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*only went as far as the end of the tunnel not the end of the trail 5.4 mi r/t 100 elevation I believe*
Very easy to walk but very boring. At least 10 times I asked my boyfriend if we should turn around. We were told that it was worth it to walk to the other side of the tunnel, there is a small waterfall and a mountain range, we are currently sitting on the benches dreading the walk back. It took us 1 hour to get though the tunnel. In my opinion there is nothing to see, my suggestion is walk about 10 minutes in (for the experience) then turn around and do another trail, unless you like the blank solitude.

1 day ago

Gorgeous trail. I do have a water shoe from someone who dropped it along the road up. If it is your, comment/message the brand and we'll get it back to you!

Beautiful hike with great views of Lake Kachess!

Spectacular view of the lake and a nice workout. 1hr 45 min up to overlook (3+mi) and 1hr 20 min down. Lots of bugs. I wore bug spray and still got a couple of bites. I didn’t see a bathroom. Will definitely go again and head down to the lake next time.

Great hike as always!!! A lot of bugs this time , don’t stop or you will get bit. 7/17/18

2 days ago

Great little backpacking trip. The route is varied and fun. The first half of the hike is pretty standard uphill slog, broken up by some very neat views, including a long wooden bridge and multiple water falls. There are some technical elements to the 2nd half of the hike, as you descend into the basin, which makes it more fun and challenging. Overall the hike was pretty easy when broken up into a 2 day backpacking trip.

There's no evidence of snow anywhere on the trail and it is nice and warm as of this writing. Take a swim in the lake, it is well worth it.

Great hike with amazing views! There were some patches of overgrowth but it’s not too bad. Pretty easy hike with 2 dogs and we didn’t see anyone else on the trail, which is hard to find around here.

Summer 2017.
Headed up after lunch on a week day to avoid the crowds. Solid hike and great lake. The biting flies were awful though and no amount of bug spray could keep them away for long.

My friend and I decided to do this loop yesterday. We missed the trail head (labelled "Cold Creek" off to the left), and started a few miles further up the road, just past the Mt. Catherine marker (1348). It was unclear to us that the gravel road is actually a significant part of the loop, so we got our wires crossed. There was one hairy part of the road that prevented most smaller cars from getting up the road. You need an SUV or something with clearance to get over this part.

Anyway, it definitely would have been helpful to have a working GPS map. We ended up starting the loop in a counter-clockwise direction. This part of the trail was fine.
Had we started where we were supposed to, I'm sure we would have quickly aborted. I say this because this is the section of trail we ended the hike with, and it was significantly overgrown with blackberry and raspberry bushes. Not well maintained at all. Several times we almost lost the trail before finding it again. This continues for almost two miles until you reach the junction to Mirror Lake. We did take a detour down that way, but there didn't seem to be any good lake access in the spots we were at (though we didn't search very far).

The rest of the trail was in good shape and not difficult. We didn't go to either of the peaks. I'd recommend doing just this part of it and skipping the full loop. That last part (i.e. the actual trail head entrance) really sucked. I even broke a pole it was so steep in places!

5 days ago

Nice hike! The rocks on the switchback can be kind of difficult to maneuver if you’re not wearing boots. Lots of people were wearing tennis shoes but I wouldn’t recommend it - especially since there’s still snow on the trail to the lake that’s pretty slippery. Come early to beat the crowds.

6 days ago

We did this hike after Denny Creek Trail and when comparing the 2 trails, made this one feel so much easier. It took 1.5 hours to the top and decided not to do the hike down to the lake - it was pretty snowy/muddy and we didn't have the right hiking shoes on. It probably would've taken another hour out and back to lake if we wanted to go. The peak of this trail provides amazing views of Snow Lake

Very pretty home, forest pass required.
The snow on the lake is starting to melt.

Round trip is 8 miles. Once the switchbacks are completed the up hike is pretty simple, so take your time on the switchbacks. For me who is moderately fit, it took 2hours up and hour fifteen minutes on the way down. Carry good amount of water and a nice snack to enjoy near the lake.

No snow and went on sunny day when Mt. Rainier was out. The lake was gorgeous and there’s not a lot of bugs.

9 days ago

Nice trail, not too long and not too short. very crowded though.

The hike was really pretty. A couple different view points on the way up. The distance is off, though. It was more like 8 miles round trip. There really isn’t any “beach” to sit so be prepared for that.

Great hike, the lake is beautiful and worth it. The hike from the Granite Mountain trailhead to the lake is about 7 miles one way, so about 14 miles round trip

11 days ago

Nice hike. Lots of people on a Sunday. Go early to beat the crowd. The trail is mostly rocky. There was no snow till the view point. Some snow on the trail if you go further for lake access.

11 days ago

Decent! Trail goes from wide and maintained to pretty thick and stuffy as you get closer to the lakes. Depending on when you go it might be a little busy.

11 days ago

We got to the trailhead around 9am. The parking lot was already starting to fill up. We hiked up to Snow Lake and attempted to descend but there was still too much snow and we didn’t have the proper equipment. On our return, we took the trail to Source Lake and enjoyed seeing the waterfalls. The views from the side of Source Lake were amazing!

11 days ago

Pretty easy trail all things considered. Some parts are rocky. Went on 7/7 and the trail from the top down to the lake still had a lot of snow - poles and snowshoes or spikes are needed. The lake was also still frozen and white.

11 days ago

Good hike. Trail is clear but I'd recommend long sleeves and pants for the last stretch. Definitely not as crowded as some of the other surrounding trails.

Went there about 5 days ago a lot easier than I expected , got a little tough to make it all the way down since there’s still a bit of snow but doable ! Worth the little extra effort

12 days ago

Very disappointed, only one single point close to the lake for camping, the only reason I give 3 starts is because it has nice mini waterfalls during the trail and good views to the lake, but once you get to it there is not much to do, not spaces to sit, or admire the lake. Not much to do there, the kind of hike you only do once

micro spike is very helpful if you like to reach the lake

WHAT A GREAT TRAIL! we started in the parking lot and ended at the end of the tunnel. that's where we ate lunch.

13 days ago


Great views

Really enjoyed this trail! The trail was well kept, and the views at Granite lake were amazing.
Started at 8:30 AM and ran into very few people both out and back. .

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