful with your footing.

Reaching the peak is simply incredible. All the negativity from being thirsty, hot, and tired evaporated. an immense view of Lake Tahoe, Desolation Wilderness, and so many other lakes and snow surrounded us. Although we saw snow, none was on the trail. At the top of the mountain, there's a small box with a few little notebooks and pencils where past hikers signed in and wrote nice comments. If you go, be sure to bring a small notebook, because when we went, all the notebooks were full. So maybe you'd like to add another and be the first entry.

It was an amazing hike. I totally recommend it!

Great hike! The stairs to the lookout are not for the vertigo challenged folk!

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