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3 hours ago

It was beautiful but now it’s noisy and trashy! Put earbuds on... not everyone wants to hear ur crappy music!! The sounds of nature are so much better than whatever ur blasting from ur phone. Please take ur trash with u when u leave!!!

Best hike I’ve done period. Great tree coverage throughout most areas - more foot traffic near bottom but once you get up and out there’s barely anyone. Note that there are some complications with the trail which can make it challenging for some people. I recall one section being pretty narrow to walk on and had to be very careful walking that section with my dog since it was a drop off to the side. Also a tree fell over the trail at one section so you have to climb over the trunk. beautiful peak at the top!

2 days ago

Fairly easy hike, was able to do this with my 4 year old daughter and wife no problem. Tons of folks out there on Sunday 1/13/19. not a quiet hike, but enough space on the trail for everyone. Hardest parts are just crossing streams here and there on the way to and from the waterfall, very doable for all ages and dogs are allowed too !

6 days ago

Beautiful views with waterfall!

Está chingon para ir de hiking

8 days ago

great hike, VERY crowded. went on a thursday, a less busier day but still saw a lot of people on the trail. parking wasn’t difficult, they have a lot as well as an overflow lot. half of the hike is relatively easy on a paved road. take a left when you come across both forks. the second half of the hike (after you get under the bridge) get significantly prettier and shadier. you cross the stream a few times before the waterfall. the water flow was good. too much graffiti but honestly not a lot of trash. makes a great skill level for beginners.

I like it medium hard

Would give this a 3.5 if I could. The view and scenery were just okay and you followed a path that was close to the road, which I am never a fan of. If you’re looking for a workout, this hike is 5 stars. You start off hard and don’t stop as you move along from the poop out to the punk. Serious incline the whole way. Following the other trails down is highly recommended as I feel like it would be too steep to descend. The trail entrance to poop out is a little difficult to find, but is right at the corner of where you turn into the park and the main road.

We took the poop out trail up and mystic canyon down. The first mile is petty intense but doable.

Perfect for a Sunday afternoon afyer a winter rain, and would be even more lovely on a quieter day during the week. just the right amount of stream and boulder hopping for a fitst day back after the holidays.

14 days ago

Cute little waterfall at the end of the hike. Pretty easy terrain to hike on, especially with a dog.

This is an excellent trail if you want variety and beauty. We took Mystic and went right. We took the more gentle trail instead of taking Punk Out. We went all the way to GMR and went back down via Monroe. In all we hiked 14.5 awesome miles and enjoyed the whole trip!

15 days ago

Relatively easy, but pretty long. There are lots of nice spots along the trail. Especially near the river. Free parking but it is very limited. Dogs can be on the trail but the juerros complain if you let them off, no matter how well trained/behaved your dog is.

A great way to start the new year

Great trail to take with kids, especially for a first time hike. It’s pretty heavily trafficked, so you may be annoyed if you like quiet hikes.

Such an awesome climb to the Baldy summit today. The views were incredible. Crampons AND Poles are a MUST and that is the minimum. I would’ve felt safer with an ice axe. The temperature was freezing and my hydration pack froze while I was climbing the backbone. Kind of annoying, but that’s why I came hydrated.
I took the fire road route up to the Baldy Notch which lead to the Devils Backbone and up to the summit. I got lost on the way down when the fog set in HEAVILY. I ended up taking a wrong turn and ended up on Register Ridge which was SKETCHY (I loved that).
Come prepared, have patients, and be safe.

“Mountains are not Stadiums where I satisfy my ambition to achieve, they are the cathedrals where I practice my religion”
-Anatoli Boukreev

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Probably better in summer. Cold and windy near the ski lift. Bar was closed. Took about 30 minutes hiking down to thaw my face and hands. Pretty views and steady incline. Watch for ice

It’s very good app for hiking I love when I go to live a experience knowing the way and the beautiful panoramas

Great place for a short walk through the wilderness, If you stay on the trail you won't have to much fun. several breaks in the trail were you can venture off and get "lost". Before it was antonovich it was just walnut creek and was the easiest way to cut through san dimas into Via Verde.

19 days ago

We had fun did a little over 4 miles round trip. Got pretty close to the falls but became tough for my wife at 30 weeks pregnant.

Loved it take enough water in the summer, hat and food!

20 days ago

Easy trail. I did not care for the amount of people and the dog deposits on the trail. It was good for a quick outing.

super easy hike. very very over crowded, especially during the summer. your lucky if there is even water falling from the falls. the trail is easy, its always busy so u just follow the crowd as u go.

20 days ago

Lots of graffiti, lots of creek crossing with small boulders, lots of abandoned man-made/industrial items, walking along a chain link fence. We made it about 3/4 of a mile before turning back in bitter disappointment. Avoid.

Did it from the neighborhood side. short hike from there.

22 days ago

Beautiful! It felt very peaceful walking along the creek.

This is a great hike to challenge yourself! It has a great scenery and a bar with food near the lift. I took my walking sticks because coming down is hard and rocks and dirt slide. I really enjoyed this hike! Bring lots of water and it’s cold at the top so be prepared!

Great afternoon hike. Trail tends to get very crowded on the weekend and over holiday breaks. A large portion of the trail requires you to walk over streams by stepping on rocks so be prepared to wear the proper footwear. To avoid crowds and inconsiderate hikers I would recommend going earlier in the day during the week.

Love this local trail! It’s currently under construction last time I went was 12/17/18 Beautiful trail fairly easy a couple crossings but water isn’t high.

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