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1 day ago

This a great hike for families. My kids (ages 6 and 10) handled it beautifully. The bridges are fun to cross and they enjoyed jumping from rock to rock in places. You may see climbers so look up!

Second trip to Black Prince since November 2016. Hoped to go further up to higher lakes but we stopped short at the cave. Beautiful day, lots of colour. I know it's a fairly easy hike but I'm finding all of them harder as time goes by. Happy to get as far as we did.

A terrific hike starting through a pretty much straight pleasant hike through forest. At around 2.8 km you will be at the bottom of a majestic range surrounding you. Breathtaking views in every direction. Small rocks and earth dot the rest of the way up. We made it to 6800 feet when heavy rains forced us to turn back.

Beautiful hike all the way through. Breeze through a beautiful mossy forest to start this awesome hike, but don’t let this easy section of the hike fool you, once you break through the alpine you have a hard steep road ahead, but the reward is far worth it. Beautiful scenery of the Spray Lakes is viewable from the peak summit. Carry on for another 30 minutes along a loose rock ridge and you’ll find yourself at the glacier doorstep. I would recommend a good pair of hiking boots and poles as the loose rock becomes unstable at times.

9 days ago

Easy terrain, but good and long to go completely around Upper K Lake. I did this from the Interlakes trailhead- ie on the north side of U. Kananaskis Lk. Great day with only a few squalls and lots of sun. Very pretty from Pt. campground on. Hidden Lk. was very low and I could easily have made the trek along the lake and then on up to Mt Sarrail. When back onto the main trail I continued on around U. K lake- very busy from Rawson junction on and a bit tedious. That portion of the trail does have lots of good views of Mt. indefatigable and once back around to the part near Mt Everest commemoration hike, there is a great view of Waka Nambe. Want to go back from Hidden to Aster Lakes.

Pretty walk through the forest for the first bit of the trail next to a stream. Totally lost the trail once we got to the scree though. Went up the wrong way and had a heck of a time getting back down lol. Keep hard left once you exit the trees and look for the small rock piles to re find the trail.

14 days ago

Start of trail (2-3km) is basically a wide dirt road/trail. Would be good for biking. Once you break away from that, where the trail splits to go to Karst Springs, you are on a beautiful trail. The scenery is fantastic. This is a very enjoyable easy hike.

been year but great easy hike for sure well worth it

Great hike! Windy at the top - bring additional layers and a windbreaker.

Easy trail. Took us 2 hours but we stopped at the end for half an hour and had some long photo stops plus watched the rock climbers. We took our shoes off and walked through the icy water to view the waterfall but it was so cold our feet hurt and it was not worth it. Better to climb up and look down at the waterfall.

Great fun shorter hike.

great for kids, is pretty flat and easy trail along a creek, a bunch of bridges for tge kids to get excited!
in a nice day you'll see lots of climbers too!

Aggressive black bear on the Jura creek connector trail. The rest of the trail is excellent and bear free, just avoid the connector.

good hike with nice views at the top, not too difficult but gets your heart going. took 1.5hrs up and 1 down. could do with kids. not very busy. no challenging or technical sections.

Very nice hike

Exactly what I hike for, Cirque at the top was gorgeous, beautiful Creek alongside path, very good hike all around. only downside is trail becomes hard to find at times and we couldn't find the shortcut route at all until we were closer to the bottom, ribbons or markers would be helpful here. If you aren't comfortable navigating a hard to find trail, an out and back to the first cirque is still well worth it!

This was s good hike for our family. We hiked with our two boys (10&8) and our pup. Lots of families and people going through the trails. Pet friendly

1 month ago

Wow!! Definitely bike the first part of the trail. Then it’s a short walk to the most amazing water feature in the Rockies. Easy walk for any age or group of people. Take time and enjoy it this summer.

1 month ago

Short and sweet, small waterfall, walk beside and around the creek the whole time, pretty easy/beautiful. Wasn’t sure about it at first but def worth it. If you want to do the steep climb to the top, just be aware it’s a little difficult coming back down as it’s pretty steep. When you get up, take a right and follow the little trail for a nice mountain view and a spot to eat lunch :D there’s an arrow marked where you go back down again so you won’t get lost.

1 month ago

Went in winter got stuck in a blizzard but really easy to navigate. Super fun (and easy) for both humans and dogs!
Also managed to snap some amazing pictures!

Nice tramp, quite steep to start!

1 month ago

What a beautiful trail. I went with 4 boys and it was easy and interesting. I loved the walk! It was around 5pm walking in, so there was hardly any people. I was disappointed that I couldn’t see the falls at the end- you had to boulder up (no thanks) but the boys did it -which gave me multiple heart attacks. I couldn’t walk through the river to see it, the water was COLD and the logs were not stable enough for me to walk over. But I would do the trail again, it was so lovely!

Glacier has retreated pretty far, have to hike an extra kilometer on a ridge of scree to get to it now. Not worth the pain of climbing the scree. Half of our party got partway up the scree slope and decided "no more" because it was so sketchy. By the way, it is even harder to climb down the scree...
The approach hike through the forest was beautiful. Meandering glacier melt stream keeps you company most of the way through the forest. Stay on the path, though, as the forest floor is easy to damage.
Saw one other party of 3 hikers just before we finished.
Don't miss the view through the trees and over the lake in the last half kilometer before you get back to the trailhead.

Pretty easy walk up to nice glacier water falls

Great small hike. Trail is in good shape.

Very pretty walk through the forest which eventually pops you out on a rocky flat where there is a nice waterfall. Definitely recommend hiking poles or a stick to tackle the next bit - a steep rocky, gravelly climb with some sections feeling a little unstable. Watch your footing carefully (particularly on the way down - we saw a few people falling/skidding). The views down into the valley with the gorgeous Spray Lake make it totally worth it. The glacier itself is quite dirty and not overly impressive but it is cool to see regardless and with so few people on the trail, there is a real sense of tranquility at this point in the hike, with the mountains towering above you and the occasional echo of falling rocks (no big ones but still - be careful!)

Beautiful! We did this hike with our 4 kids ranging in age from 8-13. Easy walk to a beautiful waterfall. The steep trail to the glacier is a little challenging, with a few breaks we made the whole hike in about two and a half hours from start to glacier. Glacier and valley are both a great site to see. Bonus was we avoided the busy highways and hikes on the long weekend! Highly recommend.

Easy trail... but beautiful views

I love this trail & have been doing it for years. The best part is that few people have discovered it! The canyon itself is spectacular. It can be full of water so ideally wear water shoes. You will have fun climbing up & around the boulders in the canyon. Once through the canyon it is an easy walking trail. If you don’t want to get wet, you can take the trail on the left side of the canyon. It’s a steep little walk up & down but manageable by everyone.

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