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18 hours ago

It’s a beautiful a trail as I have seen, bar none. Watch out for the bulls though.

cool hike waterfalls bridge crossings awesome hike

Not sure how one gets lost on these trails. The lake is almost always in view and the path is easy to see. I thought it was an enjoyable hike. Highly recommended for a nice moderately challenging day hike.

This is a HARD trail, I hike a lot and this trail is not for the part timer. Almost uphill the entire way, first 1.5 Miles very easy gravel then the accent begins, pretty well marked but if you get to the Channels it’s easy to get turned around.
We found 2 kinda private overlooks and actually took a few naked pics for fun lol.
Well worth it but for sure hard.

Fun, easy, short walk.... beautiful falls.

Nice easy in & out hike. All 3 Falls were beautiful!
Dog friendly.
Be aware that near the last/largest Fall the hillside trail has slid off & you literally have a foots width ( I wear a womens 9) to stand on to make it to the viewing platform and on to the bottom of this Fall.

Great low-traffic trail with many points of interest. Enough challenge to make an interesting hike without being inordinately difficult. Be careful of portions of trail that have you stepping from rock to rock, things can get a bit slippery and wobbly in places. Probably not the best trail for very young children. Lots of interesting mushrooms, mosses, and vegitation to notice along the way along with the rippling water and rock formations.

Nice trails, rocky. But the trails are NOT marked so that you can easily find your way.

Very nice place and provide more than the waterfalls. It is worth to explore more around. I have been here many times one of the favorites.

Wonderful falls, great pool at the upper falls.

I went to this trail just today (06/29/18) and I absolutely loved the falls. They were gorgeous. The water felt amazing as well. The hike was easy, but a few small hills to climb. Definitely recommended!

The channels are other-worldly and spectacular. This hike is well worth the effort in any season - I take all my visitors, no matter the time of year or weather- and everyone is always amazed. The trailhead parking can get crowded on nice weekends, weekdays are my favourite time to go and I have often had the channels to myself. If you are interested in a 22.5 mile grueling day hike, the channels can also be reached from the Hidden Valley parking lot at the opposite end of the Brumley Mtn Trail. I did this version on a rainy May day, but despite my exhaustion and familiarity with the destination, I still wandered through the Channels with the same sense of wonder as the first time.

25 days ago

This is not located in Stone Mountain.

All around amazing! The hike is more of a challenging one - 3 miles all uphill and the return journey down is a long one. Definitely bring lots of water and sunscreen. Getting to the trail head can be a little confusing, as you start on a gravel road that splits into the trail. The top of the mountain is absolutely gorgeous, and the channels themselves are extraordinary. Definitely worth the hike.

27 days ago

I actually hiked this trail because of the difficulty rating... i knew nothing of what was supposed to be at the summit... when i turned off on the vista trail about half way up a family was on the way down... when i passed them all they said was “keep going its worth it”... they could not of been more correct... one word for the summit...”WOW” ... i would recommend trekking poles... i was the only one on this trail using them and everyone i passed said i wish i would of thought of that!

Only complaint is trailhead is slightly hard to find due to lack of signs. I started at the lake beach and without this app i would not of found the trailhead hiking the lake loop toward the inside park campground... If you hike in from any other direction from the outside campground or boat ramp the signs are much better!

There are zero water sources if you do not bring enough unless you hike the lake loop to ccc near boat ramp. Trail is very well maintained mostly single track with very steep hillsides! Would not recommend summiting with small children because most of the trail is inclined but i have friends who have done it! For the hike down go slow or you will pound your knees!

Beautiful view at the top and cool to see the natural changes formed from the rock erosion. The hike is fairly easy until the last mile or so, which is pretty steep. It may have been a mixture of the heat, humidity, and steepness, but I had to stop several times to catch my breath.

I think it’s worth pointing out that this apps directions take you towards the Grindstone Campground trail head.......which is 1.) a 14+ mile hike and 2.) Not the side of the mountain with the wild ponies. Once we got closer and realized it, we put the correct location in our GPS and found out it was going to be a 5.5 hour drive to the other trail head for us.

The trail was beautiful, regardless. It was a bit longer than we expected and we had been pretty excited about the ponies- but the terrain was great. Not sure I’d rate it difficult, but my feet were definitely hurting by the end of it.

If you do the Grindstone CG route, on your way back down from the summit definitely take the mini detour down to the Thomas Knob shelter with the rock lookout (follow the Rhododendron trail down to the left at the fork).....it added less than half a mile overall and was worth it!

1 month ago

Very easy to get to and well taken care of. This is a unique waterfall. Handicap parking & handicap accessible.

The Channels were amazing!

Great hike with a huge bonus at the top! The channels were amazing!

Beautiful falls nestled close to the road. Hard to walk around but you can get close enough for great pics.

Beautiful views at the top! Moderate incline hike with a few larger hills to climb but overall a good hike. Channels are absolutely gorgeous!

nature trips
1 month ago

Short trail, but very pretty waterfall.

1 month ago

I started at the beach. The first 4.5 miles was great. After that, traffic picks up and you finish through a lot of busy and crowded places. All in all, a great hike.

1 month ago

did this as a day hike with my dog on 5/19/18. Had been a rainy week and the trail was flooded out in spots. Rivers running right down the trail. But despite the wet trail, it was very nice. Started at Grindstone campground and took Mt. Rogers trail up to the A.T. to the summit. 7 miles from the campground to the summit one way. All the wonderful views are on the A.T. and the are well worth the effort!

Steady-but-easy climb for 90 minutes with visual rewards up top. The actual Channels were an entirely new treat - like a giant, stone labyrinth tucked away just below the lookout. Great stuff all-around.

Really fun trail because you get rewarded with amazing views at the top and the lake at the bottom to cool off and relax after.

Absolutely a must do in Virginia! It was probably the most rewarding hike I've had as far as having amazing activities at the top. My 4 and 6 year olds had a blast on this one!

Hiked this a few times with some friends and loved it! It is a bit challenging to hike up the mountain, but the trail is very well maintained which makes things easier. I suggest hiking up to the top early in the morning so that you can enjoy a few hours actually inside the Channels and on top of the mountain. If I’m ever out that way again, I would definitely hike this trail again!

Beautiful waterfalls throughout the trail. A small portion of the trail has been washed out but is passable if careful. The National Park service has posted signs that the trail is closed from that point onward, as they haven’t been able to repair it. Still definitely worth the trip!

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