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great place to hike

amazing views continuously unfolding and changing all the way. only saw one otger person on this Trail and then a few more on the summit that I think came from the other side. a good steady climb most of the way.

Great hike! Did the whole loop, 3 good size hot spring pools.

11 days ago

Fun trail. The hot springs are a really cool feature. I hiked this in October and the weather was perfect. I also hiked out to the overview.

great hike and awesome hot springs!

Start at Thompson's trail head and go  counter-clockwise. Nice views for most of the hike. Note....easy to miss return leg, take Sink Hole to Jordan to Cibola  connection for shortest return to trailhead. Shade and sun. We had trail mostly to ourselves.

This hike was fantastic! It’s my favorite hike I’ve ever done, actually. Make sure you bring a lot of water (1 gallon per person). It has a nice parking area and you begin the hike under an overpass. We took the south route down and the same route back as we struggled to find the other portion of the loop (and the map at the parking lot is confusing as it’s upside down), but the south route was great. This meant we went through the hot springs twice, which was fun. Hot water, stunning scenery and incredible slot canyons. Bring extra shoes and be prepared to get wet up to your knees. We made the whole loop in about 3 hours, and we were moving pretty fast. Absolutely worth it. Can’t wait to do this again.

Trail starts a little bland, but turns into a steep decline and slot canyon, and quickly into three retained hot spring pools. The first is very hot, the second is comfortably hot, and the last (before the ladder) is nice. After the ladder is a short stint to the river with campable beach spots. Great hike!

Worth the trek, bring more water than you think you need. Also bring either a change of shoes or water shoes, it makes a difference on your poor feet! One of the coolest hikes I’ve done in the Las Vegas area and I’ve lived here for 18 years now. A somewhat hidden gem! I can’t wait to go back & pitch a tent by the river / hot springs!

Nice hike. Not too difficult but the incline and abundant loose rocks make this more moderate than easy. It not hard to slip on the loose rocks

The parking area takes national passes and the red rock pass. I tool 2 liters of water and that was not enough for me. I got to the first bend after a strenuous climb. At my age (65) I had to take frequent breaks, but this allowed me to enjoy the scenery. I would recommend this to anyone that is moderately to well fit but be sure to take plenty of water and snacks. Enjoy the scenery and the wildlife.

We love this trail! Beautiful views all around!

As others have mentioned it’s a tough hike up.
Start early 7am. Take your time stop rest and take the views along the way. Don’t burnt out and give up. The rewards are the flat plane as you get to the end and the breeze. so worth it. ProTip. Start at 7am. Bring a blanket Pack a lunch and have lunch and a nap up there Before heading back down. Spectacular!! Pro tip 2. Continue trail and head down to Midgely bridge parking and take an Uber back to you car.

If you decide to come back the same trail find a stick to help manage along the paths loose gravel. Seriously! You do t want to take a fall of one of those edges...

It’s a tough one but well worth the hike it’s beautiful up there!! Enjoy

Great hike worth the effort to find the trail head! Walk SOUTH on the east side of the road from the $10 paid parking lot. Keep walking, you will see a cement block / step and a trailhead marker from the road! Do NOT go into the woods stay on the road! Keep walking south. Trailhead is directly opposite a home at marker 10055 which is on the west side. First fork on the trail stay right! Excellent views at the top and most of the trail is under tree cover! Go early in the morning...

This hike may have been beautiful had we been able to find the trail. We got all the way up to the rock wall, but could not find a pass to get above it. The AllTrails map definitely does not line up with the starting marker across from West Fork Trail, so we never found it even though we walked down the highway a bit. We may try to find it again in the future if the starting point is marked better.

Not an easy trail, but the incredible views are well worth the effort. Did this trail the first time last year and can't wait to do it again. A new favorite of mine!

Seriously, Your poor dog. I've heard of everything now.. wow!

Nice, first hike in Sedona! Not too hard on a hot day. Had shady spots along the way! Able to see the sink hole and the seven pools too. Such a beautiful area!

Wilderness trail with minimal hikers. Shaded at the bottom and along the switch backs up the mountain. Beautiful views along entire hike.

