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Fun Hike. Views of Mt. Rainier keep getting better and better, hike to third Burroughs if you can. No matter the temp in the valley bring a jacket and or a sweater, pretty chilly at top especially with the wind. Highly recommend.

Amazing views. Still some snow but melting fast making a few parts of the trail muddy and slippery, so plant your feet well before taking the next step. Saw a deer grazing. A few places with some steep elevation but doable (I have bad knees)

A wonderful hike. We arrived to the sunrise parkikg lot around 730 am and were greeted by several other hiking adventurers. The trails are well maintained and marked. For myself this was an easy hike, but can see why its rated as moderate. Make sure to put on lots of bug spray, and sunscreen bc there is no tree coverage on that particular trail. I managed to escape with only one insect bite from the whole day.

Beautiful trail with lots of variety, flowers in boom, and wildlife (the picas were out in the first rock field). Instead of a long climb up to a peak then coming back down, this trail has several shorter climbs and descents broken up by meadow crossings and goes in and out of the woods (and shade). The scramble up to the upper flank of Brown Peak is very worth the effort, as there are great views. On the way in, we saw only three backpackers heading out, and saw only ~ 10 groups on the way out, which is vastly different from the hoards just up the road at Sunrise.
When we entered the park at 07:15 there were only a couple of cars ahead of us at the entry point (not yet staffed), but when we departed the park, there was a very long line of cars that looked like an ~ 2-hour wait.

short and gorgeous. mostly exposed on ridge.

Think of this trail as a trail with multiple options. The first part, up to Frozen Lake, was an easy hike, as long as you don't fear heights. From there, there are multiple options including Burroughs Mt. and a return loop to Sunrise. Then there are 3 peaks to Burroughs Mt. At the first peak you have an option to take another loop back to Sunrise, continue to peak 2 or turn around and return to Sunrise. The hike from Frozen Lake to Peak 1 is fairly steep and had some snow but nothing to worry about. Then you go down hill and back up to peak 2. The most difficult part of the hike was between peak 2 and 3. It was fairly steep and a couple of large snow fields. But the view at the top was worth the hike. Overall, I'm glad I did this hike and recommend it. But you should be in good shape. Some of the inclines are steep and challenging.

This is a fantastic hike. We went mid July and the weather was perfect. We came across 2 snow patches which was cool to see mid summer. The only downside was the extreme amount of bugs/mosquitoes. Definitely take Emmons Moraine Trail off of glacier basin. It was absolutely beautiful and you can go down by the lake.

We hiked this yesterday. Started towards Frozen Lake, but views would have been better from the opposite entrance. Did Boroughs 1 & 2, had three snow passes which were melting and very slippery. Wasn’t easy without poles, but we made it. Wouldn’t recommend for anyone with strong fear of heights or without good grip on boots. Views were stunning, wildflowers were lovely. Stopped for lunch at Shadow Lake, but the bugs were biting hard despite bug spray, so had to abandon. Overall still an amazing hike.

Hiked this trail on Saturday the 14th of July, 2018.
It was just as expected with a few areas of snow on the trail to traverse vs two weeks prior with over 3 feet of snow. “Cancelled that hike as I wasn’t prepared.”
Flowers were just coming into bloom, bugs were happy to see and bite us! The views are always breathtaking for such an easy hike for young to old.

We had an amazing time! When you get to the top of Summerland you can hike up a bit further to the Panhandle Gap for some further spectacular views. Absolutely beautiful. Will definitely be back.

Perfect sunrise hike. Started the hike at 4am and made it to the lookout just before the sunrise. We had the place to ourselves. So glad we got there early. There was a crazy long line to get into the park entrance when we left around 9am. Definitely a few difficult spots that we had to stop and catch our breathe for but overall it’s a hike most skill levels can do.

Beautiful trail. Walked it on July 13th and the whole sourdough trail was free of snow.
I recommend taking the wonderland trail to get back, instead of hiking the sourdough trail up and back (a few spots covered with snow on this trail, but no problem to hike with normal hiking shoes).
Beware of lots of mosquitos! (Recommend deet)

Beautiful hike! We hit some pretty bad mosquitoes while down in the trees, but they were absent up in the meadows and higher.
Great views, fun glissading, a chilly polar plunge and very patient Park Rangers made for a very rewarding hike.

Wonderful afternoon hike on July 7th. Unfortunately we had to cut it short due to dinner plans so we turned around about half a mile past Frozen Lake. I intend to go back for the full course. What we did cover it was beautiful even though it was a bit overcast. It was moderately crowded with serious and tennis shoe hikers alike. Get there early to find parking. It gets full quickly on weekends.

