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Definitely a good workout in the last leg of the trail. Parking at the trailhead is a bit tricky on the weekend and the trail is narrow in a few spots but not so narrow it is difficult to let others pass by. Takes a little over an hour to get up to the cave with a few brief water stops. The views are stunning and the cave offers a cool reprieve after the hike up. This is a rigorous but quick hike for any morning or afternoon. Trailhead is about 40 minutes from downtown Gilbert.

8 hours ago

Very very easy trail to hike, did it with my wife and her young nephews. Gorgeous when you get to the end with the spring and you can see the many Native American Petroglyphs. Carried a single bottle of water with me and was fine.

14 hours ago

Great trail! Took a wrong turn in the beginning, but found our way back and finished it out. Trick is you have to go THROUGH the wire fence when you get to it, do not go left! If you go left you are basically going around the mountain :) It’s a gorgeous sight to see, but not the way to the cave. Once back on the trial it was very easy to navigate the way to the top. Gets a bit harder as you get closer to the cave, but its worth the beautiful site when you finish. Careful on the way down as it gets pretty slippery on the loose rocks. All in all it was a great day out enjoying nature even with the detour.

15 hours ago

Really cool hike! Can get confusing to follow the trail but luckily somebody had put arrows in the sand which really helped point us in the right direction! At the trailhead there is a sign that says “wave cave trail” at a fence - go through the fence. The trail is flat at the beginning then very steep. Had to climb up over some boulders as well. The views are amazing and the cave is really awesome. We stayed longer than planned taking photos and enjoying the cave. It was a cloudy day with not many hikers passing through. Would be a cool place to sit and have lunch. It did get chilly in there though later in the day.

18 hours ago

no shade
1 day ago

Toddler alert: be prepared to carry your toddler and pass them up and down rocks near the top of the trail but totally doable with two adults.

Love this trail! Not too strenuous but just enough to get your heart rate up, depending on your pace. The length of the trail is maybe 90% loose gravel and rocks so I recommend wearing shoes with good grip and stability. There are a couple of spots near the top where older or less-steady hikers might require 3 points of contact, but still, I saw plenty of folks 65+ make beyond those spots with no problem.

Tough, very technical hike for the inexperienced. Amazing views at the top and well worth it. Very poorly marked trail. Even harder coming down. Go slow and watch for cairns.

beautiful trail

this was an amazing hike. the views were incredible. the ruins at the end were a fantastic finish. I really cant describe how awesome this hike was.

the drive to the trail head wasn't to bad. I made it in a 98 Honda crv which has 4 wheel drive. it was slow going (about 2 hours) but totally worth it. I did scrap the bottom of the small SUV a couple of time.

3 days ago

This trail won't disappoint, my 85 year old Mom had no problem, but then again her nickname is mountain goat

The trail doesnt really end at the waterfall area. That's what makes this a great hike. All the touristy people stop at that point .You can keep on going and there is a TRAIL. No one out there. I'll go back to continue furthur on the SECRET trail..shh..

Did this the other day solo despite reading previous reviews it is what they say. Loose gravel, small cacti everywhere, bush wacking, scrambling up wet washes, and the worst marked trail I've ever encountered. If you've never done this then please do yourself a favor and go early in the day. I lost an hour on the way up and almost another hour on the way down. I think going down was almost more confusing. You think you're following your previous trail then you end up almost going off a cliff. no joke. Otherwise the summit was amazing, ate lunch on the bench and signed my name in a notebook inside the mailbox. estimate 5-6 hours total. Bring gloves, snacks, and plenty of water!

5 days ago

This trail was so amazing. I’m new to hiking and towards the top got pretty difficult but I pushed through and the view was just stunning!

This was a nice morning hike! Took my dog for the first time and it wasn’t too hard for him. It’s beautiful at sunrise! It took about an hour to hike the whole thing!

7 days ago

Nice trail a bit busy but no issues. Nice views and a nice varied terrain. Good gripping shoes a must saw a few people slip while decending. Trail is clearly cut and easy to follow. Will return soon. Travel safe.

a little rocky but a great day/workout. we would definitely do it again. the water and views were beautiful.

7 days ago

Perfect hike! Beautiful!

Very narrow trail the higher in elevation you climb, very popular trail. Do jot recommend bringing your dog due to the very close quarters on the trail, there are times were you have to step aside to let the hikers coming down by, very irritating when u have a pet especially when other dogs aren’t trained properly or are unfriendly, great view at top again crowded and have to wait to get a photo, recommend going during the week.


Was so beautiful in the evening! The only downside was too many people. There were probably at least 50 people I saw. I would still come back though! Waterfall was a nice thing to see

Hiked this for a second time and loved it! Definitely one of the more scenic hikes in the PHX area.

Awesome place to visit

Great trail! I’ve done it a few times. Gorgeous views. The trail isn’t super long and hard, but towards the end (about the last .25 mile) it gets really steep. I would recommend wearing shoes with good tread for going up and down the steep section.

10 days ago

I loved this trail! It was a great morning hike and had a beautiful end area to explore. This is doable for all ages and dogs!

This was fabulous! I will say that the last bit of the hike was very hard. We found ourselves crawling/climbing over rocks to get to the cave. Once we were to the top though, it was breath taking!

11 days ago

Great quick hike!!
I did this this afternoon 1-9 took about 2 hrs
a very beautiful trail with amazing views!
I was out there by myself very nice and peacful

11 days ago

great trail for a quick walk.

I love it at sunset. The views and colors are beautiful.

11 days ago

We did this trail a few days ago with some friends who are fairly experienced hikers since we are relatively new to the sport. I had seen lots of photos online of the cave but I can definitely say that photos don’t do it justice. I would agree with the moderate rating of this trail; however there are sections which do require some agility and climbing / scrambling. It is definitely a good sustained cardio workout as your heart rate will definitely go up as you reach the more challenging sections and the incline increases.

I’m in reasonably good physical shape (but looking to improve) and was able to make it with no problem despite having limited experience in trail hiking. My wife is looking to achieve significant weight loss and so it was more difficult for her, but she had a good time although she did move at a slower pace than the rest of us. We have two sons under the age of 10 who are natural hikers and had absolutely no difficulty in navigating through even the rockiest sections.

Needless to say, knowing there is a payoff in terms of the amazing scenery on the way up, and the view from the cave, is a strong motivator. I would heartily recommend this trail to anyone looking to spend an afternoon of quality time and who wants to see an outstanding view of our beautiful state of Arizona.

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