This has been one of my favorite trails so far in AZ (alongside the Superstition Mtns). I hiked this loop from Soldier Pass to Brins Mesa, onto Cibola and lastly Jordan Trail. I would recommend going the opposite & starting on Jordan's Trail for the best views. Also to save Devils Kitchen sinkhole and the Seven Sacred Pools for a grand finale.

I read a few reviews before hiking this route & was a bit nervous from the comments not being well marked. Granted... it's not on a paved pathway, it's really not too terrible if you've been hiking before and know what to look for. The majority of the 'down trees' were marking the trail for where to hike and NOT to hike. I can't speak for every tree... but may want to keep this in mind while hiking at least the Soldiers Pass segment.

I arrived ~ 8:00 a.m. on a Friday & nabbed the last parking space. It's a small lot so definitely arrive early. If you miss out on the parking at Soldiers Pass, there's a second trail head where you can jump on this loop from the Jordan Road Trail Head. Parking at the Soldiers Pass was free, but I'm not sure about other spots (wouldn't hurt to have a few bucks handy if needed).

Happy hiking!

Picking a favorite trail in Sedona is like picking a favorite child... difficult to admit. This big hike holds a big space in my heart. We double parked this one, so we ascended the south side from Midgley Bridge, hiked the north canyon and sedona overlooks, then descended the north down Oak Creek Canyon. I love every foot of this trail, and it never feels like I'm doing the same hike twice. With the elevation change, the terrain changes quickly and very significantly as you hike up- from the iron crusted sandstone, to the grey limestone, dense green pinyon pines, and finally onto the black basalt boulders that overlook the canyons and formations. The weather may also have noticeable differences with the elevation change (snow remains on the plateau much longer, wind is more intense, etc.). The north side is much more green and wooded, which was nice to hike down as the day got hotter. This side is also much steeper with loose rock, so watch your footing, especially when coming down. Wildlife is abundant, especially during the warmer months. We saw two species of horned lizards, deer, possibly a bobcat, and other reptiles and insects. Lots of animal tracks in the mud as well. Not much shade, bring sunscreen and lots of water (1 hr per person, per hour of hiking in the summer; it took us 6 hours to do all the trails with a long break to eat). Both lookouts offer great views- might as well do both since you already hiked up the hardest part! Still my favorite out of so many great hikes in Sedona.

4 months ago

Tried to hike today... closed.

We backpacked in, they allow fires, so we brought some 4 hour logs. we also brought our dog, but the rocks were to rough on his paws. So I suggest shoes for your furry friend. I did some fishing as well. It is also very busy, with canoe guided campers, and to find a decent camp is hard.

I shoved off, at 7:45am on a day with a forecast high of 101. I'm heat tolerant so was not concerned as I took plenty of fluids, about 3.5 liters. For hiking days like this, I freeze a Gatorade overnight so it melts during the hike and then tastes fantastic as a slush towards the end of the hike when I need it the most. I followed the north approach as I read it receives more shade than the southern approach. The first 1.9 miles is fairly steep with an average grade of 15%. Then on the First Bench a pleasant hike across a meadow prior to the final ascent. You will reach a sign post giving you the alternative to go left to the Sedona Overlook or right to the Canyon Overlook. I went right and the next mile is fairly flat and kind of boring but the final view is awesome. It took me 2:11 to reach the end (I'm on Strava so not a guess) of the 5 miles. I found a hiking pole helpful on the descent as there are some slick spots with a lot of loose pebbles. Finished the entire hike in 3:35. It was my birthday today, reaching 60. Damn it.

this is a short hike in the beautiful mountains of Arizona. we went in October and it was 90 degrees. The water was beautiful and hot. I suggest not drinking the water though.
great for kids 6 and higher.

One of our favorite trails in Sedona

Loved the views.

Just amazing views of red rocks and Sedona. A workout but not as difficult as some other hikes - well worth the effort.

Great hike. scenery throughout. Parked at the Brins Mesa trailhead on Park Ridge Drive since Soldier Pass trailhead gate was closed - sign says gate opens at 8 am.

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