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5 days ago

Very rocky trail, too many people and a drained lake. It should be called a reservoir not a lake. People should be TOLD when getting a permit that the lake has been drained. Huge disappointment. (see pic of Jasper pond)

Absolutely beautiful! There were lil steams on the way up that my dog could drink from. I took the Diamond Lake trail and it was amazing!! EVERYONE had their dogs on leash. I was shook.

I usually love this hike but the lake was about half drained, almost no water.

on Jasper Lake Trail

16 days ago

Absolutely gorgeous hike with varied terrain. I arrived about 9am on Saturday and the trailhead was busy. Parking is very limited so I would suggest starting between 7 and 8am if you can. I noticed a shuttle taking people up to the trailhead but I'm not sure how often it runs or where the pick up/drop off location is. The bypass trail to Jasper lake was fairly dry. Not much snow until you got closer to the lake. Sometimes you find yourself maneuvering muddy sections or walking through a shallow stream. My feet stayed dry for the most part, wearing water resistant shoes. Highlight of the hike was sighting two moose. I can't wait to come back and do more exploring. Would highly recommend!

17 days ago

I haven't been on many hikes in Colorado yet, but this one is my favorite so far. Hiking all the way up to the lake is well worth it. There's a good mix of forest and meadows with lots of wildflowers. The elevation gain is gradual and not difficult at all. I've been able to do this hike a couple times already in tennis shoes. I highly recommend checking this one out if you haven't already!

My latest trip was on a Friday and I had no trouble finding parking along the side of the road at 7:30 AM...weekends and holidays are a different story. When in doubt, take the shuttle from Nederland (holidays and weekends in the summer I believe). I took the shuttle on the 4th of July and it was an excellent experience. It's FREE!

17 days ago

Everyone below is spot on, it’s very gravely in the beginning. Lots of family’s at the beginning too. Once you get up about a mile, it splits into a bunch of different directions. That’s when it gets good. I was very surprised how wet the trails was, so be warned. I had hiking boots, so I was good, my friend not so much! It’s gorgeous. It’s very green and worth it!

18 days ago

Trail has a lot of loose rocks makes it hard to keep footing up and down. Very steep in places. Moose, deer, bear all in the area. Wild flowers, amazing! Don't even bother with trying to park at Hessie trailhead on the weekends. The shuttle from Nederland is quick, comfortable and very convenient and best of all FREE.

Super beautiful, takes about 3hours to get there from the creek at hessie trail. Make sure to have pups on leashes

21 days ago

We had a great time, the weather was good. It was incline most of the way, but very gradual, so it made for a great workout. The lake was lovely and serene, and the return was easily managed. Definitely recommend this trail.

Lots of loose gravel.. trail splits into king lake and devils thumb

I've been hiking this trail for over 30 years and was really sad to see how abused it has gotten in the last few years. It's a highly-used area and absolutely gorgeous. Therefore, we need to respect and PROTECT the land. Here's a few tips: 1) do not make or use shortcuts and avoid social trails (undesignated trails to look outs etc). If you just can't help yourself, please don't make these worse by not staying right on the dirt. If there is a log/fallen tree across a social trail, pls don't just step over it - this is the caretakers way of saying "pls don't go here." Similarly, uphill hikers have the right of way --So pls. STOP and step to the side of a wider part of the trail to let them pass. Pls. don't keep hiking and stepping on the side vegetation to give them room. This is a perfect opportunity to look up & appreciate this special place & only takes a few seconds. And GET MUDDY and keep on the harder/rocky parts of the trail. This trail used to be narrow and is now becoming alarmingly wideFollow the cairns (rock piles) near the top where there are boulders and be very mindful of staying on the designated trail rather than all the off-shoots (giving them a chance to recover) This trail used to be narrow and is now becoming alarmingly wide. Especially above tree line/tundra please please please STAY ON THE TRAIL - tundra is incredibly fragile & takes hundreds of years to recover from abuse. Our natural areas give us so so much and by doing some simple extra effort, we can show our appreciation and give back a little.

29 days ago

Such a beautiful lake! More and more wild flowers the higher you hike.
Campers need a permit.
Parking is limited.

The road to the trailhead is quite rough and bumpy, would not be good in a small car. Get there earlier (7-8) to find parking. The trail is beautiful and very well maintained. There are some rocky areas and you do have to cross water. The views are stunning and the wildflowers are plenty. We passed people (and lots of dogs!) on the way up and back down, but not very crowded; though we went on a weekday, so maybe weekends are busier. This is definitely one of my favorite hikes!

