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A great hike! 4 stars instead of 5 because the first ~2.8 miles of the route got a little boring with all the trees (which were pretty! Just the same view for a while), but the view at the top was gorgeous. If you’re comfortable with it, definitely climb up the rock peaks at the top to get an even better view.

It took us just under 2 hours to get to the top, and about 50 minutes to get back down. However, we normally walk fast, and passed many people both ways. There were some pretty steep parts, especially halfway through, but nothing too difficult or unsafe. If you’re regularly active and in good shape, you’ll find this trail to be moderate and not “hard.”

Great first hike in estes. Amazing views at the top. Pretty easy to navigate the entire route. Saw a lot of dogs on the trail. Weird bugs at the top but none on the trail. Good spot if you want to get a quick hike in.

2 days ago

this was beautiful at the top but it's definitely HARD

Took about three hours to complete, two out and one hour on the return trip. Took upper path on the accent, and descended via the lower trail. Great views almost the entire hike. Advise getting to the trail head pre 7am as parking is very limited on the Old Fall River Rd near the trail head.

This ended up being one of my favorite hikes of the trip. It was definitely a challenge for me and my friend, two Midwesterners who have never climbed a mountain or generally even faced high altitudes before. The elevation gain and rocky terrain are brutal at times but definitely manageable, I think having hiking poles would definitely have made it easier. It took us 3.5 hours to get to the top, going at a reasonable pace and making frequent stops to let our lungs adjust to the altitude. The views at the top are astounding, especially if you scramble up to one of the peaks to get the full panoramic view, but the first 3 miles of the hike itself isn't terribly exciting. You are surrounded by beautiful huge trees for most of it though, so it was peaceful, and when we began our hike around 8:30 AM we saw several elk right off the trail. All an all I would definitely recommend this hike if you're looking to summit a mountain but are an inexperienced hiker.

I ended up hiking to the top of Bergen Peak. Definitely worth it to do that. It’s a long hike, but I wouldn’t characterize it as “Hard.” It’s a long moderate. Like many trails in Evergreen, alternations between rocky-narrow paths, forest paths, pretty summits, scenic views, aspens, and lovely wildflowers, especially by the meadows. But I was a bit bummed that I heard the cars on the highway almost the whole time. I tuned it out, and a few times amidst the aspens it was truly quiet. But that’s why I give four stars. Sometimes some mountain bikers come barreling down, and you’ve really got to have your wits about you. But otherwise, the views, the thick smell of pine all along the way, and the serenity of the hike, even on a Saturday morning, is why I live out here :)

4 days ago

Ok, I feel like I need to "normalize" all the reviews here for this particular trail. It was a great trail and spectacular views, but even if you are in good shape this may be a workout and a half for you. Granted, we are from NY and not used to exercising at 10,000ft... you will notice the slight reduction in oxygen going up this hill. It took us a good 5 hours out and back with several stops to look at the views and a 30 min stop at the top for lunch. We met several other hikers that were having a tough time and one group quit just 30 min from the top. If you are not used to Colorado hiking, bring 2x the water you think you will need and snacks to get you through. Don't get me wrong, it was a great hike but the reviews here make it sound a lot easier than it is :)

The hike up isn’t the most interesting, but the view at the top is definitely one of the best in the park. The trail gets pretty steep at a bunch of points, and the altitude can really get you if you are not used to it, but if you can, hike Twin Sisters.

Awesome trail and much less trafficked than Bierstadt. Recommend getting there early to get a spot in the lot before the Bierstadt hikers take them. On the way up the trail was indeed lightly trafficked, but by late morning I would say closer to moderate, especially between the trail head and the lakes.

Great trail. I would emphasize that if you find yourself on a single track footpath, you’re off the trail, not that I know anything about that. Would be wonderful if the horse people would take a little responsibility for the poop all over the trail.

Nice views overlooking Estes Park and the Rockies. Could have been nicer but unfortunately was a hazy day.

An awesome trail for working up to a 14er. Had an awesome time, perfect for dogs. During the weekends I would be there by 7:30. On the weekdays it doesn’t really fill up at all. However, the Bierstadt 14er parking lot fills up very early and might take over the Square Top parking lot. All in all, it’s a fantastic trail and I recommend it to anyone in shape looking for a warm up to a 14K.

Excellent hike! We did this on August 7, 2018.

Did this hike on the afternoon of 8/1 after flying in to Denver in the morning. No altitude issues despite the lack of acclimatization. Much less crowded than the Bear Lake area; no difficulty in finding parking across from Lily Lake and up the road a bit, and only a few people on the trail. The hike itself is mostly fairly easy switchbacks through the woods. Lots of pikas and a few marmots after getting above the treeline. The views at the top weren't amazing because it had gotten pretty overcast by then, but the summit certainly had a nice view of Longs & the surrounding valleys and would probably have been marvelous earlier in the day. All in all, a good hike but not one of our favorites in RMNP.

