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Nice short hike to the falls. Trail is shadded well and not super rocky but it gets over crowded real quick, so go early to avoid the crowd and to have the falls all to your self.

a fun and easy trail

Short and easy hike. The only tough part was climbing the rocks to get a better view of the falls at the top. Saw a moose (!!!!) and tons of chipmunks along the way. I went on a Sunday around 11am and it was pretty crowded, but there were still plenty of parking spots on big cottonwood canyon road. From there I walked the .75ish miles on the paved road (FR019) to the trailhead.

We started our hike at 8:15 this morning and didn't see many people. Tip: you can park at the trailhead though this app directs you to park along the Big Cottonwood Canyon road. If you go early there will be spaces; otherwise walk a mile to the trailhead. Bold ground squirrels were entertaining.

I have gone on this trail several times and each time, the lake never disappoints. It is rather hilly but is a wonderful experience with amazing views of the mountains and some meadows! I would highly recommend it!

great all around hike not to difficult unless you want to climb up to get a closer look at the falls.

Fun & easy hike. We parked near the main road & had to walk in on the paved road, but it was still fairly easy. You can try driving all the way to the trailhead to see if you can get a parking spot - be careful not to park in a marked spot that says no parking at any time or you’ll be ticketed (even on Sundays)
My two year old hiked all the way in with the exception of a couple rocky spots. Come willing to get a little wet & you’ll have a good time.
We hiked up to the top where you can see the actual “donut fall”. Brings lots of water & maybe even some snacks.

Nice little hike. There are more wildflowers and clearer lakes on the south side of the canyon, though.

This is one of my most favorite hikes.

Great trail for kids. The last little way up to the actual falls is a bit of a scramble but a fun challenge for the kids. We even ran into a few moose on the trails.

6 days ago

I love this hike. Be prepared to wait in certain areas because it’s always busy and with lots of little children. It’s great to see their happy faces but it can be dangerous. Always keep an eye on your children.

The lake was really low and not too exciting. Seeing the lake at the end of Beartrap Fork is a better view. The best part of my hike was watching two bull moose eating about 8 feet away from the trail. A female moose was down below them keeping an eye on me and a buck was running around, probably away from me.

Loved this hike! The trail is a bit steep at the beginning, then ascends at a pretty mellow pace for the majority of the hike. Just before the false summit, it picks up again but not for too long.
Wildflowers are beautiful this time of year, but the trail is a touch overgrown so be careful if you’re allergic to bees, they hang out pretty close to you. We didn’t have an issue with them at all.

10 days ago

Thanks our first nature hike in Utah. It was great for the kids. Some river crossings and pretty forest to walk through. The last part after the bridge was a little tough for our 3 year old (some boulders to climb up and down), so we skipped the actual falls and just played in the water by the bridge.

Great workout on the way up to lake. Shaded mostly with steady incline.

11 days ago

great trail with kids ages 8,6,2. we saw a moose and 4 deer and a prairie dog that ate out of my daughters hand. your feet get wet at end of trail next time I will bring them water shoes

on Donut Falls Trail

11 days ago

Nice easy hike for the grandchildren (and for me). Recommend avoiding weekend if possible, very crowded and parking was a mess. Otherwise a delightful hike.

Fairly gentle hike with a fantastic reward awaiting at the end. Beautiful small waterfall. Very nice hike. Perfect late day trip.

11 days ago

Fun easy hike. Get there early for parking and nice weather! 10/10 would go again. Went w/ a 9 year old and he loved it.

I love, love, love this trail! The flowers are fading, but the beautiful forest setting is reason enough to take this hike. I love making a loop out of this trail by hiking to Dog Lake via Big Water, but coming down via Little Water. The flowers in Little Water were still very much in bloom when I last hiked it on July 29.

13 days ago

We went yesterday morning and got to the trailhead around 8:45am, got great parking, and enjoyed the 65 degree weather. It was gorgeous and the kids all did it easy-peasy! Scrambling up the rocks to the waterfall and stepping into the cave where the water falls through the “donut” hole has to be one of my favorite hiking moments. That’s why we have to do this one at least once a year. As we were hiking down, HOARDS of people were hiking up. Families, school groups, foreigners...everybody’s up for this flavor of donut.

First hike and really enjoyed it! Some inclines and declines! Good for beginners and small children.

14 days ago

We took my 2 year old, she was able to complete the whole trail herself. Very pretty, with lots of shade. We started the trail around 9:00am. It was very crowded on the way back, about 10:30am.

15 days ago

Great family friendly hike. If your willing to get your feet wet and climb some rocks to see the waterfall then it is totally worth it. My wife, myself, and my son (1) had a blast visiting this hike.

16 days ago

Beautiful hike but the first 1/2 mike was all up hill. Saw a moose and a gopher snake.

The hike was perfect for my kids and me. The only disappointment, which was huge, is the disgusting bathrooms. Absolutely horrendous.

We went up in a counterclockwise direction, going up the right fork (steeper side) and coming down the left. Somehow the alltrails gpx map (we did download it into gaia before going as the cell signal is weak here) doesn't show the last switchback on the left side of the trail (alltrails map doesn't show a true loop), and shows going over the river and going back down a part of the steep part. I'm a little surprised the alltrails map is not accurate as this trail is very well traveled. We got here at about 7am on a Sunday. There were several cars parked on the roadside, and several campers/hammock campers in the trail already. We rested at the top and enjoyed the scenery, so came down by 10am. The trail definitely got busy by this time.

Great hike the day after upper Red Pine lakes. A bit easier, nevertheless, a challenging two days. Hope everyone’s okay on Red/White Pine. Cops had trailhead closed earlier today. We looped over to Dog Lake coming down & recommend the same.

Pretty but too many people for me. Awesome falls but more of a family hike. Plenty of water at the end but still bring some.

18 days ago

If the road is closed you need to plan on an additional mile hike to get to the trailhead (2 additional miles total). Making it a much longer hike for littles. It is fairly easy with a small incline that flattens out regularly. Shade and sun throughout the trail making plenty of spots to rest. We went on a holiday and it was crazy busy.
The falls themselves are small and leave much to be desired. The hike is beautiful so if you’re going for the journey it will be fine but if you’re wanting to see some waterfalls you might be disappointed.
Glad we went but don’t know if we’d repeat it.

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