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every Saturday if not camping

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2 months ago

An excellent place to walk, run, and bike; cross country skiing in the winter. The trails are well-maintained. There are several benches and picnic tables along various trails, warming huts for wintertime. Woods, open field, some single-track, lots of hills, riverside trails and a boat landing. There's plenty to explore. Kid and dog friendly.

Decent outing. Trails are nice with a view of the lake.

2 months ago

Great trail selection! Perfect year round.

2 months ago

The only annoying part was the long dirt road to get to the trail head ! I was the only one hiking, and it was very peaceful. Although I started it later than most would recommend (4:15pm) in mid October I was back down at the car by 5:30pm. However, I did run most of the way down because I wanted to catch the sunset on my drive by Mount Blue State Park on the way out. Great hike overall. Stunning views at the top and very windy.

on Quarry Road

3 months ago

Very nice spot to walk/hike with my dog!

4 months ago

Absolutely stunning. Long path prior to getting on the actual mountain. Worth it.

Great hike

Trailhead was not right where you were dropped at with the map. Not visually interesting.

4 months ago

nice short 10-15 minute walk with some river scenery lookouts. Very easy, pretty flat walk definitely kid friendly and dogs are allowed on a leash.

4 months ago

Short & Sweet with beautiful views!!

Grew up on this road and love The Mountain for an easy and scenic hike.

Nice views, nice trail. This out-and-back took me about 3.5hours, hardest part was up and down Bald Mountain. Views from the top of Bald are nicer than from the top of Saddleback. All in all, it was about 5.5 miles. This trip is one to avoid in wet weather unless you are an experienced hiker, many slippery spots on the way down.

5 months ago

Great challenging hike, relentless 1.6. Loved it!! Great reward at the summit!!

5 months ago

There are too many other great hikes in Maine. I won't be back.

Ascent starts right away

Don’t forget to enjoy the wild blueberries at the top !

Includes peaks of Bald Mountain and Saddleback Mountain. Bald Mountain is about a 1.75 mile round trip with wonderful views, at which point you can turn back or continue on to Saddleback Mountain. The Bald Mountain portion is still moderate - as other mentioned, the trail gets fairly steep fairly fast.

6 months ago

Grading this hike is kind of difficult. I wouldn't consider this hike as moderate. While hiking 1.5 miles to the top doesn't sound like much, the average slope of over 20 percent is intense.

I do agree that the view from the observation deck is pretty special. Note that there are no views until you get almost to the top.

I hiked yesterday in extreme heat. Bring more water than you think you will need.

I gave this hike 3 stars because it was a one and done for me.

Steep grade. The view was great at the top.

went today very good hike

Amazing hike! Spectacular views and a fairly good challenge. With it so windy, didn't even need bug spray!

7 months ago

I love this little trail. There’s plenty of room for people to pass one another. It’s well groomed and has a mixture of hills and curves to keep your heart rate up for a good work out. Love the river view and bench as well. You can also easily jump off the trail and just take quarry road if you need to get back sooner. I walk this all the time and take my kids as well.

Monday, January 15, 2018

beautiful, spacious air with a nice breeeeze!

Monday, November 27, 2017

no well marked got turned around twice

Thursday, October 26, 2017

It's an island, so there are river views everywhere, as well as old dam and mill foundations. It's small but partly paved and a pretty spot.

great hiking

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

This is a town park that has ski slopes, trails and a tow rope...a community gem. Those trails are mountain biked and hiked in the off season. The river is very nearby and the golf course is across the street. There are other side trails here to explore within the loop. The views north and southeast are pretty good,from the summit

Friday, July 28, 2017

Phenomenal views from the top, typical steep western Maine mountain hike. Trail is in good shape, as is viewing platform on the tower. Alltrails elevation gain seems off, I logged more than 2,000 feet of gain.

Moderate trail, once you start it just goes up for 1 mile. beautiful views of the Weld, Mount Blue area.

Saturday, July 08, 2017

Despite being in need of maintenance, it's a nice trail with views of the lake and some climbing involved. Arguably the most well rounded trail in the Sebasticook Valley. Folks should know about it and use it. Has bathrooms

Friday, June 30, 2017

Let me start by saying that, although I have an athletic build, I'm actually not in great shape, and I'm an occasional smoker. My young, athletic, mountain goat-like dog and I did this trail in a few hours. It started out on a gradual incline and steadily increased in difficulty as we went until, at the top, it was all but rock-climbing. If you want to replicate this climb here is my suggestion:

Start with a treadmill elevated to the highest setting. Walk on the treadmill until you think you might die, or about 30 minutes, then switch to the stair climber. After about 5 minutes on the stair climber, stop for a minute to catch your breath. While you are stopped release 1 million or so mosquitoes, then light a balsam and cedar Yankee candle before climbing back on. As you continue to climb the stairs, dump a wheelbarrow full of loose rocks onto the stair climber and turn the thermostat up to 90. Your back should be good and sweaty now so that the mosquitoes stick to you and the fire in the candle just reminds you of how much you could use a waterfall right about now. Your legs may or may not be trembling at this point. Say every cuss word you know and then say "This view better be worth it!". Continue climbing for a total of about 45 minutes on the stair climber, then get off and lay on the floor, face down. Using your fingernails, claw your way to the your thermostat. Turn the thermostat down to 50 degrees, turn on a high-powered fan, and release 2 million black flies. Now grab a ladder and, you guessed it, climb up as high as you can until your legs are shaking, but this time from fear or cold or both. At the top of the ladder take 4 or 5 pictures with your cell phone and say "Wow. This is beautiful", then do 1000 walking lunges to simulate the trip back down to your car. Now praise your dog, get in your car and talk to your dog about cardiovascular fitness while planning your next visit, when you promise to be in better shape. Post your pictures on social media and laugh light-heartedly as your friends tell you that Tumbledown is harder.

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