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Great loop route with spectacular westerly views of Lake Tahoe. We hiked through approximately 6” of fresh snow which was fine. Beautiful forest.

High return on investment in this short hike to a beautiful lake. Right now there’s a lot of packed snow and some ice on the second half of the trail. Micro spikes were helpful.

This was a nice hike with a variety of terrain: quiet wooded trail (North/Northwest), steep and rocky (West), and paved road along nice cabins (South/Southeast). As others have noted it can be hard to follow in places. Specifically about half way around the West side we lost the trail and you eventually find a paved road going past the firehouse and other cabins. Also about half way around the East side you leave the road and walk through some private property to again find the trail. It’s really helpful to have an offline map downloaded on your phone to stay on track.

There was a little bit of packed snow and ice in places but otherwise conditions were very good.

This is the second time I have been on the trail. Two days ago the weather was perfect but yesterday it warmed up and the snow melted and turned to ice. The entire trail was icy and dangerous. We made it there and back and still had fun but just a warning to be careful after warm days!

Still beautiful and would do again!

Great for climbers (once you get to the rock). Short & perfect hike. Enjoy the view at the end!

1 month ago

I loved everything about this trail. It's right behind Emerald Bay and you can view the Vikingsholm at the bottom. The drive alone was worth it. The trail was easily accessible even with the snow. It lead to Eagle Lake which was entirely frozen over. The trip took about an 1.5 hrs, and we took our time and made a few stops! Really enjoyed this trail and would love to do it again.

1 month ago

Great day up at Castle Rock, 2/10/18. Minimal snow and ice on trail, but really no need for yak tracks. A dozen other people hiking the trail. View is always amazing. Got a little windy, so wear a hat. When you get to Castle Rock stay high to right to see the lake view :)

Close to accommodations, easy access and decent parking. No big elevation change, so it is good for the first hikes to help acclimate at this altitude. Spectacular scenery, trails well maintained but slippery at times. Not crowded. Great for dogs! Great for photography!

1 month ago

At the moment, this trail is snow-covered almost the entire way up. But the snow is firm enough that we were able to make it all the way to the lakes in regular hiking boots. Highly recommend making it to Upper Angora Lake, which I think is prettier than Lower.

I'm not sure I would love the hike without the snow because it is mostly paved road, but the snow made it lovely (and a good workout!) when I went yesterday.

Such a beautiful and tranquil place! It took me 1.5hrs to hike 2mi. Not because it was difficult- by any means- but, because I kept stopping to soak in the beauty of the environment! Listening to dogs splash in the water, ducks quacking, birds chirping, dip my toes in the cold lake water and filled my lungs with fresh mountain air! It was amazing. Not too many people, either. The trail itself was all parts snowy, muddy, dry, contained puddles, etc. I did this hike in tights and hiking shoes. Definitely recommend if you want to have quiet day hike.

1 month ago

I went around the lake on 1/28/18. I was hopeful about the snow from a couple days prior but had to take my snowshoes off after about 10 minutes. There’s not enough snow for them to be necessary. This lake is a gem, you don’t have to hike long before seeing amazing views! Definitely recommend!

trail is not marked at the beginning, trail begins at few hundred yard West to the nearest residential building. you will need to cross a river upon start of trail, and you will need to cross a few creeks.

1 month ago

This was a beautiful and fairly easy trail. Most of the beginning is uphill, with lots of stone steps that are covered in icy snow right now. We got lucky because the trail was fairly easy to see even though it had just snowed the day before. The lake is completely frozen over right now, so it’s definitely a beautiful sight. Would highly recommend!

Great trail, easy to follow, not too steep. Fantastic views.

It was somewhat difficult to find the trail from the starting point that shows here. We had to walk down a hill and cross the creek to get to the trail. Only made it 2 miles and unfortunately didn’t see much in the way of nice scenery it was just a forest walk. I’m sure it’s amazing if you get to the top, but the first 2 miles are rather dull.

Great hike beautiful view.

Beautiful views and easy access with markers throughout. Last 0.5 mile or so was covered in ice and snow so we turned around and made the trip back. A couple of small waterfalls are found along the path. We are avid hikers so we found this more easy than moderate. The trail is very open and wide the first mile or two then becomes a single track trail along the backside of the mountain.

2 months ago

We walked this trail last summer with our little ones in the backpack carriers. It was beautiful and the lake itself was perfect for the babies to play in.

I liked this trail a lot! It gives great views of the lake and western shore peaks. Hiked it today and it took me 3 hours to go to the end and back. As a primarily Appalachian hiker from TN I thought the trail was a good moderate level trail with little trail issues i.e. downed tree or erosion. One problem I encountered was right after the trailhead split with the Cali/Nevada line trail approx 1.5 miles in I lost the trail and spent 20 minutes in the brush trying to get back to trail. Otherwise great hike for a trail within walking distance from my South Tahoe hotel.

2 months ago

Beautiful hike with views of Tahoe and Eagle Lake. The lake itself was still frozen and was stable to walk out on. The trail has some extremely icy patches, with the worst section right after the bridge crossing at Eagle Falls - make sure you have hiking boots and take it carefully!

2 months ago

Super simple hike with an amazing mountain lake at the top.

Very beautiful hike,but need to be careful with icy paths.

Beautiful hike but as others have said below - the trail is not marked. Starting at the trailhead and going counter clockwise, we made it all the way around the lake in 3 hours, but we were going pretty fast as the sun was going down. A little icy in some parts but once you get to the road past the rock gullies/creek it's all a road. Would be a better hike in summer.

Make sure to wear micro-spikes or similar if you’re doing a winter hike. It gets icy! Worth it to go to the vista and out to the lake, but you’re asking for a broken arm if you don’t have spikes!

Great hike...spectacular view if you make up on Castle Rock.... be wary of trail splits...easy to miss trail if not careful and it helps to review map....
For quickest rout...park at lower lot and that trail to Castle Rock...the trail does loop around back to upper parking lot if you choose longer rout...

We did it on Dec. 23. 2017 and it was just a bit with snow. Such a great hike.

Great view from the top.

3 months ago

I will never forget this as it was my first ever and favorite hike. It was breathtaking every step of the way!

Beautiful hike. A bit icy in parts making some parts a bit treacherous. I guess that's one (only) advantage of a dry December that you can get to experience this area. Once it starts snowing the road can be closed. Amazing views on Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe, and this entrance to the Desolation Wilderness. Hockey players were enjoying the lake in the am but right now I wouldn't go out on the ice after midday.

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