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Great hike this time of year, be aware THE LAKE HAS NOT BEEN DRAINED. The water levels can get low this time of year especially with dry conditions, but Red Pine and White Pine do have water in them.

3 days ago

Pretty trail! Definitely moderate. Our 2 year old couldn't finish on his own, and our 6 year old made it but not without lots of complaining. Would definitely go back but not with small kids.

4 days ago

I hiked up this morning. Be forewarned - they have drained the lake. It is currently a much smaller, much less attractive lake. I'd skip hiking here until it is refilled. And I don't know when that will be.

4 days ago

I'm totally out of shape. Never workout. This was a tough hike, but achievable. Done in a little over 2 hours. Would definitely recommend it!

did this hike last weekend. never found the falls but still a very fun hike.

7 days ago

Definitely right on track with the moderate rating. I went with three kids, ages 11, 8 and 2. Good for kids except for a few rocky areas where its hard to get traction. Some decent shade in the middle of the day. The lake at the top is stunning. Watch out for squirrels stealing your food :) Bring plenty of water.

9 days ago

Amazing trail. Morning is definitely the time to go. It’s gradual at the beginning and gets very steep at the top. There were only a few good flat sites at the top for a tent, though.

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Great views one of my favorites!

12 days ago

Gorgeous area. I’ve done it in the summer and winter.

12 days ago

Beautiful views and great hike.

Here’s a hike that definitely earned its rating. Absolutely beautiful, though, and very rewarding. The majority of the trail is well shaded, so any time of day is good to tackle this hike.

Shady, nice trail.

easy hike. the directions took us to a culdesac tho? the hike actually starts at the park next door to the lds church. we did the loop where the waterfall was supposed to be as well and i never saw anything? lol maybe i was too busy talking or theres not much left this time of year?

This was a great hike, but be sure to wear shoes with good traction. It's rocky with a ton of loose gravel.

Start this trail early, its very popular. Hike was nice even for people like me who aren't in shape. Views and lakes are beautiful, the only negative is the amount of big loose rocks on this trail.

We hiked up to Red Pine. We started at 5:30am and the parking lot was pretty full. The water level was really low. We passed a lot of people when we headed down. We then took the trail over to Maybird. There was a lot less people. Maybird water level wasn’t low. Beautiful hike to both lakes.

good first hike solo

mountain biking
20 days ago

I was planning on mountain biking the Pipeline Trail because I read that it was a good beginner trail and I hadn't been on my bike in a few years. What the site I read didn't tell me was that I had to ride UP Rattlesnake Gulch to get to Pipeline. I moved here a few months ago from Houston which is virtually sea level and needless to say, that combined with not having been on my bike for a few years, I was totally UNABLE to ride my bike up Rattlesnake Gulch. I ended up walking my bike up almost a mile and when I saw a very narrow part of the trail that had a rock wall on one side and steep drop on the other, I decided as accident prone as I sometimes am that it would not be safe for me to walk my bike on that portion of trail, so I turned around and walked my bike almost all the way downhill because of the loose rocks......I rode it down the last hundred or so feet when the trail was more packed dirt.

As a hike only, it would probably have been okay if I hadn't had to push a bike up it, but as a biker, you definitely need to be in better shape than I am to ride up this trail. Maybe next year, I'll be better able to conquer this one!

On the plus side, it was partially shaded on the way up but not too many places to stop and rest if needed.

21 days ago

Beautiful hike! Great for families with kids that are used to hiking a bit. Bring bug spray

21 days ago

Perfect amount of challenge and distance. Head up early morning and you’ll avoid a lot of the crowds. Water is low right now but still beautiful none the less!

I had a few issues with this trail. It was decently marked, but not too well. I definitely made some wrong turns and luckily realized before I'd gotten too far. Plus, that waterfall was hardly a trickle and I ate lunch next to it thinking there's no way it's that small. It was. The other views were absolutely stunning and the trek was actually easier than I expected, since we passed several "more difficult" signs. I'll probably come up here again, but not for this trail.

24 days ago

This was our first hike of the season. We are not in the best of shape, but the trail wasn't too bad. It was busy at the base, but as you rose in elevation, the crowds thinned. Great view from the top and a lovely reservoir. I have been skiing at Brighton, and in my youth hiked Brighton, so it was good to see what was underneath all the great snow. Perhaps it is getting too popular. Not really, great to share great experiences.

Great hike, not as difficult as the description makes it sound. I'd rate it a high moderate rather than a hard. Lots of shade, and it didn't get too hot even in the late morning/early afternoon. I started hiking at 8:30am and the parking lot was completely full and there were a lot of people on the trail, but I was still able to find some quiet solitude at the end.

A more beautiful hike than White Pine, but the lake itself, while still gorgeous, isn't as beautiful or blue as White Pine in my opinion. Great hike that can be done in a reasonable amount of time.

Great recon hike for Pfeifferhorn in a few weeks.

A forgotten +favorite!
Definitely family friendly, but not "we just started hiking last week and this is our 3rd hike ever" family friendly.
Took my 2, 4, and 5.5 year olds and made it round trip in about two and a half hours with the little one needing to be carried occasionally.
The first half is an ideal moderate hike, shaded with gorgeous pine and aspen and a well packed trail, the second half is more exposed with loose rocks as the trail and a fairly steep incline.
The gorgeous pristine lake is worth every step and I was SO impressed with how clean the trail and lake were...not a wrapper. Kudos to our fellow hikers for being responsible and packing out their trash!
I was a little turned off that the parking lot was overflowing and there were hundreds of people, but once we got off the silver lake trail and started towards Twin Lakes, we had very few people to share the trail with!

Fun hike! We were able to do this one with my 6 year old sister although the steeper parts were a little more difficult for her. Once we got to the top we all enjoyed hanging out around the lake. My family and I watched a guy catch a fairly large fish and we all applauded him. Definitely worth the effort to get up there!

Awesome hike! Really not that hard of a hike we ran into a group with little kids that made it up there! So it’s possible! Only took us 2 and a half hours to get to the upper lake lake.

Perfect morning or evening hike! I would highly recommend avoiding during the heat, as only the first 0.5 Miles are shaded.
Gorgeous views of the salt lake valley and Mount Olympus.

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