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Wow!! Highly recommended!! You should know a few things before tackling this one...

1.) the Loop is 4.4 miles. It took us 5 hours with stopping several times and eating lunch at one of the peaks.

2.) this was moderate and sometimes difficult; scaling rocks, climbing down steep ledges, very steep inclines

3.) gorgeous, breathtaking views almost the entire loop

4.) not for those who are afraid of heights or afraid or unable to climb up or down steep inclines. The way down Welch can be difficult on the knees.

5.) START AT DICKEY and end with Welch. Go to the right at the trailhead sign, not straight, and that will bring you to Dickey Mountain first which is essentially going counterclockwise. This recommendation was included in someone’s review on AllTrails and it was a great suggestion!! The other way could be dangerous.

perfectly moderate with a few rock scrambles - ~3 hours
go counter-clockwise to avoid steep descents on rock faces.

Awesome views and not too difficult. Took my 12 yo daughter and her friend and we did it with no problems. Really fun hike.

More easy than moderate. Beautiful views from the fire tower at the top.

The exposure of the cliff trail should not be understated. There are sections of this trail that ‘heights-challenged’ persons would struggle to complete. Better than average physical fitness is also a must- the climb down the Spring trail is very steep. The summit views are top-notch. I give it 3 stars only because I have no desire to do it again due to its exposure- a bad slip/trip would be fatal.

Really beautiful.

Although strenuous at times, the views and the path along the ridge of the mountain were breathtaking!

2 days ago

I’d put this on the easier side of moderate, took the Indian trail up and The bridal trail down, just under 2 hours.

Great views for a good portion of the trail. Compared to most trails in New England, this trail offers a longer section out of the forest with good views. We hiked on Labour Day weekend, and the trail was packed.

One of the most beautiful places in Maine...

Caught a great day, but still a tiring hike by the end. Hiking poles were extremely helpful in more than a couple of spots.

Great views. Strenuous climbing at times, but very rewarding.

Our family hiked the Jordan Cliff Trail the second week of August (just after reopening for the season). It's a great trail when the park is crowded. We saw few people along the trail as it is not near the larger towns on the island. I suggest you park your car at Jordan Pond House by 9 a.m. before it fills then hike the trails. We reserved a few months ahead for lunch at the Pond House restaurant for 3 p.m. which left us plenty of time to hike. Regarding the hike, there are a few ledges without rails and a narrow bridge but for this family that has little climbing experience, it was all very approachable

Great trail. Got to the trailhead at 9am - it wasn't too busy, but I still had company on the trail the whole time. Made for great conversation. Views were amazing. Went counterclockwise, as others recommended.

You do have to pay $5 for parking at the trailhead. There may or may not be trail stewards present, but they don't have a cash box, so be sure to have money ready.

Beautiful hike with an outstanding 360 degree view from the top. The piper trail offers diverse terrain - from a nice shady walk in the woods, to scrambling on boulders towards the top. I will suggest to keep an eye out for the yellow trail markings as they become pretty difficult to follow/ see once you are close to the summit. We had to turn around a couple of times because the safe way up was not extremely clear! Overall - one of the best hikes I have done this year! I saw many dogs on the trail, however, my older pup would not have been able to navigate through the steeper rocks towards the top easily, so I’m glad I left her at home!

Beautiful hike! I did the loop counter-clockwise too to keep the nice slop down from the top for the end. I did not know what to expect from the loop before going down Canon Brook trail, but I loved the river bed in the middle of the forest. It was worth going down and up again!

Take the Cadillac Cliffs off shoot for much more entertaining (and a bit more challenging) hike. An easy jaunt up the mountain to some really beautiful views. The Cliffs offshoot offers some immense and fascinating rock formations - and feels much less traveled. A reasonable hike for everyone to try!

I went up the cliff path first so I wouldn’t have to on the way down... those first couple miles were tough! But it was really refreshing getting to the waterfall right near the end. The rest was a breeze after that!

A great hike with a beautiful payoff at the top!

Beautiful trail! Great views all the way up. the summit is breathtaking. Nice trail for dogs. not too difficult!

This trail has a variety of scenery and is not heavily traveled. We hopped onto this after taking the Bemis Brook and Arthusa Falls trails. The climbs are decent, if you are a newer hiker just take your time and it will be fine. The ridge top has a nice view. Be careful on the climb down (or the climb up if starting on the trail head.) This had a lot of small gravel and was a bit slick even in dry weather and with hiking boots. Would not recommend wearing sneakers on this trail if you can avoid it.

Great hike from 8th Lake Campground via Bug Lake to Uncas Trail. beautiful along the lake. 8 miles. Easy to moderate hike depending on skill level. Took us 4.5 hours total with 30 minute break at the top. Walked average pace of 2.5 mph.

This trail was really beautiful. We stopped many times to admire the surroundings. I see what people mean by starting counter clockwise. There was a lot of climbing smooth, steep rock that would have been very scary going down on. It did start raining while we were coming down. This made things slippery, so use caution if you’re ascending in these conditions. We didn’t have much of a view because it was so foggy but will definitely have to try this again on a clear day.

beautiful hike not strenuous great vistas

awesome vie s great trail for all, blue is a little more advanced.

Great hike for my son and I. Challenging for me and my son (27)'was able to get a good workout in. Beautiful vistas...the hike back down was incredible. Come prepared with plenty of water.

Great hike beautiful views of Sand Beach as some more challenging rocks to keep it interesting but still accessible.

Excellent loop hike, but heed all the warnings regarding going counterclockwise, and do not go at all if it is wet. The views are excellent- I especially like looking back at Welsh to see what you accomplished.

Serious bang for your buck on this one. It's difficult for a "moderate" hike - don't underestimate, and listen when they say to go counterclockwise (take a right at the first fork), and you'll be fine. Took a little under 4 hours and we stopped to admire the views quite a few times, and for a while. We got there a little after 08:00 and had the mountain pretty much to ourselves.

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11 days ago

Beautiful view! I can really recommend this one when trying to get an amazing look on the White mountains and New Hampshire. There is a 360° view point at the top. Definitely go counterclockwise otherwise not very fun. And don't recommend it when it's raining since it can get slippery very easy. Loved that trip!

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