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2 days ago

Great hike that leads you on two adventures. Go up to the top and then hike down to the river. Parking is in the middle. Lovely day!

You think you’re at the top. You in fact are not.

First 2 miles is a steady climb and then it levels out at the top. Great hike with some nice views. We didn’t see any other hikers but had a group of bikers pass us a few times.

Very beautiful. Highly suggest going early during tourist season because it is such a busy trail. Climbing required in a couple of spots to get to the very top, but the view from even half way is incredible. Sedona is nothing like you've ever seen before!

8 days ago

great view, make sure to go to the left on the end of trail sign, can go up in between the rocks

10 days ago

Great workout! Love the elevation gain and the remarkable scenery from the trail. at top is only a hundred and eighty degree visibility. Brush and trees cover the top facing Sedona but you can see Thunder Mountain Through the trees if you work at it and scrape your legs up in the brush.

Loved hiking this beautiful trail


18 days ago

Beautiful trail. Well marked just follow the white arrows on the rocks. It’s a workout but the views at the top are gorgeous!

Great hike. Great workout. Great views from the lookout. Definitely steep and rocky the last mile so where boots if you have them.

18 days ago

Beautiful area and the payoff at the top is incredible. Easy trail for kids to complete (youngest is 8) and doable for dogs as well. One area of the trail may be challenging but my GSP made it with little difficulty.
Try to go early, there is not much shade and there will be a lot of people.

feels a lot longer than 4-5 miles. amazing veiws of Sedona and Mingus and the surrounding area up towards the top. The trail itself it very beautiful and would be well worth the hike even without the views. It is more tiring than you would think given the distance, so plan accordingly

19 days ago

Solid hike of 4 miles from east end to west end and back. Enjoyed the trail. Due to sporadic view of homes and sounds of the city along the hike, this trail lacked that out-in-the-wilderness feel. Others may prefer this aspect.

Amazing views from the top. If you can go all the way. Bouldering down really wasn’t too bad. Took our 14 year old and she loved it!

Absolutely amazing. Once you get to the halfway mark (The Saddle) you literally scale the mountain. Be prepared to feel like a goat! If you can make it, it is 1000% worth the hike. Going down be prepared to get your butt dirty, as some places you just have to slide down the rocks. I'm so glad we chose to go to the top! It was fairly busy as we went over spring break, but it wasn't nearly as bad once you made it half way. Would recommend it over and over!

Great trail. The scramble is fine allowing you are willing to use your hands here and there to add stability. Epic view from saddle at summit.

Went early and that helped with the heat. Very well marked trail.

Very pretty! Gorgeous views from the top!

Couple of tips:

- I wouldn’t bring dogs. We brought our two German shepherds and it was very steep for them, especially coming down. There were some parts we had to pick them up and carry them down.

- Go in the morning or early evening. It gets very hot because there is no shade.

- Bring a lot of water. Make sure you have a backpack or something to carry them because you’ll need two hands.

Definitely bring lots of water, sunscreen and hat! Great views! Took us about 4 hrs round trip.

This hike was challenging but definitely worth it! There are a few false peaks and not much to see on the way up. But on the way down the views are worth it! Not much of a view at the top but it was fun to explore. I can’t wait to hike this again in the fall!

Great hike! Mostly easy to follow!

25 days ago

This was a beautiful trail that had a NW woodsy area as well as views of the beautiful red rocks of Sedona. It had a nice climb up then back down and up again. The end involves some steeper climbing and ended with a beautiful view in the canyon! Sedona and it’s trails are stunning! I’d call this moderate due to the climbing. Enjoy!

Great hiking with amazing views. Scramble up and a scramble down. Would hike with a backpack so your hands are free

25 days ago

fun scramble. excellent views from the saddle of the mountain. progressively more difficult.

30 days ago

So beautiful! Well worth the trip. We went early in the morning, which I recommend. By the time we came down the trail was getting really busy. Wouldn't recommend if it is really hot, trail is pretty exposed.

1 month ago

A really fun trail. I would suggest carrying a backpack - in multiple spots it’s nice to have both hands free to help climb up/down.

I really loved this trail. Great cardio and elevation gain at the beginning. Beautiful views at the top make for a perfect spot for a snack. While the ascent is exposed, the top is a nice flat stroll through shaded forest. The descent is exposed but a more gradual grade than the ascent. Overall a nice moderate hike that can be done in a morning. Fun to drive to Jerome afterwards for a well deserved cheeseburger and beer for lunch!

Great trail for beginners or seasoned hikers. Great scenery and away from the city heat of Phoenix.

Sedona hikes are unbeatable

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