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Great hike and what a view

best time to climb Stone Mountain is either early in the morning or just before sunset. To see the sun rising or setting and the lights off Atlanta in the distance is awesome.

mountain biking
5 days ago

I have been riding these trails for 27 years and never get tired of them. There are intermediary trails for the casual rider and secondary and single tracks for the more adventurous rider. It also connects with other trails such as the Tower Hill trail and the FOMBA trails as well as others, so you can do many more miles throughout the system.

A great quick loop that offers a moderate workout.

I go every Monday morning it’s a wonderful climb for all ages. The best time to go is around 8:00am that way you aren’t being hit My the suns powerful rays.

Awesome view at the end.
Very crowded and hot but much of it is shaded.

Well-graded trail leading to beautiful views. An easy hike that we plan on revisiting.

I walk this loop 3-5 times a week primarily early in the morning when it is the least crowded. Stone Mountain is such a beautiful place if you like to run or walk. I have taken so many beautiful sun rise pictures. Just love this special place.❤️

Great trail, needs better markers!

be ready to ascend and descend some extensive trails

nature trips
25 days ago

One of my absolute favorite places. Beautiful scenery and trails with perfectly clear markers. Wide trails with lots of places to stop and look at animals or wonder. Great park!

A completely different side of Stone Mountain Park. Get away from the crowds and enjoy the scenery. You might just forget you’re at a park.

Epic!!!! Don’t miss this incredible adventure!!!

if you want to make this a much better hike and not pay the high price of $6 for parking right on old stage road you'll see a small parking lot that can hold around 10 car or you can parl along side the road if full. this spot will take you too 2 great overlooks. you see on the this map the dotted line call high point road. the second overlook is were hang gliders jump from. then take escarpment trail that will take you into the park and you'll be on Indian trail. this will make your hike a 100 times better.

1 month ago

The description says kid friendly but if you plan to take kids younger than 7, Hang onto them! This trail has very steep drop offs most of the way around.

Definitely more strenuous than moderate for me. it's only 1 mile up, but you also go 700-800 feet up in elevation. It's worth it at the top though.

Easy trail, great for younger kids. My 4 year old loved seeing the deer, turtles, and eagles. Able to walk down to the water on the SE end of the island. Lots of shells and more eagles. Trail is wide open with plenty of intersecting trails that cross the island. Beautiful views and lookouts throughout. Bring your gps and find some geocaches too.

great time

Very vigorous the first and second time going. I will be going again very peaceful.

Saw a bald eagle, two fawns, chipmunks, a snapping turtle and a beaver today!

Very well maintained trails, all dirt and wide enough for about 4 people across. We took the perimeter trail and the deer run trail. We switched because the second half of the perimeter trail wasn't mowed and the grass was a little tall. there's some nice views of the Hudson and small waterfalls. Pay attention when parking because the lot is easy to miss before the one-lane bridge. We saw a doe run past on the deer run which was exciting! I would return.

Nice hike, short, but not what I would call "moderate". The hike up is somewhat strenuous.

Great easy hike. Lots to see along with Lock#2 waterway. Eagles nest are across the river, so l recommend binoculars. Someone offered us there's to take a look at the nest. Decent place without lots of travel time to get there as well.

Beautiful views and rich history. Loved spending time with my husband and kids here. Lots of picnic areas as well once your off the trails.

We have hiked up and down 2miles, then around the mountain on the Cherokee white trail. This weekend will be 4 weekends in a row. It has some good variety. 6.61miles total is a good morning workout. Then we head to Decatur for a Farm Burger. Makes a great Saturday.

2 months ago

Great, if you’re looking for a short hike with a nice 360 view. Around the park there are bike lanes and pedestrian sidewalks which was nice. If you’re looking for a harder workout just park farther away and jog to and from the start of this walk up. $15 entry.

You will love this mountain! Exhilarating and lots of amazing pictures! Don't miss the laser show and don't bring the family in the rain!


2 months ago

This trail was recently re-opened after a closure of about a year. The park did some trail work in the down time which included re-surfacing and scaling some of the cliffs. Stairs, boardwalks and trail surface were all in good shape. Great to be back "below the cliffs".

It’s $15 to get in the park. The hike itself is nice, a good workout and skyline views at the top are great. Plus being on a giant rock like that is different than a typical mountain or hill. The only reason I don’t do it more often is because of the cost and the tourist factor - there’s also a cable car at the top and some kids activities so it doesn’t really feel like nature. Maybe if you were hiking on the lake instead or something.

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