9 days ago

The trail is a great family friendly trail that can be handled by most people. It is uphill on the way out but plenty of great spots to stop and catch your breath. As many other reviewers have mentioned this is perfect for spotting moose. We saw a cow and her calf only about a half mile into the trail. Our kids especially enjoyed it when the pair followed us up the trail for a while. Great hike with beautiful forest scenery at the beginning and the meadow at the end it perfect for lunch or snack before heading back.

11 days ago

Moderately difficult trail with rewarding views at the summit. Saw a rabbit and lots of chipmunks but no other wildlife to note. Watch out for those chipmunks, they'll try to get into your bag of you set it down. Wish there was a sign at the top.

11 days ago

I absolutely loved this trail. I got to the trailhead about 9:30 am and there was only a handful of cars so I got a pretty good parking spot. The first mile or so is pretty flat but it definitely gets harder as you keep going. Totally worth the hike because the views you see on the way up are fantastic. Once you get to the top, you have more than enough room to sit down, enjoy the view, and eat some lunch (I got there about 11:15). I came down and was back to my car about 12:45 (lots more people were on the trail at this point so I suggest going early.) Overall a great hike and highly recommend.

12 days ago

Did this hike on Wednesday, 7/25. Parked at lower trailhead - across the street from Lily Lake - at 7am. It was me and one other car in lot but there were 5 cars parked at the upper trailhead. The Hike was great, a steady incline, and the summit was cool. Did a short rock scramble up both peaks. Only saw ~8 people on ascent but lots on way back down.

From GAIA GPS: 7.60 miles, 3:53 hours (13 minutes of stoppage time), and 2384' ascent.

Great views but it seems like every other time I do this hike I'm swarmed by bugs. they're only at the top- nowhere else!:-). if you like this hike you'd also like Old man Mountain near Estes Park. It's very short and very steep but a really fun rock scramble and has views almost as good as Lily Mountain.

13 days ago

I had done this once before using the standard route, past Square Top Lakes. Today we went up the east ridge. The ridge itself was fun & good, but the willows that you have to fight at the start & end ruined the fun. There was a trail through the willows, but it was "closed" for some reason. I'd recommend the standard route, unless you can take the trail through the willows.

14 days ago

Love this trail. Not too crowded. Saw only 1 other big group after us. Not too buggy by the lake. Very steady incline to the top which is very doable. No scrambling and no treacherous segments. Only a few fallen trees but easy to walk over. Nice view from the top even though the fire outlook is out of bounce. Saw the same deer twice which was really cute. Saw multiple ospreys and one nesting on top of a tree by the lake, which was amazing.

I really enjoyed this hike. I got to the trailhead for sunrise which was beautiful! Lots of wildlife, saw Elk, deer, wild turkeys. the view is spectacular! would recommend to do this hike first as it gives great perspective of the whole area. first 2 miles we're up, next half was flat or down, followed by the last half mile a steep stair climb. very much worth it.

I felt like the hard rating on this hike was fair due to the almost constant incline on the ascent, the rocky terrain above the treeline, and the boulder climbing to get to the higher peak.
I was kind of disappointed with the first three miles of the trail, just head down watching my footing and not a lot of breaks from ascending to take in the surroundings. But, the top half of the hike more than made up for it.
There were awesome 360 views from the top of both peaks. The lower peak got pretty crowded but the second/higher peak was deserted. The climbing up the boulders to the higher peak was a blast.
There were some other rock formations along the way that we climbed on too.
We hiked on a Monday morning, started around 7:30 am, it took us about 4.5-5 hours and we hung out at the top for quite a while and added in extra rock climbing. All in all, fun hike.

Easy to follow trail. Though some sections more challenging than others, I would rate this a moderate. We hiked with friends who were visiting from NH and they completed it without issue. Beautiful views at many spots along trail.

Great hike. The 2 switchback sections being the most difficult. Not much to see first but opens up as you ascend. Didn't make it up to the top as thunderstorms were very close. Great Outlook before the top though. Awesome spot to have lunch and rest before the final ascent.

16 days ago

I am 61 and took my 2 daughters and hiked this trail (7-27-18). We read the reviews and leaned into some saying it’s more moderate than hard! Let me clarify, it was HARD! But on behalf of those saying moderate, I’m sure they are regular hikers. We came up from Tennessee with no real preparation, although my daughters are very active in gymnastics and power lifting. Even they said it was hard. There were a couple spots with beautiful views which are worth pushing through all the way to the top. I just wanted to write this to warn others, if you are not an avid hiker, in shape, and ready to go, think twice! I picked 4 stars but would definitely prepare ahead for the hike!!!

17 days ago

Beautiful trail, a little trafficked but very scenic along the way and at the overlook at the top of the trail. Watch out for piles of horse poop every 200 ft. or so. A lot of wind as well, witch is great on a warm day but prob. miserable on a cold day. Other than the poop and people, great hike!

Great hike! Nice places to climb! Easy access and not heavily trafficked!

18 days ago

Gorgeous views of Estes Valley and the Mummy Range from the top. Get to the trail by 8:30 am if you want to park by the trailhead

Amazing views! Bring water and make sure your dog is cool with getting over boulders - we all loved it!

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