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If you are going on the weekend, get there early. Trail starts getting very busy around 9:30-10:00 am.

Hard incline (for an inexperienced hiker), but worth it for all of the views. The trailhead is through the campground, and there is parking for it there, but it fills up fast. You can also park across the highway at Inspiration Point, and a lot of people park along the highway.

Granite Lake is a great place to stop and cool down (I saw people swimming too). A lot of switchbacks before an awesome view of Maggie’s Peaks, but the way back is all downhill.

Make sure to wear good hiking shoes with good tread, I was slipping and sliding in my sneakers (not well prepared).

Awesome trail. Quick and easy. You can relax at the pool just past the bridge.

I got engaged here! It was super pretty and the falls are impressive in the amount of water coming down, also if you are trying to sleep there are not many flat surfaces to sleep. If you are trying to fish you can catch plenty of brook and rainbow since they are hungry.

10 hours ago

Kind of ran out of water but everyone I came across was really cool and the top was amazing!

trail running
13 hours ago

Lovely hike with plenty of views. At the waterfall I went up instead of across and ended up on a neighboring peak. Still managed to get some good footage. Check out what you are in for here...

Ranger said it was .75 mile trail to the beach from the day parking area, it was not, no big deal though just not really a direct route to the beach.. had some ok views the closer it meandered to the lake. Had some decent sized sequoia trees and old growth stumps from logging.

Great trail to hike with your dog

22 hours ago

Beautiful hike. Be careful of the loose rocks. I rolled my ankle several times and I hike and jog regularly. Consider myself very athletic. Otherwise it’s a nice workout. It’s a little more than 7 miles. I started the hike at 7am and was about 60 degrees. Shorts and t-shirt.
Will definitely be back.

Awesome hike. The stroll up to the waterfall is gorgeous and fairly easy. You then gradually climb with a couple of small water crossings until you reach the 1 mile to the summit sign. Then it gets pretty strenuous to the peak, but the views are so worth it. Alternate trail back was refreshing as it was fairly empty compared to the main trail. Part of its fire road, but you see a pond and great views of Tahoe, plus it makes it more of a loop.

1 day ago

A beautiful and challenging hike.

1 day ago

very nice. Because of the snow we couldn't see much beyond the first lake.
would love to go there when it's warm.

Absolutely amazing! Stunning views and plenty of places to stop and just relax next to the falls! I highly recommend it!

Really enjoyed this hike. we started at 9am to beat the heat and traffic. The views are amazing.

Beautiful views and pristine lakes. Fantastic hike.

One of the best trails. Bring Water and snacks if your going to the top.

1 day ago

Amazing hike! I have just started to get into hiking the past couple years. I would rate the first 3.5 miles of the hike as moderate. The last 1.5 miles to summit was the most challenging for me. It took us 3.5 hours to summit with a couple short breaks and about 3 hours to get back down. The last 2 miles to the top is pretty rocky but poles helped a lot. I went through 2.5 liters of water. Bring plenty of snacks. Beautiful hike the whole way. It was nice to pass a couple small lakes along the way. We started at 7:30 and I wouldn’t want to leave any later because of heat and crowds. We were able to park at that time with no problems.

To make this hike a little more interesting – as well as difficult – we climbed Thunder Mountain then walked over to Thimble Peak on the ridge above Kirkwood to the south. At 9805’, Thimble is about 400’ higher than Thunder, but a couple decent drops along the ridge make it all add up to about 800’ and 4 miles of extra hiking. The route to Thimble starts at the Horse Canyon Trail junction just below Thunder, then basically follows the ridge except in a couple places where it dips below on the west side to avoid large rocky outcrops. There’s not really a trail, but a faint footpath can be followed most of the way—nothing tricky or dangerous, just more miles and more climbing. At the summit there’s some moderate scrambling, though we avoided the actual highpoint in favor of sitting atop an adjacent spire that looked no more than 5’ lower. I’m too old (and too wise?) to try Class 3 climbs these days, and Thimble’s real summit blocked looked particularly harrowing. Nonetheless, we felt like we were sitting on top of the world and views in all directions were marvelous. Adding Thimble Peak to the standard Thunder Mountain hike made for a moderate-paced hiked that clicked in at 7 hours, 11.8 miles and 2851’ of elevation gain. A strenuous but highly recommended option.

If you skip leg day, then you should skip this trail. It’s short, but it’s steep. There is little let up of the incline. The views from the top are totally worth the effort.

1 day ago

Beautiful scenery throughout. I’ll be back!

2 days ago

Excellent hike. Enjoy an easier 5 mile loop to the waterfalls and back, continue to the summit for the challenging part. The views are worth it at the top. Take lots of water and snacks.

2 days ago

We couldn’t get a parking spot near the trail entrance, but once we parked further down around the bend it made more sense to walk down the paved carriage road that joins up with the Rubicon trail. It made for a longer hike — almost the length of Emerald Bay— but the views from above were amazing. We enjoyed touring the house which seems to have had some recent restoration— it looks great. I also appreciate that the gift shop by Vikingsholm now has some snacks. The ice cream treats helped power us back up the hill! There are some amazing campsites along the Rubicon trail. A great day.

amazing views

Gorgeous lake, easy trail at campground. Great birdwatching area, I saw Western Tanagers. Can be crowded at times.

2 days ago

Short, easy hike, Emerald Bay was cold to swim in which was really nice during the summer. Also came during the winter when it was snowing, beautiful.

Great hike but really challenging! Need enough hydration to complete during summer.

Worth the 10.2 mile hike. The view is breathtaking! Definitely would go again.

Beautiful views and waterfalls! The trail was tough to follow at a couple spots. watch for logs and rocks that help guide you. We started about 8:30 am. By the time we were heading down it had gotten pretty crowded, but the way up was peaceful.

Fun Trail, Awesome Views!

great hiking trail....

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