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While in the Triangle for the summer it is important to explore areas that aren't in the city! Go to as many of these as you can.

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Great moderate trail. Challenge due to the roots on the trail. Not recommended for trail runners, but there is a camp site made to hike out to. It’s relatively seclusive but a little busy on the weekends. Tail consists of various mediums from clay and mud to sand and dirt with some rocks here and there. Good hiking boots to avoid twisting an ankle.

5 hours ago

My favorite trail so far in this area. It’s rated as moderate but depending on what shape you’re in it might be easier or more difficult. Lots of up and down and it was nice being on an actual trail as opposed to black top. One downer is the trail was hard to find in a few places and was muddy in a few spots although easy enough to walk around the mud. Highly recommend it.

10 hours ago

As a Raleigh local, this is a great trail for a quick weekend or after-work hike. It can be combined with Potts Branch Trail to add another 1-1.5 miles. Nice views of Big Lake at roughly the midpoint.

1 day ago

Hiked today. Beautiful scenery, walking along Creek was peaceful and everyone on the trail was friendly. Few muddy spots but overall it was great.

4 days ago

Very nice walking/running path. I always feel safe walking this path - there’s a nice, friendly mix of folks you’ll encounter as you do the loop.

6 days ago

Great trail but the natural part is quite roots w narrow path

7 days ago

Hiked the loop counter clock wise. Very well maintained and enjoyable 6 mile hike from parking lot back to parking lot. Flowed well with various up and down hill intervals. Walking beside the creek in many places added a nice peaceful touch to the hike. So history to the location and cool seeing the old damn where the mill was located. Highly recommend for a quick hike and get away.

Very easy trail for a nice day hike. The trail is well marked for the novice.

great area

Nice walk to and around the quarry. There is road noise from the nearby highway but by the time you get to the quarry, it’s minimal. This was our first time visiting this park and we were very impressed with the size of the river. There were other people (with and without dogs) also in the area but for a Saturday, it wasn’t too busy.

One of my favorite trails. Very good workout, great views and you're alongside the creek half of the time! Just note that it is a LOT harder going one way than the other, as on one side of Stone Mountain the ascent is very steep with a lot of stairs and on the other it is more gradual. Once you reach the split, if you go left it takes you by the waterfall first but then you've got the stairs up the side of Stone Mountain. Going right is the easier ascent up Stone Mountain and the waterfall will be at the end.

It's a gorgeous wooded area. Very busy and muddy after rain.

enjoyed this hike just before Christmas

11 days ago

I enjoyed this trail. I did get a little lost down by the water when the trail was flooded, but it took me about 15 minutes to figure it out. Other than that, I was back on trail. Was a nice variety of ups and downs. Crossed a few creeks and it wasn't too bad with all the rain we've had. Was muddy in spots but not too bad.

on Loblolly Trail

trail running
11 days ago

Nice trail. A lot of roots, so be ready! Ran 5.5 miles

trail running
11 days ago

Decent place for a run or walk on a Paved loop trail

trail running
11 days ago

Easy, nothing special, but well-kept trail.

13 days ago

Choose to go here because the rating said low traffic... totally inaccurate. The place was packed on a Sunday afternoon. I do not recommend going if you’re looking for a quiet trail without many people on it.

Good for a local trail. It should be rated easy. It has mild rolling hills and good exposure to Lake Jordan. There was too much litter, but the area has just experienced two hurricanes and lots of flash flooding, this year. I think it would be great for mountain biking (with mild pruning in one or two areas) or trail runs. Some trees could fall at any time which may pose a potential safety risk. With a little TLC, this trail would make for great hiking, biking, camping, kayaking, or trail running.

Recommended packing list:
- Trash Bags to help clean up the trail

17 days ago

Very scenic. Quite muddy at spots but overall it is a good trail. Enjoyed my hike this morning.

I hiked this trail yesterday morning. I started down at the lower parking lot trailhead and did the entire loop. It was an amazing experience. The views at the summit and the waterfalls was awesome. I saw an abundance of wildlife as well. Great trail!

Hiked this loop with my 2 children about 2 months ago. It was challenging at parts but mainly fun! We started off to the right. Will go then opposite way next time for more of a challenge. The waterfall, views and well marked routes were perfect!

Under water at one point but you can pass if you go off the trail or you can go right through the water like I did. Also a little muddy and slippery throughout. All in all it was a fun trail

22 days ago

Fairly challenging trail - lots of steep ups and downs, it's definitely a workout if you plan on biking or running. Two main complaints - 1) The street parking near the beginning of the trail (where the app leads you to) is pretty much gone now - there's nowhere to park with all the "No Parking" signs around. I'd say ignore the app and try to find a closer parking lot within the park. 2) There's a TON of bikers on this trail, most of which zoom right by you at top speed without any warning whatsoever. Definitely keep your headphones low/off and be aware of your surroundings unless you want to get hit from behind.

Great hike that has it all! Great views from the top with lots of places to stop off the trail and take it all in! I did find parking at the east parking lot and going to the summit is the way to do this hike! Coming from the other direction to the top, you'll be climbing many narrow steps, much easier going down those narrow steps in my opinion. Seen plenty of people with children and dogs so I do believe it's a hike for the entire family.

First time going to this park and the trail was a lot of fun to run!!!!

24 days ago

Great trail. I walked this trail in the rain and barely noticed because of all the tree cover. One section was closed because of a major flood, but it didn't take off much mileage. Overall a great easy to moderate hike.

Full loop is now open again. There are still some small sections that are really muddy but you can easily go around them.

We stayed at the park's campground, beautiful, clean and a return visit for sure. This time of the year and during the week made it extra special, only two other camper's in the campground.
Hiked both ways on the loop, it was an outstanding experience.

If you go in December 2018, it is super wet but you can complete it.

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