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Small but nice. Nice people and beautiful scenery to photograph.

Easy short hike with a big payoff
Be sure to go after a good rain.
Trail head is Almost exactly parallel to the state park entrance sign on Fayetteville end.... on opposite side of highway. Park in the lot stay on lot side and walk 100y back towards park. It will be on your left . Follow trail left until a clearing on right . Turn R there. If you get to a creek and bluffs. Turn around.
Trek poles and waterproof boots recommended!
Have fun !

Fabulous views for a relatively short hike

11 days ago

I was pleasantly surprised by this trail. It has quite a bit of diversity. It follows around the lake which is best viewed during leaf off I suppose. The views will be more obstructed during other seasons. It travels through several amazing boulder fields and crosses a creek. The trail does some up and downing and the Lower Eagle Loop along with the length of the trail I would say this is a moderate intensity trail rather than easy. It's length provides a pretty good workout. All in All I loved this trail and will be back sometime to enjoy it again.

nice trail, Eagle Scout project bridge over first large stream was very helpful, but many dog owners (5 or 6) let their big dogs run loose, which scratched up our granddaughters with muddy paws.

15 days ago

Great little hike with great views. Lots of recent rain so be prepared for some mud and water but still very doable. Only four stars because of all the people.

Nice trail. Took my twelve year old. It was a challenge for him, glad I didn’t take my 6 year old. I wouldn’t mind doing it again sometime.

16 days ago

Great walk for the whole family, well maintained path with little elevation change during the loop. There is a $3.00 fee per vehicle. There's a small general store and a well maintained bathroom. There are a lot of tall cliffs if you plan on taking small children, but even still if you can keep them close by I think it will be fine. Great place to watch the Sun come up and set.

we had a ton of fun. loved the natural photo backdrops

Great trail. Plenty to see. Restrooms at around the half-way point are a plus. Nicely maintained. We hike a lot. Don’t pass this one by.

16 days ago

Very wet and rugged. Amazing views and beautiful scenery. Involves a creek crossing so prepared to take boots off and wade across. Probably not that way in the summer. Fun and definitely a hidden gem. Looks like there might be a lot of ticks and snakes in the summer so watch your dog.

Beautiful rock formations throughout. Expect to see climbers. No problem for kids. There is one water crossing.

Great location close to town with great scenery. Disappointed in how much trash was present. Perfect hike for kids under 5! The lake is a great place for them to throw rocks and see lots of turtles!

19 days ago

Very pretty, sometimes smells bad, but still worth it!

Easy, beautiful, calming.

Great view from overlook. We've had some good rain and there were several nice and unexpected streams.

First time to try this trail and really liked it. Easy and lots of pretty views even during an overcast and cold day. Trail is well marked and clean. No motors allowed so nothing but mountain bikes and foot traffic. Looking forward to bringing my kayak when it’s warmer. Loved it!

One of my favourite local trails! It’s got some hills and connects to the larger loop so I can be a little more aggressive if I choose, or make it a quick stop if I have a spare 30 minutes. It is moderately used by both hikers, often with dogs, and cyclists, so be aware of your surroundings. Deducting a star because the land owner refuses to replace the bridge connecting the North Loop with the parking area. When the water is high you’re gonna get wet and that’s all there is to it.

walked the whole loop with my 9yr old in a few hours, the outer portion has small footpaths mainly for bike use and is prone to ticks when thier out. No big overlooks, but there are some neat historical sites and it didn't seem to have alot of traffic, if you do the full loop, in the outer areas. Great for stretching it out for an hightempo hike.

Well maintained, easy to walk, some steep short climbs, nice walk but the overlook is the main attraction, the lower portion near the bottom of the hill does have nice views and some rock formations.

trail running
22 days ago

great trail 5.5 miles, ran 2 loops yesterday. it also leads to other trails so lots of options for a day run.

Excellent hike, great views, road well signed leading in

Getting in a little Christmas Eve hike. This is a nice, easy hike. There are some other trails that join up with it so if you want to get more hiking in you can. Some ups and downs for elevation but nothing severe. This is a multi-purpose trail so be aware of the mountain bikers. There is ample parking and have never had a problem getting a spot to park. There are some nice rock formations and a spot where if there is a good rain gives you a bit of a waterfall coming off one of the rock formations and falling down to the creek. Nice to have this trail just 15 minutes from me when I need a quick break.

Love the trails. I take my son and dogs out there all the time. very peaceful

30 days ago

A mainstay for my hiking routine. I periodically come to this trail for a semi-light hike--long and rocky enough to feel like I'm hiking but without the full day obligation. Good views. Limited parking on top, but I suppose it's still better than parking in the campgrounds at the bottom.

My favorite trails within a day trip from home. It's moderately rugged, follows the water, I often get to see waterfowl, unfortunately sometimes there's noise pollution from motor boat, but mostly it's tranquil. I've been at the far end in the middle of a drizzle, so it was very atmospheric.

30 days ago

My dad and I love taking a "mental health day" and drive into the countryside near White Rock, often ending up there and going for the loop hike. Good views, good shelters for picnics, good hidden destination when fleeing from the bulk of civilization.

I went on this trail once a long time ago. It was odd that we had to go inside to check in, yet on the way out the owners forgot we were out there. The trail dives into a valley and at some point we got lost and had to turn back because it started dumping with overflow pumping out of the ground, in conjunction with the poor trail maintenance at the bottom. Despite that, it was a fun experience--just not a great trail.

1 month ago

Moderate hike with some interesting rock formations and curious hideaways that makes me wonder what people do there at night. A mini-adventure. Deep in the woods near water, just the way I like trails. Not iconic, but still a good hike to do once in a while.

The east side of the lake isn't well marked if you have an intention to pick the high road or the low road (I often end up on the one I didn't intend, especially if it's been wet). It's easier to take the loop counter clockwise and take advantage of obvious signage from that direction. Otherwise, it's a convenient "out of town" yet close to town trail. Rocky, woodsy, near water, and short enough to bring people who aren't feeling well but still want fresh air, or kids that aren't up for longer hikes yet. I've seen a lot of dogs, and if I had a dog I'd love this trail for dog walking too.

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