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2 days ago

On a sunny day this loop around the reservoir is unmatched. You follow a gravel road, so it’s tick free and easy walking. Moderate use in the summer not much in the winter. It’s gentle up-and-down. I wish there were more trails like it. One of my very favorites. in terrain, beauty and length.

Great hike with some nice views of the various lakes, ponds and forests in Massasoit.

Not much elevation change, but plenty of trails to get a great workout in.

Keep an eye out for the mountain bikers, as there were quite a few out on the trail while I was there.

amazing scenic view when you make it to the top

Nice range of inclines. Roller coaster hills make it “uphill both ways”. You can make this trail a really rigorous hike or at a slow pace still gives a good legs (and heart) workout. Nice range of pine and deciduous, and vistas. Now if they could just relocate Logan airport (flight noise) and Rte 128 it would be perfect.

14 days ago

Decent afternoon walk in early January. Fewer ticks in winter

trail running
17 days ago

Rugged challenging traverse, akin to some trails you might find in the Whites

Agree very rocky. Must wear sturdy shoes with good grip. A great workout though I love the varied up and down. Great hike to keep in shape for summer hikes in the Whites. Love that it’s so close. I’m 59 and not an athlete by any stretch. You can do this.

Great hike and views. Very rocky and steep. Coming down treacherous if you are not sure footed.

1 month ago

Really nice, moderate walk around Long Pond, the source of Falmouth’s drinking water. Wide trails, pretty views of the pond. It’s hard to find longer hikes like this on the Upper Cape, so stumbling on this one was a very pleasant surprise.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Fun place but grossly overrated and revered....Not half what ppl talk it up to be.Fun,but not very challenging

Nice day. Scrubby woods. 5 walkers and 4 bikers. Mainly level. Nothing much to look at along the way. Good to be out and walking

This trail is beautiful but it is definitely challenging!

1 month ago

First time here and first of hopefully many Thanksgiving hikes to come. Came here with my bro in law and dog. One of the coldest Thanksgivings on record 20°F (13°F real feel) but it was a great hike. So many trails to get lost in. Make sure to visit Mt Zig to ride the swing. Can’t wait to come back.

trail running
2 months ago

I did this at low tide, not sure if high tide would flood some of the water crossings, maybe. At any rate, there are some nice eskers in this park that make for great trails. Eskers are curvy gravel/sediment deposits created by meltwater from retreating glaciers. These are classic and make for a great run/walk. Imagine getting in a +350' elevation gain at sea level! Esker on my friends!

This one is a more challenging hike (but I am a beginner) at points it gets very steep but the views at the end make it worth it

Trail map takes you through neighborhood and on a busy road. Then hard time getting back in woods because trail led onto someone’s private property. We had to turn around and find out way back to the woods trail. I’m glad I wasn’t alone during thjs walk. Only way I would come back is to follow the trail markers directly.

We went in early August and were covered in mosquitos

Great trails - a lot of options for hiking or walking

3 months ago

lovely view

This is an awesome trail that will push you to your limits. There is multiple routes to explore that accommodate your level. Make sure to bring plenty of water.

Easy trail! love the company!!

Grew up hiking these trails with my family!!!

4 months ago

I love the Blue Hills. As a Boston resident, the Skyline trail at BH provides a nice challenging alternative to driving the distance to NH for more challenging hikes. I disagree that this is a moderate hike because the terrain is very rocky, one needs to be prepared to climb and descend jagged stairs at regular intervals on this trail. I would recommend bringing a Gatorade (or similar drink) because depending on where you end your hike, you are walking 9 to 11miles. I also recommend an early start (especially during the warmer months of the year).

I completed this hike by myself in 5 hours (from Quincy to Trailside Museum off 138) and in 6 hours when accompanied by a friend who is fit but is not a hiker.

The trail was kinda tough to follow, we ended up taking the wrong trail at the weather observatory. Make sure you bring a map with you!

Nice walking trail, quiet and shady. We only met one couple mountain biking and three other people hiking, we all had dogs. Trail was nice and clean, map on All Trails was accurate. An uber-clean Porto-potty was in the parking lot. We will go again.

great trail that connects to the green dot trail if you want an easier hike.

This is one of my favorite trail in the Blue Hills. I especially like Eliot Tower the most. A great place to have a picnic in the picnic area.

4 months ago

Great view of the Boston skyline from Eliot Tower. Thought it was going to be a rock scramble at 0.7 miles in, ended up being a nice rock staircase instead.

This is not a moderate trail- the skyline trail as listed above is hard- it’s a long grueling walk from Quincy to the Blue Hill and back. Easily could consume a whole day- I’d advise starting before 9 if you plan to do the entire loop

A ton of stairs, jagged walkways, and numerous spurts of scrambling make doing this entire hike a pretty big challenge.

A bunch of great views- the best of which in my opinion all come from Buck Hill in the middle.

very crowded on a Sunday morning! started off to the right-trail was good but harder than expected. lots of up and downs before getting to the top of great blue hill. advise going early on weekends. parking lot was completely full when leaving around 1pm.

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