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Been here several times, The aomebas are getting out of hand Be Warned... Im developing acute rheumatism from what I expect is Fowleri ... or another prick ass parasite... And the Government is recording this location.

Easy to follow trail but really muddy hot springs. Great view but no water flow and mild hot temperature. Would call this “Mudpots”.

Easy to find and lovely pools!

The walk up to the cave is about 1.5 miles. When you exit the cave you are below the entrance and the remaining walk is extremely easy it is 1.5 miles. so it's roughly 3 miles round trip to the cave and back. The Park guide was very informative and had a vast knowledge of the cave and surrounding area. There where several couples over 60 that were in our group they had no problems.

The hike itself is flat and runs along private property for about half of it. The hot spring is more of a warm spring and had broken glass in it. You will leave feeling like you need a shower stat! We blogged about it if anyone is interested in reading more: https://practicalvagabonds.com/upper-potosi-hot-spring/

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4 months ago

Beautiful spot, some pools where too hot and water levels where very low, but still had an enjoyable time. Will definitely be back!

Excellent cave tour! Thanks

Just hiked up to the ridge line with my girlfriend and small dog. 100% breathtaking. Lakes are gorgeous, weather was perfect. No bear sightings

We came in late at night. There are two entrances, the first one leads to open space for bigger RV's, parking for day hikers, and the road to one side of the campground. The second entrance is to more campsites along the creek, where we ended up moving to the next morning. This place is beautiful!! We followed a trail along the creek for a bit that was a quick easy hike. There is another hike, 303(?), across the main road that leads up 900 ft to a vista of the valley according to the camphost.

The hot springs are an easy hike about a mile. We went twice, once in the afternoon which had more people in and out, and in the morning with just us. We spent some "au natural" time in the springs. The temps are not extremely hot more like a bath or hot tub at best. We thoroughly enjoyed the springs!

The main road leads back to more marked campsites and a fork pointing to Bell Lake or Granite Lake. We went up towards Granite Lake. The road is rough and slow going and we never did reach the lake after taking a side road and coming to a field to turn around. We did see an ATV going up the road presumably to the lake.

I recommend this campground and hot springs!

the trail was great! the hike is more like 5 miles one way not 6 in and out. my pedometer listed it as 10.09 miles in and out. the lake was absolutely beautiful and well worth the hike in. there are 3 water crossings on the way up, but they are easy to get across!

nature trips
5 months ago

Lovely area. Water levels were too low at the end of July to really enjoy. There were pools to enjoy, but most scalding hot as not enough cool water to join the hot. But it was worth the visit.

5 months ago

Amazing hike, my favorite one I’ve done all season. BUG SPRAY IS A MUST. Forgot it and was eaten alive!

The trail is very steep and very eroded due to 4 wheeler use. Beautiful views. I would rate this as difficult due to large amount of boulders and the very steep incline.

Great hike. Not to difficult at all, but only went to the lake. Extremely buggy- lots of mosquitoes. Wasn’t able to hammock sit at the top- I forgot big spray. Might have helped.

Amazing childhood experience. My wife and I can't wait to take our daughter.

This is one of my favorite spots. It’s just a little hole in the ground hotsprings right next to the Jefferson river. It’s beautiful there. There were actually fireflies when I went once in May.

Beautiful hike with about 80 or so switchbacks that is moderately shaded and has plenty of nice views. A few easy water crossings and a gorgeous view of the lake and cirque once you make it to the top. Take binoculars if you want to check out any wildlife across the lake up on the mountainside. We saw a beautiful bald eagle and a large mountain goat from a distance. Only saw one other person up at the lake, but otherwise had the entire place to ourselves (Thursday 7/19/18 mid morning-early afternoon) The last couple of miles to the trailhead are a pretty rough and rocky so a 4WD vehicle with good ground clearance is recommended but it may be doable with a 2WD when conditions are really good. Also be sure to pack the bug spray, those dang horse flies bite hard! Overall, one of our all-time favorite hikes!

6 months ago

Fun hike if you have time and energy! Getting to the lakes wasn't too hard, there are spots that can get tricky because the trail isn't marked too well. if you want to get to the top I would rate this as Hard. if you follow the right side past the first two lakes it will bring you close to a ridge line, you will have to be smart of how to get to it because there wasn't a trail. once on the ridge you will have to do some boldering for a good portion of the ridge. If you wanted to follow the lakes up then go through the pass you can, but make sure on the first to lakes to stay on the right side, the left side of those lakes are hard and steep! Going to the top will test you, but it is worth it!

Drove to about 200 yards from the rocks, then walked. Pretty interesting. Would be a great place to take young kids.

I would not recommend this trail until August. It was snow-packed with water running below us when we did this hike last July. The trail was hardly visible most of the time and there was water running beneath the snow which is dangerous. The view of the lake is gorgeous !

A fairly nice loop trail. As others have said first mile is the hardest. You can also drive directly to the caves themselves and take the tour( caves being a 2 hour 2 mile hike in themselves)

I would say even if you didn't want to do the hike the caves them selves are well worth the trip.

Easy. Interesting and just a fun little hike

What an absolutely spectacular hike. Good trail. Love that you can hear water the entire hike. It’s good deal cooler at the lake so be sure to pack layers. Also, we think this would be tough to get to and tough to hike due to numerous creek crossing in rain of heavy runoff. The roads to the trail are no joke. We wouldn’t recommend ever trying to get there without a large 4WD or an ATV. Snow at the top of the hike and around the lake on July 1 which we thought was super cool! Enjoy! We can’t wait to go back!!

Hiked to Louise Lake on a Monday and had the place to ourselves. Left my phone in the car so didn't record the hike or take any pics. This is a great hike with lots and lots of switchbacks, many with great vistas looking west toward Sailor Lake (another great hike). Louise has Yellowstone Cutthroat trout. Caught two. There was a little snow on the upper trail but nothing tough to get over or around. Good bit of snow around the east end of the lake.

6 months ago

first mile strenuous a man had a heart attack n died right in front of us also went to caverns perfect temp

HEADS UP! Went to Renova yesterday and it was entirely flooded. A local told us there's a 40 year flood which has resulted in high water levels and tons of mosquitoes too. However, if you're in the area, the drive down to the river is beautiful in itself. We even saw a young moose staring at us from about 20 yards away!

This is such an amazing place, and my kids loved it! All of us enjoyed playing music with the hammers we brought as well as the iron tools that are available for use at the rocks. We were able to drive the entire road, except for .5 miles in our minivan. We drove slow, and thankfully the roads were dry. Since the roads are dirt, it would be quite muddy and impassable in our vehicle if they were wet. It was a must to keep our all trails directions up. about .5 miles out, there is a dirt parking area. From there, the road has huge pot holes and large rocks throughout. We just hiked on up the mountain. Gorgeous views from the trail!

Took off hiking at the Four Corners area on a road & had a great time. Got a little turned around & eventually found the rocks by “bushwhacking” up the mtn. Very interesting!!

Cute underrated spring. Very easy hike and just a little ways down a very well maintained dirt road. You park along a fence on the far end of the campground a cross a little log bridge to the trailhead.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Easy n fun

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