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great walk. a bit muddy from recent rain.

A beautiful easy hike along a small river.

7 days ago

great little hike. the wind always blows here so I was never hot. Be sure to stay in the main big trail. There's a little trail to the left about half way up that leads straight up the mountain. is steep and doesn't save you very much time. The main trail is beautiful and very moderate. Don't kill yourself hiking the trail, just have a good time.

8 days ago

This was an enjoyable “walk in the woods”. Quite a few people around.

Easy hiking and wonderful for anyone with any skill level. I gave it a 3 because it seemed a little too easy for my personal taste and too close to the road. there was a spot that had some lovely wildflowers growing and a prime spot for taking pictures. I would do this one again if I needed something quick and easy and still get some nature in.

19 days ago

I give it a 1 star only so I could report this trail is closed (6-23-2018) and was disappointed I couldn't hike it.

21 days ago

nice well marked trail with almost no elevation gain. not much to look at, prefer the Country Club trail. should be rated easy.

22 days ago

If you’re looking to get a good walking exercise, this is a good length trail. However I didn’t find it moderate, mostly easy. It’s June, and there is absolutely no water in the creek. Was kinda hoping to see some. There’s these little puddle, water creeks here & there but mainly what the cows drink from. Some open meadows, but not much else to look at.

25 days ago

Really enjoyed our hike! Very easy and nice views. Not a lot of shade but enough for us to cool down when needed

We did this trail once as a family, we have 2 kids, 9 & 11 and really enjoyed it. My husband and I did it a second time after some rain. It will be even better once the creek starts running.

27 days ago

29 days ago

It’s an ok hike. Very minimal incline in a couple areas but mostly flat. I would rate as easy. Not much to see. There was a little bit of water but not much due to lack of rain in the area.

1 month ago

Easy hike. A lot of shade in the afternoon. We went counterclockwise so the first half seemed prettier with the creek crossing (dry this time).Took my 13 yo son that’s isn’t really into hiking and he did well.

Took our youth group (12-18 ages) on this hike. Very beautiful, sad to see the area where the fire came through. Hike was perfect for our group size. Would definitely go back again

great place.

Very pretty hike, not difficult at all . The trail was hit or miss in spots but if you stay close to the river you’ll be fine.

Good quick hike but poorly marked at times. I kept my GPS on to make it for the full loop. Good views once you get past the trees. But kinda eerie at times alone Will do it again with a friend ☀️

Pretty hike. Did have to scramble over some fallen trees and rocks at times, but great hike nonetheless.

3 months ago

we hiked along the 'creek/reservoir' east from the non hookup spots. found an osprey nest just before u have to turn around for private property. gorgeous cliffs that direction. Rocky, but short. nice for kids.

Beautiful creek side trail.

Not bad...Trail is not well marked and with many intersecting mountain bike trails and roads. Good cell service will allow you to check your position using GPS. Pay attention or you may find yourself on a longer hike than you had planned for!

4 months ago

great weather, good climb with views, and met a few hikers also enjoying this trail. made it a 4.4 mile loop coming off of 11th st in Eager to Flattop and return.

4 months ago

This trail is part of the Squirrel Springs trail system and the trailhead is clearly marked along route 373. The trailhead features ample parking and restrooms. This is a relatively short trail which features some spectacular natural rock formations as well as a nearby stream affording hikers great photo opportunities. The trail does not gain in elevation much and is clearly marked, making hiking even in snow cover straightforward.

This trail has lots of scenic views and even contained what appeared to be a few bald eagle nests in some of the larger trees. To reach the trailhead simply drive south on 373 through Greer until the road ends. Parking and restrooms can be found at the beginning of the trail. The trail is not clearly marked and there are many alternate paths which can be taken during a hike. This makes the hike moderately difficult as finding a path through the brush can be tricky at times. This hike is very picturesque and the Little Colorado River meandering nearby affords ample opportunity for snapping some spectacular photos.

5 months ago

Easy trail for kids. I have a 17, 15, 14, 11 and 9 year old.

5 months ago

Well maintained trail and pretty easy. Great trail to bring younger grandkids and also dogs. Very beautiful and much fun along the way if you wanted to stop and throw rocks or just visualize the beauty.

5 months ago

Nice - peaceful, serene walk around the lake. Lots of water birds including a beautiful heron

6 months ago

Took a group of kids age 5-14. Hike was more of a walk, not strenuous, and the kids had a great time playing on the frozen creek.

8 months ago

We took the trail backwards...in the order that we did it, the scenery looked the same through 3/4 of the trail. All the scenic parts were towards the end, so it was a nice way to see it. Good trail to take with kids that are a little older (10+).

this trail was safe interesting !!!

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