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7 days ago

Hiked this March 4 2018. We did it counterclockwise. The first half of this hike was not enjoyable due to the ATV/truck damage to the trail - deep muddy ruts - and trash everywhere (McDonalds containers, plastic oil containers, beer cans etc). Won't bother going back - lots of other places to hike!

Brought a friend who has never been backpacking for a quick weekend trip and this route worked well. We parked at the north lot and arrived relatively late in the evening but there was a good place to set up camp right at the beginning so it worked out. Water was low but there was still plenty of water available. Relatively easy hiking. Great for new backpackers and a weekend trip.

good for after work rides,fun at night.

2 months ago

Trail was ok, nothing fancy about it. There a couple spots at the very top that had a decent view but during the hike it was pretty average. I’ve been hiking a lot during the winter months and don’t see many people, but this trail doesn’t look like it’s a highly used one which is good as well.
Had to refer to the map a few times to pick up the trail but it was marked decent most of the way.

Some may choose to begin this loop from the bottom rather from the top of the ridge. If so, one has to park at Thompson Hollow Trailhead (look for the location on Google Map). The capacity of the parking lot at Thompson Hollow Trailhead is limited to no more than 10 cars, counting spaces on both sides of the road.

Great trail that will give you a good sweat even in mid 30’s and sunshine. My girlfriend, dog and I had the whole place to ourselves and it was perfect. It was clearly blazed and the trail was still in good shape even with 2 inches of snow on it. This would be great when the Rhododendrons bloom because we saw bushes everywhere we looked on the main trail. We earned our beers and tacos after this one.

Great trail with beautiful views.

Nice leisurely trail!

Great trail. Just enough of a challenge. I ended up cutting across and taking Brocker Trail, which put me at about 8.5 miles.

Great overnighter in November, beautiful fall weather and leaves. I agree with others that this hike is definitely longer than 10 miles, probably more like 12. The uphill slog on the return is intense and thus the Hard rating.
Happy Hiking to All!

Overall pretty easy hike. Other than an area about 1/2 way where there are some campsites, the trail was easy to follow even with freshly fallen leaves covering the trail.

Not much for scenery, but a nice length for a long day hike or overnight hike and camp.

I enjoyed a stupendous mountain bike ride on this trail. I rode the loop counterclockwise and enjoyed just enough rocks, roots and climb for a 66 year old on a dual suspension trail bike.

Biked in fall of 2015 and enjoyed with caveats. First it’s flat and straight. Some nice views along the way and a lot of history to check out, and it’s mainly in the shade. But the trail maintenance is poor, lots of roots to discover and if it’s wet, the mud will be miserable. Discovered that it turns to cement when built up between tire and fenders. Like a third brake. Paw paw tunnel was really “cool” and dark. Nice camping spots along the way as well as lock houses that can be rented.

Just finished the Gap Trail this fall and what a difference. This followed the rail lines to Pittsburgh over the continental divide and you’d never know you were climbing 1800’ in a half days ride. No roots to wake you and mostly in the shade. Nice views along several different rivers. Viaduct was spectacular as was Big Savage tunnel. And Amtrak will bring you and your bike back to Cumberland!

Much better ride than C&O.

A great trail except for the huge piles of horse Pooh that you need to watch out for..

Very easy well marked trail in my opinion. Found a great camp sight fairly early on the south loop. No water at sight but there was a spring about 10 minutes back up the trail. Could hear the campgrounds in the distance but they quieted down right before 10 PM. Read all the other posts they saved us some confusion.

Rocky trail--pretty much 6 miles down then 6 miles up. Streams are pretty dry, but the swimming hole was nice. Plenty of good campsites near the bottom of the trail, and one good one about halfway up (1750 ft elevation) on Beecher Ridge trail.

The topo map shows you can hike to Overall as an extension, but don't do it. The trail peters out and then aims you towards someone's private land.

trail running
6 months ago

Fine for a little exercise (trail running). Great place to be if you're just looking for some solitude in the woods. Not the place to go if you're looking for big payoffs and epic views. Worth checking out for the solitude.

My Apple Watch tracked it at 9.75 miles not 8.5 but it was a good hike. The blue half of the trail is much more difficult than the other half.

Excellent trail. So many offshoots to explore. Easy hike or run or bike. Great scenery and peace and quiet. I only saw 2 people in a few hours here

Lots of fun on a two day overnight with my wife. Easy hike with only gradual inclines and declines. Lots of downed trees to transverse and impressive ax work by dedicated volunteers. Traveled south on the loop with plenty of nettles so wear ur pants on this section. Nice camping spots at Coons with established fire rings and good rocks for sitting and cooking. not many people on a raining weekend, but a few day hiking groups. Lost the trail for a min. at coons as it crosses the creek to the right, no big deal. Camped at Jacks Run, plenty of great sights here and plenty of water. As u head north from Jacks you will encounter a mass of downed trees that require some navigation and bushwhacking to get around. Lost about 20 minutes locating the trail again. Not a lot of wildlife; deer, frogs, birds in the AM.

6 months ago

No overlook, trail markers changes color, twice.

6 months ago

Did half the loop and found a nice camp, existing fire ring, some spots for water, but definitely bring your own. Did the other half loop the next morning, went off trail a bit in the halfway corner and ended up on a game trail before backtracking. Quiet, some good forest covered with a canopy of large trees. No bear, some coyote scat, some newts, lots of singing birds in the morning. Enjoyed this trail and thankful for the folks that maintain it. Pretty impressive seeing the ax cuts from some hard work back there. Definitely recommend pants for this trail.

6 months ago

followed the directions that it gave me. found out from a local that some landowner had slashed a woman's tire for parking by the trail head. so we had to park on the other side and walk the tracks the entire way. other than that it was a beautiful place to spend a couple days.

6 months ago

Nice little trail. Some steep climbs, but overall nice walking - I would say it's mostly moderate with a couple of more challenging spots.

Beautiful campsites in this area, and not crowded at all - gorgeous place to unwind a little.

6 months ago

7 months ago

We started off behind the gate and I think next time I would start off on the yellow blazed trail to the left of the gate. The round trip hike took us 4 hours exactly with a short 15-20 minute snack break. You can't really see the mountain views while on the trails except for a couple of spots. There are a couple of spots where we weren't sure which way to go and had to consult the map. All in all it was a nice hike.

7 months ago

Nice hike! Trail is well taken care of. Not too busy. Contrary to what the description says there are no views on this particular hike. We ended up going about a half a mile past few turn around making it a little over 5 miles long and we started to see views there.

Up hill at first not marked good.Top is a beautiful view.off the trail a bit,is a bathroom and shelter.and off a bit again is a covered spring n ground.

Nice trail if you are just looking for a few miles to do or want to be alone in the woods. Not the most scenic hike but a few nice overlooks. If you follow directions from this app once it says you have arrived via gps there's a small dirt road on the right take that down to the parking lot and the trail starts either to the left at millrace trail or behind the red gate on the road.

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