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Lovely hike. Go right at the trailhead so you end with the falls!

Great trail - some of the best views in TN.

very easy hike. beautiful area

my go to trail.... just enough elevation and terrain features to be sufficiently difficult, the lake view is wonderful, and there are multiple options for offshoot trails. however, the absolute best feature is the wildlife. I have hiked this trail maybe 60-70 times, and not one time was I disappointed by the wildlife... abundant deer and squirrels to keep you entertained!!!

Nice trail! Not too hard, good length, and an abundance of nature!

Fantastic hike featuring two major waterfalls: Cane Creek Falls and Fall Creek Falls. Also several gorge overlooks. Hardest part is the Base of the Falls Trail, which is steep and/or rocky for most of its distance. Start at the Nature Center for an extra Cane Creek Falls view and an extra adventure: walking over a high, swaying suspension bridge. Overall, best hike at the best park in central TN.

Nice trail - a bit strenuous/slow if you have little kids with you; but we made it all the way in and out with kids aged 3, 5, 6 and 8. They enjoyed it :)

Really nice trail with a beautiful waterfall! You have to go thru creek to get to the falls which me and my sister was able to rock hop and we never got wet. We only did the Machine Falls Loop which was around 1 .5 miles.

I combined the South Cove Trail with parts of the South Lake Trail. As a beginner hiker, this was the most difficult hike I have attempted yet due to the steep elevation climbs, but this hike may have been the most rewarding. There is much to admire here in terms of wildlife. I saw chipmunks near the trail, and a deer crossed my path just 10 feet in front of me. There have been some safety concerns at Radnor with the recent attempted assault of a woman on the Ganier Ridge Loop Trail, but I came across another hiker who frequents the park who says she still feels very safe on the trails which made me feel better.

1 month ago

The Old Hickory Trail is a great place for a quick hike if you want to experience quiet and solitude. On a good day, you may see plenty of deer on the trail especially around the boardwalk areas and perhaps a gaggle of turkeys near the pond. Few people know about the history of this trail, but about half a century ago this area was desolate from the construction of the damn near by. The way the woods have reclaimed the land really makes me appreciate the perseverance of nature.

Park at the water tower and walk across the road to this trail head.

Load up with bug spray as there were lots of mosquitoes, spiderwebs and other creepy crawlers.

One of the best waterfall hikes I’ve been to in Tennessee. The stairs going down to the waterfall are pretty steep but doesn’t take 10 minutes or so to get down there. You gotta pay attention to where your walking it’s a bit slick after a lot of rain.

Definitely wear waterproof shoes if you plan on walking right up to the falls otherwise prepare to side step and balance on the stones and rocks. Beautiful picture taking. You can go right up to the falls and feel the mist on your face. It’s incredible.

The path getting back up from the falls is steeper than the one going down. Narrow in places and you definitely have to watch where you’re going. Only a 10-15 minute climb back up and then the rest of the trail is pretty flat and shady.

There is an overlook on the way back but after having been down there it offered nothing exceptional. You can only see a glimpse of the falls because there’s so much overgrowth and the bluff is really small, only room for a couple of people. I’ll definitely skip it next time.

Lots of wildflowers and lots of colorful mushrooms were amazing after so much rain. First of October was a great time for this hike.

About 2.15 miles from start to finish.

1 month ago

Very enjoyable hike. Several short trails sprout off the main trail. Well maintained.

My friends and I enjoyed the hike, but the waterfalls are a little lackluster if it hasn’t rained for a while. The best part was the excursion to the bottom of the gorge - definitely the most strenuous mile (round trip), but so worth it!

East to follow Trail with several spur trails to add to the hike.

This is my home trail. My dog and me hike it atleast twice a month. It never disappoints us. I recommend it to anyone that wants a good hike but not to tasking. my favorite trip was probably when it was snowing.
There are some stairs that are unevenly spaced and deep. my friend has a bad knee (old sports injury) the stairs were a little difficult for her so you want to plan ahead for them. Super dog friendly with plenty of swimming opportunities for our furry friends.

An awesome trail! Put my 2 yo in the Tula, 5 year old walked. Was a little bit too much for 5 year old. As we got closer to the end on the way back, she got whiney from being tired. Tons of places to stop and rest. One of my fav hikes ever!

Definitely worth the 2.5 hour drive

2 months ago

Short trails, great for a quick walk in nature close by. I don't know if it was just this time of year but there were parts of the trail where the brush was totally overgrown and me and my pup were high stepping in knee high thicket. Most of the trail was well kept. Also there are some points in the trail that could be marked clearer for those who don't have the greatest sense of direction. There are some forks in the trail with no markers indicating which path leads to where, so know that. Overall a seemingly good option close to town for a quick one in nature.

Beautiful area and trail. Shorter trail at a little less than 2 miles. We made a day of it by starting at Rutledge Falls a few miles away then to Machine Falls. The hike is relatively easy. My parents are in their mid-60s and did just fine. There are some steep steps near the falls but no biggie. The falls is beautiful and has some of the clearest water I’ve seen here in Tennessee. Just beautiful. Look for the big water tower and the trailhead is across the street.

Half the trail has moderate elevation gain in a beautiful wooded area and the other half is flat and runs along the water. We almost always see deer and a variety of birds on and along the water. The hiking trail is well maintained. The rangers are friendly and helpful.

The waterfalls are so awesome. Worth the drive out to see them!

The trail was ROUGH, but totally worth the effort. Took three dogs, they struggled in certain areas, but had a blast. If you’ve been to Cummins the trail is harder, I thought this trail was closer to strenuous than moderate because it’s really rocky.

2 months ago

Simple relaxing little walking paths that connects to a beautiful little picnic table area with a great view of the river and the rushing water.

This was a mostly easy hike with some steps and steeper areas nearer the falls. To see the falls you have to either walk through the water or stone step your way to it. The pay off is worth it. I wish I had brought a towel and bathing suit. I do not recommend Adam's Falls Loop trail that goes off this trail. The falls were nonexistent and we walked through lots of spider webs.

Nice little hike, beautiful scenery! Whole hike, in and out took about 2 hours... and that's with exploring off trail and taking our time. Took my 6 year old. She loved it! Got some great pictures!

This is a short hike with a great, refreshing reward at the end. Beautiful! We will hike this one again.

3 months ago

Nice hike with nice falls. We added busby falls to the loop just to play in the water more

3 months ago

Nice walk in the woods and along the lake shore.

3 months ago

Great exercise in a hardwood forest terrain. The trails at Radnor are jewels that require continued public support. We love hiking there. Combined South Cove with Garnier today while training for upcoming Utah trip.

gorgeous view and fun water hole to play in

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