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5 days ago

Snow packed conditions but easily completed with hiking boots, wore my spikes on the way back down which provided better traction. Nice view at the Pass, tried to complete the Midnight Peak trail but the snow was deep so I turned around near the peak.

6 days ago

Great workout! Beautiful hike! Highly recommended!

besides the wind at the begining, the conditions were great as of January 12th!

So I stopped my phone at door jam for a quick break and forgot to start it again lol.... the pics show us at the summit of Loder! Great quick hike very little snow just a bit in the trees, it is def moderate as easy scramble with great holds required. There is a bit of exposure today sucked due to high winds but nothing crazy. The summit push is actually pretty mild just walking up a bit of scree.....
if you are expecting a nice hike it will be hard expect nice scramble and follow the spine of the ridge up.

I want to hike Ha Ling this weekend with the nice weather. is it actually closed or can it stil be done?

This hike is insane. Quite scrambly at the top, so careful on a super windy day! Very difficult, had to stop many times, but great work out and beautiful hike

conditions still good as of Jan 6, could be done without spikes but a bit slippery on the way down

16 days ago

Brought the pups and we had a great time. the trail is packed down, I wore my spikes on the top half where it got icy but my partner didn't and he was fine. it was pretty windy at the top but nice and calm while within the treeline. took up 50 min up, 35 min down.

17 days ago

We hiked this trail on the 1st of January 2019. The whole trail was covered with packed snow and we could easily walk up without crampons. The last 300m or so is the ridge above the treeline (the section where you see the last turn) where it's windy and there are rocks. The view is nice from there for sure. On the way down we used the crampons. Overall this is a nice, moderately easy hike. Definitely good for ages 6 and above.

on Mount Baldy Trail

17 days ago

Hiked this trail on December 30, 2018 as my last hike in 2018. The trail was clear and almost snow free in most sections. You will get a great view when you reach the North Peak as it is the first high peak along the Kananaskis Road (east side). It has little bit scrambling. We hiked up in about 2 hours and came back in less than 1.5 hours. If you plan to register at the peak, please have a new registry paper as the old one is full!

Didn't make it quite to the top today because the scramble to summit seemed less than ideal in winter conditions. We made it most of the way though and are looking forward to doing the full thing in the summer!

Absolutely beautiful at the top! Views are a bit foresty until then. Very cold at the top as well, and windy.

20 days ago

great hike not too hard.

Great day hike with stunning views. the trail is a bit of a workout with some elevation gained. Went on an extremely windy day so didn't make it all the way to the sharks fin. highly recommend though, great hike

Great trail, wonderful views, sufficiently challenging!!

Probably more on the hard side, as opposed to moderate. Sections of the trail cross marshes, you will most likely need to get wet past your ankle to get through. That all being said, it's an awesome trail, and if you can hack it you should probably go.

22 days ago

Have finished Baldy a few times, but recently completed the scramble to the north summit on December 24. Trail was in excellent condition, very little snow. There are areas you can bypass the scrambling and continue up scree, but continuing along the ridge is more enjoyable. The scramble entails a short, not steep downclimb with good holds and some exposure. Shortly after, before reaching the summit, you will encounter a gendarme (the crux of the route). It is right after the rock bench. You can bypass this to the right, but if you are a semi-confident scrambler or climber it shouldn't be a problem. There is some exposure so always double check holds as a fall here would be problematic. Once past this, the final path to the summit involves some routefinding. After trying a few different ways up, I found scrambling up the north side of the final summit approach was best, as there are some fun slabs to climb up and the rock seems to be more secure. Unless continuing to the south summit, go back the same way (however, doing this solo I would not recommend downclimbing the crux given that the rock may be unstable).

Hiked May long, steep clear trail to follow and many people along the way.
Great to do as a half day hike as it’s relatively short.
Took us 3 hours at a moderate fitness level and as a first hike of the year.
Curious to do again this spring to see what work has been done for trail development.
As stated by others aim to hike and summit early to avoid crowds. We started at 9, and came across many people on the trails, so aim for earlier and you’ll be coming down as everyone is headed up!
Keep in mind it’s a leg burning up and down as it’s constant elevation all the way up, so bring good shoes and lots of water!

26 days ago

Definitely not a hard hiking. I would rate it as easy to intermediate.
It was dry on December 24. no spike is needed until next snowfall.

We did the peak in summer. Steep..best for cardio. Awesome views

Fantastic hike. Very quick to reach the summit, but very steep along the way. Not too much snow in the way, but very windy near the top. Would highly recommend if you want a great view without needing to set aside a full day for hiking.

I did this hike yesterday and it was great! Parts of the trail are pretty dry if not dusty. There is a thin layer of snow and ice on the trail that is exposed and not protected by the trees. Higher up it's a bit deep but it has been packed down from other hikers. It's definitely doable if you have microspikes and poles. I actually thought it was easier this time then in the summer because the spikes gripped into the ground. Made for a beautiful day in the sunshine!

3-5 cm of fresh snow on compact base. Some snow drifts on front side of the ridge. Still manageable with spikes and gaiters. Snow is deeper in spots on the backside heading towards the fire lookout. A couple more dumps of snow and I would expect you’d need snowshoes. Very windy up top but the great views make it all worth it.

Returned via the Raspberry Ridge South and Raspberry Ridge Easy Route Trails. The snow drifts were quite deep and the trail was not at all visible, but was able to get a good bearing and intersected the ascent trail right at the junction which has a marked cairn.

Very nice view around at top and high wind too.

High winds, snow drifts, blue skies with awesome priceless views. We were 500m from the highest elevation on the trail, however the snow drifts and steep narrow terrain made it unsafe to proceed. Definitely will be back in summer/fall.

It’s steep as you hike up on a used trail along the side of the mountain and then you come to a clearing of large rocks and boulders. The trail seems to disappear. However it is clear which way to go. You get out of breath as the incline increases but at the top where the “Tea House” is the views of Canmore and the Mountains are spectacular! There is no real Tea House that you can dine at. This is a difficult slow climb and recommend for the seasoned hiker.

We did that morning Nov 24, 2018 after snowy night, it was very nice with many up and down hill with very nice view, it has parking lot so you don't need to park your car in the road side...

1 month ago

Went in the middle of October this year and it was pretty snowy and a little slick in some areas so I would definitely recommend crampons. My friend and I went during the week with my dog. We only saw 3 other people and we enjoyed the quiet, and the view. It took us about 3 hours total.

Very challenging and rewarding hike. We wore micro spikes and used poles for the snow and ice- very glad we did!
Pretty cold and windy at the top for this time of year , we only made it to the helicopter pad and back. Took almost 4.5 hours.
Legs are sore today !
Will definitely do this trail again - hoping to reach the summit in the spring/summer.

I spent a perfect morning hiking this awesome mountain! The weather is stunning for November. It took me around 2.5 hours to get to the teahouse.

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