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great family hike. can be muddy at times and slippery in some spots. still a great and beautiful hike.

Nice walk and a beautiful waterfall!

Beautiful forestry and an amazing waterfall.

A few decent sites to see, but not really worth the admission fee.

Extremely basic park with no outstanding features.

Nice and easy walk. Nice and clean trail with a few falls. It's cool to be able to go behind the last one and just listen.

pretty falls

Very beautiful and amazing hike. it was our first hike in Oregon and it definitely fueled the fire more.

10 days ago

Beautiful hike to a very close up view of the falls. No snow either!

Easy and beautiful hike! Simple access. visitors from Australia loved it!

Great trail. Not too muddy either. Perf for a relaxing Saturday!

Ended with the falls - lovely, misty hike.

13 days ago

Short hike but more than worth it! Beautiful waterfall! My girlfriend and I went during winter and it was a little chilly but the walk was short and getting soaked by the falls was worth it! The hike in was beautiful!

I don’t understand the three star reviews for this hike. It was awesome! Granted, I went in late December when the Falls were raging, and the people were elsewhere. I definitely felt the elevation gain on this one, and was glad for those downhill sections at the end. There was mud, but not terrible considering it’s been pouring rain all week, and it was sprinkling today. Walking behind the Falls was a great experience, and since there was no one else around, we hung out on the bench for awhile. And let’s not forget to discuss the cows. They really are open roaming on the same road where you walk. I highly recommend this hike, and I’m not sure why anyone wouldn’t.

Insanely fun for the kids and the dog! Will definitely enjoy this park in the future

I did the hike backwards from what this site shows to do, it helped not to have all the incline. Brought my 11 year old brother and he did just fine. A little muddy in some spots but no ice. Had a great time.

2 months ago

Cool really short hike to an awesome waterfall!

Great little hike. Really liked the cave! Not much of a waterfall but I was expecting that as it’s October. I’m sure it’s much bigger in the spring.

This was a fun simple hike/walk. If you’re in the area and looking to get outside for an hour this is a great little place to go walk around. The lookout point is pretty and the trails are easy to find and follow.

just went yesterday with 5 grandkids and it was great. ranging in age from 7 to 14 years old. We started from fern ridge road, up the gravel road by the cows to the trail head. took a break there at a picnic table and started up the trail. kids loved the falls and the stairs. Ended up at the campground for lunch. Left Salem at 8.30 and were back home by 1.30. just a great day!

Maybe this is a good hike for inner-city folks looking to take in some “nature”. Not so much a hike as a short nature walk.

Not my cup of tea - the entry “trail” is a gravel road through private property, followed by short trails to a couple little falls. One of the falls is right on the road, which is good for access, I suppose. We walked to two more falls that were kind of neat, but wouldn’t go back.

In all fairness, we “hiked” this early summer, and the falls are probably considerably more voluminous and spectacular mid-winter, but be prepared for mud of hiking to the other two falls.

START WITH THE RIM TRAIL if you are doing the 3-mile loop. That way you save the amazing views and waterfall experience to perk you up when you’re getting tired. Going the other way would be very anticlimactic. IF YOU ARE JUST DOING A QUICK OUT AND BACK and not doing the full loop, start with the north falls trail. Be warned—there are a good number of stone stairs from the trailhead to the north falls, and there is no handrail, so knees and hips are at their mercy. The trail CAN BE SLIPPERY and narrow and has a steep drop off in many places. If you have a fear of dogs, be aware that many people bring dogs, and there is not a lot of room to pass.

This is an amazing canyon that feels like an ancient jungle in places. We were lucky enough to see some fall leaves in early October.

PROS: Fairly easy hike; magical scenery; trail goes behind a waterfall; lots of wildlife that’s not particularly afraid of people.

CONS: Lots of foot traffic; lots of car traffic just a few feet away in places; lots of stairs at one end; slippery, narrow trail in places.

Hike was amazing - the old mine on the other hand.. FULL OF GIANT NASTY EVIL ALIEN SPIDERS BEWARE

Beautiful trail in the fall, the Canyon Trail takes y ou through the South Falls is an easy hike. The return Maple Ridge loops through the forest which is peaceful in the mid-morning before it gets super busy.

Beautiful and not too hard.

3 months ago

Coming back from Opal Pools we stopped too early and accidentally started hiking up Henline Mountain until we figured the switchbacks couldn’t be right. If you’re on the right trail there’s a small little parking area and the trail is quite flat through the woods. It’s a fairly short walk and at this time of year there isn’t much water going over but it’s still worth a visit. The cave beside the falls only goes back 40-50’ but it’s an interesting side excursion...check the ceiling for bats and insects. I’d come back to Henline again for sure, especially when the water volume is greater!

3 months ago

Take the left side when you see the fork in the trail (it looks obviously more used). Saw no one the entire time. Very pretty, quick walk up to the falls through dappled light and fern groves. Nice pool at the base of falls for hot days. A creepy cave that I didn't go down thanks to lack of flashlight, but seemed to be barricaded at the end. Foundational bits of concrete are sticking out in the trail right before the falls, so arthritic knees and hips may not appreciate the little scramble up. Road is unpaved in two separate parts (before you get to Elkhorn and again once inside Opal Creek Scenic Area), but our Kia Soul was able to make it over the minimal potholes with ease.

First and foremost this wildlife refuge It's an awesome getaway. It's a great place to walk, run, ride bicycles, ride skate boards and long boards. It's has a good dog park, and some pretty good fishing holes too if you're into that. It's just a awesome park to visit.

First and foremost this wildlife refuge It's an awesome getaway. It's a great place to walk, run, ride bicycles, ride skate boards and long boards. It's has a good dog park, and some pretty good fishing holes too if you're into that. It's just a awesome park to visit.

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