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20 hours ago

Tough but worth it

21 hours ago

Woman plumets to her death. Please be careful folks, she just tripped and lead to her demise!

Loved this hike! Beautiful as the trail ascends through the forest. Two steep parts, one about1-2 miles in and the ascent to the lake. A small and bigger waterfall and a few stream crossings, love the water! I have two dogs and needed water in addition to my 3 liter camelback. The lake is beautiful and quiet. My dogs loved it too!

Gorgeous views and a vigorous uphill climb. Traffic thins out at the first “summit,” which you’ll recognize by the little rock “shelters” visitors have built to protect from the wind. However, don’t stop there – the mountain keeps going! Shortly after the false summit, there’s a beautiful lake tucked away between the mountains. Bring a lift coat and gloves to protect yourself from the wind because it’s relentless. Views at the top are beautiful. We saw plenty of pika, marmots, and a woodchuck at the summit.

Overall, it’s a challenging and quick hike. Highly recommended. We arrived around 8:30 am on a Sunday and it wasn’t too crowded. Took about 3 hours round trip with several breaks on the way up.

3 days ago

Delightful moderate hike above the treeline. Outstanding vistas. Last cairn is a throne!

Did this in the evening around sunset. Absolutely INCREDIBLE at that time. We stayed late and could see the Milky Way!

Great trail, stunning views!

The climb is steep but the views are worth it. Great short hike. I'm not in the greatest shape so I definitely found myself taking breaks to breathe. Be prepared for high winds!

9 days ago

Just did it! The climb is pretty steep the entire way up. Trails are loose rock and dirt and will definitely get your heart thumping! Just take your time and enjoy the views. The top of the trail winds you along the edge to amazing views overlooking all of Dillon Reservoir. Truly worth the hike. On the way down, the trail will definitely take a toll on your knees. We (2-48 yr olds and 3 teens) slowly jogged down which seemed easier than walking. Nice short hike, done in under 2 hrs, but stay longer and enjoy the vista!

Super steep, lots of loose rocks. This map stops short of the best views...you keep going downhill after you scope out the highway views and then scramble up a rock to get to the very top. Excellent views from there. Mix of shade and sun.

Views are amazing!

Love this trail.... so amazing. the views!

16 days ago

We had a great time, the weather was good. It was incline most of the way, but very gradual, so it made for a great workout. The lake was lovely and serene, and the return was easily managed. Definitely recommend this trail.

16 days ago

Great hike! Got up super early to be the first one on the trail! Amazing views I took my time and still only saw 4 people on the way down. Not bad! Would totally do this one again! So beautiful!

Absolutely stunning views. As everyone states, the first mile is straight up but totally worth it at the end. It was extremely windy up top so make sure you dress accordingly. I hiked with my dog and we got there at 6:15am- hardly anyone was on the trail. I know some people get annoyed with unleashed dogs so we wanted to start early to avoid that:). Got back to my car at 8:30.

Gorgeous views, the hike up is not to be underestimated, and the wind today was crazy so make sure to pack a wind breaker, gloves and a hood just to be on the safe side.

Very beautiful hike. The views are amazing! Saw lots of marmots. Not a hard hike

21 days ago

One of my all time favorite hikes that I started when I was 35. Now at 67 it's a bit tougher but still able to hike and fish the lake. Horrible road going in but other than that perfect hiking conditions and unbelievable wild flowers. Very clear water at the lake and brilliant red cutthroats

Excellent trail, beautiful views. Only reason I didn’t give 5 stars is the view overlooks the highway at the summit.

Gorgeous trail. Flowers were indeed exploding. 20 yrs in Colorado and never seen so many columbines. Not just bunches but am entire field. Road is in pretty bad shape but navigable in a car. However, I do not recommend it. The hike elevation profile is a bit deceptive. It is not a steady climb. You get about 40% of the elevation gain in about three quarters of a mile of travel. The two steep sections are really steep. A very fit person can go out and back in about three and a half hours. The rest of us will need over four. However, to really enjoy it, go slow to enjoy the scenery plan to spend five.