This area is absolutely stunning, with plenty of waterfalls and majestic views all the way to the Pass. Parking is limited so if you are going to go, either get there early (around 7:00) or go after 1:00 for a closer parking spot.

7/8/18. One of my new faves. I should say - this hike is mostly uphill for the first 2.5-3 miles. We are from Boulder and in good shape and we nearly turned around but were so glad we didn’t! After all the uphill, you are treated to amazing open meadows filled with flowers and unbeatable, close-up views of the Rockies. The wildflowers were to die for right now. We hiked a little over 5 miles up to a big meadow/clearing(Eccles pass?) and then turned around. You could definitely keep going if you wanted. We were exhausted at the end but so glad we found this special place. I should also mention we got there around 10:15 on a Sunday morning and there were plenty of cars but we had no problem finding parking. Completed the hike in about 5 hours and that’s with a stop for lunch,snack, and lots of picture taking. Enjoy!

If you go past the trail head in the parking lot, there is a road access that turns into a paved access. A lot easier for those needing to use strollers and such.

The road to the trailhead was extremely rugged, but we made it fairly easy with a 4Runner. Narrow and rocky road. Definitely think about what truck you’ll drive if you want to hike this trail! Parking was not easy to find, and we got there at about 8am on a Sunday, but it was the weekend before the 4th of July. The trail was completely worth the driving and parking. The first portion is in the trees and you walk through some water and tiny streams, and there’s a decent sized waterfall you get to rock-hop across. The wildflowers were gorgeous this time of year, and it was very lush. Once we were past the trees and this sort of plateau, it’s a really rocky and windy hike up to the ridge, just before Lake Dorothy. We were glad we brought wind resistant jackets! Would love to do this trail again!

beautiful but busy and rough

1 month ago

Parking at Hessie Trailhead is always funky! Great hike to Jasper Lake with steady and not too bad grade up in elevation. Saw a moose!

Beautiful! Offers a variety of scenery from water falls to vast mountain views! Fairly busy for such an off road trail, but not so busy to stay away. Road to trailhead is a little rough. Plan on crossing some water!

This was an awesome trail. Did this hike about 3-4 weeks ago and it was very wet. Trail finding was also a bit difficult towards the top which definitely added about a mile into our hike each way. However it was totally worth it once we got up to Jasper Lake. Can’t wait to make it up to Devils Thumb lake later in the summer.

Beautiful hike. A little snow near the lake, but can easily navigate around, so won't be an issue. A lot of water on the trail, so bring appropriate footwear but otherwise free and clear. Not too strenuous a hike and has great views.

1 month ago

great trail

Great trail with amazing views: Mountains, wildflowers, and some water

Despite a near constant (and most needed) deluge of rain, this was an awesome hike. If you are hiking here in rain be advised that the trail is effectively a running stream in many parts...so either wear waterproof footwear or submit to squishy socks as I did. There is a beautiful meadow about halfway up that in nicer weather would have been a great spot to take a break. Once you start having to walk over snowdrifts you know you are close to the lake.

2 months ago

Beautiful hike. Started at 8:30am. Took a little over 5 hours. Had a couple of rain showers that only lasted 5-10 minutes, not heavy downpour but more than a sprinkle. Took rain jacket so ok. Lots of rocks in the beginning, looks like a dried up creek bed until about mile 2. Will definitely hike this one again.

2 months ago

Started on the trail at 8:30am on a Friday. No many people on trail. Beautiful day. Caught a few light showers luckily we brought a rain jacket. Only lasted 10-15 minutes in the afternoon.

I loved the trail, but though it was more on the hard side. My three kids (12, 10 and 6) all did it too, but it was super hard for them a lot of the way. Beautiful views and lots of creek crossing. The four mile road up to the trailhead took some time. Tons of large rocks and huge potholes.

2 months ago

An absolutely stunning hike! The weather was nice and cool (we arrived at 8:30am) and we only encountered 1 other person as we ascended and 4 as we neared the trailhead on our way back to the car. The views were wonderful and we often found ourselves mesmerized by the view behind us as we hiked up. We did the loop at the top and had lovely views of the snow capped mountains. We used our trekking poles after reading reviews and were glad we did. It’s a bit rocky but beautiful. One of easily my top 3 hikes!

Very pretty hike! Parking is a bit tight but the trail didn’t have too many people on it, so if you don’t get there too early you can park a mile or so away and just walk to the trailhead

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