Amazing hike and views!!! Got their early and with clear blue skies. Sunscreen and bug spray is a good idea on a hot sunny day.

Hiked to Burroughs II today. Had a few spots on the way up between Frozen Lake and the top of Burroughs 1 that you had to cross some snow but fairly easily handled with hiking boots and poles. Others were crossing in tennis shoes with little difficulty.

There was 2 places with snow between Burroughs 1 and 2. The second of those was wider and more difficult. We were able to navigate it but my 8 year old got nervous and said that he didn't want to do it again with snow like that.

Overall had a great time and you can't beat the views!

This hike was one of the most beautiful I’ve ever done. First 2.5 miles weren’t bad at all but the last mile and half was pretty tiring. I had to stop a couple times to catch my breath. Still a little snow at the top but you won’t need spikes or anything like that.

This hike completely exceeded my expectations! (The cover photo isn’t accurate at all). In order to get to this hike, you do have to pass through a station where you can buy a day pass or an annual pass. My sister and I went 7/8 (Sunday) and there was a long line on the road getting to that station area because a lot of people were buying day passes. There really should be a line for people who already have an annual pass, but it’s okay. There’s a large parking lot and a gravel area at the top, which is where the visiting center is located. If that parking lot is full, it’s unlikely you’ll find a spot to park since the road is very narrow and doesn’t offer parking on the side. The Fremont trail features a cliffside trail covered in rocks, which is truly awesome! You won’t regret going on this hike. Enjoy! :)

I started about 7am from the parking lot. Weather was nice and cool in the morning with clear skies. I made it to Burroughs #3 by 11am with a few stops so I could take it all in. The views are absolutely breathtaking. I was able to beat the crowds, as I saw from my hike back to Burroughs #2. That being said, if you get to #2 and it's still early in the day, you might as well venture to #3. I was fortunate to see a bear on the hike back. I couldn't have asked for a better day hike. Parking lot to Burroughs #3 and back using loop - 9.8 miles.

Easy hike from the Sunrise to Frozen Lake. The sweeping views offer big rewards for little effort. Escape the crowds by taking the Wonderland Trail back down to Sunrise.

13 days ago

Trail is well maintained except for a few places where waterbars would keep runoff from eroding the trail. Otherwise it is wide enough in many places for side by side hiking. In many areas the trail is single track and trail etiquette should be followed for uphill hikers and groups of mountaineers. The end of the maintained trail has several campsites and a toilet. Happy Trails! "Rock Hopper"

This is absolutely my new favorite hike with breathtaking views. The hike itself is moderate and relatively short, but the altitude makes it a tough one on your lungs. Park at Sunrise (make sure to get there early before the parking lot is full of tour groups. Got there by 7:15 am and had it to ourselves, but coming down at noon, it was a zoo. Spectacular views at the lookout, just bring your bug spray (lots of flies) and be careful with your food, a squirrel grabbed my bag of nuts from my pack and ran!

It was an amazing experience last year when I hiked on it, little tough of a hike but the view was worth the hike

Last year we hiked that trail, great loop and we ate lunch on the way back. I would do it again, definitely.

Beautiful day and great hike! No snow on this particular trail. You will see larger patches on the hike to the trail but none of them will be in your way.

This was a delightful hike; did it on a Sunday and it was not very busy. We took a right at the end on the wonderland trail for about .25 miles for an amazing close up of Mt. Rainier. There is still some muddy spots in the first mile of the trail. Flowers are blooming. Managed the full hike with a group of 12 hikers at various competency levels.

Absolutely breathtaking sunset hike!

This trail is at the Sunrise side of Rainier NP and the views are incredible! Rangers had to make extra spots just because the trailhead starts at the visitors center and it was a very busy day. The first incline had a lot of people stopping to catch their breath for a second and then it flattens out for a little until frozen lake. Once you hit frozen lake it's about 30-35 minutes until the lookout. The trail is very narrow on the second portion, so be careful! Make sure you pick a clear day too, I had beautiful weather but it was allllll clouds at the lookout so there was no views.

14 days ago

If you haven't done this hike before---youre missing out! I completed this today (07/07/18) along with a short offshoot trail called Emmons morraine trail that offered a beautiful view of an aqua blue lake as well as the Emmons glacier.

Please note that All trails is way off on the elevation gain. The ranger verified that it's approximately 1700' of elevation gain and 7 miles round-trip.
The trail is in excellent condition and currently snow free!

Amazing views on a clear day! Some patches of snow on slopes. My family of 4 were able to overcome but I would recommend an early start as it got hot later in the day.

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