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Great circuit trail, make sure you have an additional smaller pack for the rock scramble and a meal at the top. Very light traffic in October. Multiple camping locations near the summit. We also added in Strikler knob summit on the south end of the hike for an extra view

Nice nature/workout type of trail. Consider it moderate, due to length and some slight elevation.⛄

We did this one clockwise as a trail run last week. There is a greater than 1 mile stretch where it is very steep and we had to walk at least 1/2. It was a challenge to find the trail from the Overlook initially and then lots of washed out trail with tree debris from all of the flooding on the back half. It was much harder to navigate than a month ago (understandably, given the weather!). Great if you are training for hills!

This is a moderate hike. I started at Millrace Trail ( Yellow) to ascend up the mountain at the beginning. It does appear someone has marked the trees again so even though the trail may disappear at times you can follow the marks to make it through. Overall a good hike with a nice view on top.

2 months ago

Kind of a busy trail, especially for this time of year, parking lot was full. Easier to follow than people are saying here.

2 months ago

Very busy trail, especially for this time of year. Decent campsites, trail wasn't as hard to follow as people are saying here. The night trek in 2 miles was a tad difficult but daytime had no trouble.

2 months ago

Hiked this overnight on 10/13/18-10/14/18. I saw more hikers than expected, but not a ton. The already made campsites were nice. We camped by Jack's Run Creek and the water flow was pretty good. We got a bit turned around about halfway back the loop and got into some beaver damn areas. If you do the same, you've gone just a bit too far if you take the south route where the trail splits. Anyway, very nice trail but be mindful of where you're going and look for trial markers on the trees.

Good hike. The pull up out of there definitely tests your legs. Camp sites along the river are gorgeous...I will have to come back. Be a fun weekender.

Love this trail great hike , only issue I had that it was really easy to go off trail . In the beginning there’s no markers so you have to really be carful. Other than no markers nice trail .

Love the trails. Easy to follow with the signs. Camped out with a nice view of the river. Definitely recommend

3 months ago

going clockwise is the better route. use yellow blaze up to blue blaze at tuscarora. Can lose trail at shckeys knob. Grateful All Trails has location feature to show you your position relative to the trail. Tuscarora trail poorly maintained and poorly marked. Again you can lose your bearings but the app was good. Only negative was the app kept freezing up.

Went on a one night overnight to Duncan Knob with my dog and had an overall good time. The trail was incredibly swampy on the yellow part of the trail going up and, without waterproof shoes, you are guaranteed to get your feet wet. Also, am glad I brought bug spray because the bugs were relentless on that part of the trail. Note that there are no good water sources on this part of the trail before Duncan Knob so plan accordingly. Once we got to Duncan Knob it was great to camp out and we had the sites to ourselves.

On the way back around the other side of the loop, the trail was much less swampy and buggy (although still muddy) and we got to see a black bear running away from us into the forest. I did find later when returning home that hundreds of tick larva had found their way onto my ankles so make sure to check yourself for ticks and wear pants as a precaution. This part of the trail was much better and had a good source of water.

If I were to do this trip again I’d take an out and back path past middle mountain up to Duncan Knob and back the same way (counter clockwise up, clockwise back) to avoid the swampy part of the trail, even thought it was much steeper.

Great all year round. Smooth terrain and beautiful scenery.

3 months ago

Overnight 10/4 at Cool run and had the whole trail to myself. Water flow was good. The solitude was awesome but parts of the trail were very hard to follow. I was lucky to have the GPS map downloaded on my phone and had to use it backtracking to the main trail numerous times. Trail blazing was on and off so don't entirely count on it.

12.57 miles, 1st time on this trail, took a wrong turn and ended up taking a little longer route back. It rain the night before, very foggy at 7:30am, drizzling rain through the trees most of the morning. Made it a little wet and muddy. Great hike. Definitely took advantage of the waterfalls and swimming holes every chance!

overnighted 9/18 and had the place to myself.

3 months ago

Thoroughly enjoyed this hike! The waterfall is stunning and has two great access points. You will see the water holes after about 5.6 miles of hiking to the left of the trail. There is a noticeable side trail that leads to them that is mostly rock. Two were particularly great for swimming! We set up camp near the first swimming hole, there was a second great spot across a path above the first hole as well. The descent is tough on the legs when carrying 30+ lb overnight packs. I would consider the hike strenuous when you include the weight.

Bears are common on the trail, but usually scare off if you’re making plenty of noise on your way! I’d suggest bringing bear mace just in case, especially right before hibernation and after. Also, bring a bear bag for the night to hide all wrappers from food and uneaten food.

We took a different route on the way back for a portion of the hike to avoid the steep ascent on our second day in the rain. It took us onto Trace Trail and through a campground which gave a good boost to our moral when the temps dropped 20 degrees after being wet for 24 hours!

Even in the rain it was a stunning hike and a great test of strength with packs! I plan to do it again. Great hike to swim and cool off in the summer.

4 months ago

Nice hike trails are well marked

i started recording late on this trail, about 2/10 of a mile late. A lot of it was very rocky and I agree with the moderate rating. A lot of downed trees as well. IA nice hike for solitude if you’re looking for one. Didn’t see a lot of wildlife but the ferns were beautiful! Watch out for the stinging nettle about 2 1/2 miles in. We did 3 miles down and 3 miles back for a total of 6 miles.

Not bad. If you go clockwise you ascend to a ridge line and then the hike turns into a easy stroll along a flat ORV trail until you turn left again and descend back down to the parking area.

white blaze is this trail. views on Tuscarora trail blue blaze. bear tracks were cool

5 months ago

Overnighted August, 2018. Followed the loop counter-clockwise. The trail can be challenging to follow around big blow-downs and at the campsites on the southeast portion of the loop. Beware false trails and sudden turns. No major grades and only a few marshy areas. The frequent acres of ferns are the stuff of paintings. Except for the mosquitos it was a wonderful way to experience an encore backpacking trip after a 26 year hiatus.

on Kendall Trail

5 months ago

Really muddy. Still worth it. Be prepared to end the trail with wet feet.

great ttrail for a day hike

Pulled over 11 ticks off my dog after this hike. The middle half of the loop has not been maintained and it’s easy to lose the trail. There wasn’t a designated overlook either if that’s something you’re looking for.

6 months ago

This trail had awesome scenery and even though very muddy at times an over all great trip. I wouldn’t suggest hiking this trail after a very heavy rain bc you are hiking though old creek beds at times and here are certain areas where the runoff from the hills/mountain above run right across the trail. We would most certainly recommend it!

zigzag up and down trail that can be paired with red blaze to make loop. too many bikers for my liking

nice trail, but they have done some construction or logging on a portion of the train. not sure exactly what. trail difficult to follow in these areas. would be one star more if not for that.

This is a decent trail for a quiet hike. Does not get much football. However, we also saw a bear in the woods just 30-40 ft off the this trail in mid July. My first wild bear. Luckily we were a group of four people so he didnt bother us and bounded away once we made some noise. There is the scott run along the path for a good distance so dogs can drink water etc.

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