This would be good for training for 14-er! The first 45 mins is straight uphill and difficult. Took many breaks going up. Super windy at the top. Bring Kleenex and mittens-it was pretty chilly once we got to the top. We went to the right and it was really pretty!

26 days ago

Nice hike but misleading description. The new trailhead adds considerable distance to the stated mileage. I would say it’s at least 9 RT. First part very steep and rocky then gradual incline but still rocky along the valley through the trees until the final steep part up to the lake. At timberline the wild flowers exploded. This was the highlight of the hike in my opinion. Yes there is a lake and it’s clear but the flowers—wow! Oh and the road is terrible the whole way. There were 2wd cars and vans and even camping trailers all along the way but I wouldn’t do that road without higher ground clearance.

27 days ago

My dog and I hiked Mt. Sniktau yesterday morning and saw the sunrise at the top of the peak. We then decided to hike over to Cupid, which is an easy climb. This is a nice hike that's not too long but will get your heart pumping at times. We arrived at the trailhead at 5:15 and made it back to the car at 7:45. Much to my dog's delight, we saw tons of critters: pica, marmots, ptarmigan, and even a big, white, fluffy, majestic mountain goat. It was just a beautiful hike and morning!

28 days ago

I would only rate this as "hard" due to the middle third of the trail, where it gets pretty damn steep. Definitely had me feeling my age! The views at the top were excellent, and the 30-40 MPH winds were a refreshing change of pace as we were sweating big time!

I would suggest you park at the end of 2nd Ave versus by the freeway. There is a shortcut leading up to the trail from that lot, so there is no need to walk along the bike path.

Grueling yet amazing hike. 1.85 miles straight up. Totally worth it. Views were amazing.

1 month ago

great hike. Did the first week of June 2018, last water mile had to walk around/through some snow wasn't bad just make sure to not lose the trail. very lightly trafficked. we started at 730am and were the first ones up and saw three groups on the way down. would deffinetly do again.

I weigh 275lbs. I'm hovering around 40% body fat. I have had a stressful year and haven't worked out seriously for at least that long. I started walking/jogging again three weeks ago. I saw "Hard" - and even the reviews talking about how killer this path is - but I also saw it's less than two miles one way and maybe 1.5 after you get off the pavement. I said to myself:. "I used to ruck ten times that with an 80 pound pack in my Army days!"

I made it to the summit. I drug my fat body three steps at a time in some areas. I bet it was worth it, and I would have loved it had I not been sucking what tiny amount of oxygen was left at 10,000 feet. Apparently the ten year old kids whizzing by me didn't need it.

If you are a beginner or out of shape, you better have lots of time or lots of determination.

Great hike. 4/5. Would suffer again.

1 month ago

Beautiful hike! We loved every second. The views are on par with a 14er but much less crowded. Did this in about 4 hours with lots of stopping on the way up and a good 40 minutes enjoying the view at the top. The climb is steep, but fine if you give yourself enough breaks. The top was loose rock and gravel, so I would recommend hiking boots or good trail running shoes. The trailhead is very easy to get to and there was plenty of parking when we arrived at the Loveland Pass summit around 9:30 on a Friday. We didn’t see a sign for the trail, but it is on the east side of the pass. I would highly recommend this hike! One of my favorites I’ve done.

I hiked this the day after flying in from Texas. In hindsight, this would've been better with a few days of acclimation.
As previous reviews stated, the first mile of this is tough. Pace yourself and take a break at the first "top," and take in your surroundings. The rest of the hike was ups and downs, with a sneaky false summit. Beautiful views everywhere though- there was receding snow along the trail on July 5.
We left the trailhead at 8:15am and were the only people on the summit. Make sure to find the geological marker.
I would definitely hike this again, but would also be tempted to turn right toward Grizzly Peak next time.

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