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Enjoyable hikes to the summit of buttes, hills, and mountains. Great for views of the valleys below.

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good trail, beautiful views. very populated. $4 parking.

I've only taken the shorter trail but its one of my favorite hikes. Its a perfect hike to do near the end of June. The trail head is steep so it can be a little scary if you're afraid of heights. But besides that its beautiful especially on a clear day.

Amazing view at top! Beautiful all the way up.

Wonderful wonderful hike. No snow to speak of on this trip. Views were spectacular. Ocean and Mountain View’s! ❤️

Did today with friends and kids. Great hike. Beautiful from the top!

12 days ago

This is a perfect hike for people who’d like to see Eugene. There are many points to stop and admire the scenery of what it means to be in Northwestern Oregon. I went December 27 and I was dressed in joggers and had a light jacket and windbreaker in the early afternoon and was comfortable. There are heaps of steps at the tail end of the hike but worth the view of all of Eugene and then some. Being raised in Eugene this is the first place I recommend if you plan on hiking anywhere in the Eugene area.

Beautiful, foggy day. Well maintained but not overly so.

Beautiful trail with awesome view at the top. Perfect to do with dogs, lightly trafficked, just a couple of people on it. Easy to find!

hiked this trail on December 29. Majority of the trail is shaded by tall trees so even if its rainy weather, the hike isnt bad! Up near the top where the trail gets close to the road to the marys peak parking lot we started to feel the rain and wind pretty hard. no snow unfortunately. would recommend in any weather!

I hiked the North Ridge Trail on Jan 1st, a cold but mostly clear and sunny day.

The route I chose starts from the North Ridge trail parking lot, just before the gate on forest road 2005. The route climbs to the summit parking lot, the summit itself, and then descends via the upper portion of the East Ridge Trail, before going back to the North Ridge trail (via the Tie Trail) and returning down to the parking lot. All said, about 11 miles round trip.

The trail is well maintained (the Tie Trail a bit narrower and more rocky) and I did not encounter a single blow-down on the way. There were very few roots/rocks on the way, making this an easy/non-technical hike.
Except for the open summit, the route in entirely through forested areas.
The views from the summit (on a clear day) is why I gave this route 4 stars (I could see Mt St Helens and Adams in the north and the Pacific Ocean over the Coast Range in the west).
As a road goes to the summit, there may be quite a few people when you reach the summit area... but there is enough room all around to not feel too crowded.
The way to the top starts by .5 miles out of the parking lot and to the foot of the climb/switchbacks. The steeper portion is actually a couple hundred yards right after the trailhead; the rest of the climb is well graded all the way through.
The switchbacks climb is about 3 miles long with about 8/9 'long' switchbacks (between .1 and .5 miles each) up the 45 degrees northern slope.
After that, a series of much shorter switchbacks end at the junction with the tie trail (you can continue to the summit or take the Tie Trail to then climb to the summit via the East Ridge trail). A bench at the junction can be a resting spot if needed.
From the bench, the trail goes straight south (no more switchbacks) for about .75 miles to the summit parking lot.
A third of a mile later you can reach the actual summit for 360 views. There is a LOT of space at and around the summit for a lunch break, a rest, or just soaking in the unobstructed views.
Crowds: not too many people around (more at the top - due to the road to the summit - than on the way)... but this is still a popular destination for folks in the south Willamette area and there were about a dozen cars at the parking lot when I returned (you can probably park about 30 cars near the trailhead).

12/27/18 - I drive an XV crosstrek and was not able to make it to the trailhead. So we parked along the road and snowshoed the last portion in. We did not actually hike the trail because there was at least four feet of snow, but got to see great views of three fingered jack, beautiful snowy scenery, and enjoy some time by the snow covered lake right off the trailhead.

Great trail! Super good for a first hike back into the swing of things. Beautiful view at the top.

1 month ago

Did this back in the beginning of September and wasn't too shabby. Easy enough for my friend to do it in crocs. Took a few breaks here and there to check out the two lakes. Pretty cloudy once we got to the top- not enough to where we couldn't see the other sisters and Jefferson but just enough to make me want to go back for more.
Started around 6:30am, up took us about 3.5 hours and down took us about 2.5 at a constant leisure pace

1 month ago

great view at the top.

1 month ago

Beautiful hike but definitely not as easy as some say, it took me about a hour to get to the top, or it felt like it. It was also a lot harder because my almost 30 lb 2 year old decided she was done walking maybe .1 mile in

1 month ago

It was very overcast at the bottom of the mountain and I almost turned back. So glad I didn’t, the road to the trail head (Conners Camp) eventually came out on top of the clouds! The trail / hike was great although more snow towards the top than I was prepared for. View at the top was sunny but above the clouds so no coastal range or Three Sisters . Will come back in the spring!

One the best hikes in Corvallis, good workout for a Sunday afternoon

1 month ago

Rated hard but is on the easy end of it. Not technical. Clear trail to the top. If you are able bodied this is relatively easy

1 month ago

Did this hike back in July of 2015. Incredible views. Camped by the parking lot and headed out early in the morning. Took about 5-6 hours total, I’d say.

1 month ago

11/25/2018 - Road closure for the winter was a little early this year, so you can't get to the trailhead unless you hike back in about 8 miles from the closure by Mt. Bachelor.

A great alternative (without the views) is the six lakes loop on the south side of the road closure. I went and did that instead. Beautiful but very snowy.

1 month ago

great view.

Though a bit muddy in some spots, and snow at the summit, this was a great hike. It is a good workout, beautiful scenery and limited traffic. When you reach a clearing near the top, take the path to the left and that will take you to the Hardesty summit. We followed the main trail at the clearing and realized after a 1/4mile that we were heading to Sawtooth and Mt. June.

Great climb. Long way until you get to the actual mountain. Trail climbs then sorta flattened out a few times. It was nice to have those breaks.

Snow is starting to accumulate in the upper meadow and above. Slick icy snow on the way up to the saddle, microspikes recommended

trail running
2 months ago

It’s been a while since I’ve been up this one. It gets REALLY worked over in the winter... ie: muddy, and after 3,500 ft of climbing , you might think you have earned a view.. but NO. The biggest disappointment the first time I ran Hardesty was the anticlimactic summit. Absolutely no view.
Note to USFS/BLM : If ever there was a good reason to fell a few trees, this trail surely has earned it. I think it’s a shame there’s no lookout anymore, and no view at the top.

Incredible day we had for this hike! We could see Mt Hood, Jefferson, Three Sisters, the ocean, and the beauty of the forests as far as you can see. Perfect distance and elevation for a fun hike with friends. You do need a forest pass.

2 months ago

Finished Summit 11/17, just days before road closures to be set. It was a beautiful clear day with amazing views that make the strenuous climb worth it. Had micro spikes on and took ice axe just in case but didn’t need it really. Summit is tough in November but not technical. Take plenty of water, I didn’t and regretted it.

2 months ago

Loads of bugs, loose soil on the way up makes the climb difficult, but the view from the top is worth it. We were fortunate to be hiking this trail during the "California Tortoiseshells" migration; Thousands of butterflies swarmed us near the peak.

Great trail. Beautiful all the way.

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