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While in the Triangle for the summer it is important to explore areas that aren't in the city! Go to as many of these as you can.

Summer Hike Bucket List Map

Great place to hike in and camp the night. My Daughter and I went there , had a great time. We also took MST to Devils Garden Overlook but be warned that at time we hiked it All Trail Classification is wrong. Devil Garden Overlook is an advance trail not moderate.

Super Trail -
Easy on the body, might even recommend it for almost anyone!

The area is quiet, and the cover is thick for the most part, and we stayed cool and comfortable!

You'll love it

20 hours ago

Excellent afternoon on the Trails - If you have never been here, and live within an hour of the park you are cheating yourself.
The trails is really an easy trail, and the hills are small and the terrain is forgiving...

For the most part the trail is well under a canopy of trees, and the breeze was consistent.
We lived in the Raleigh area years ago, and on a weekend getaway we decided to hit this park...
And so glad we decided to change plans and hit Umstead!

You will love all 11 miles - (We also took on Sal's Branch/Loop)
There is a trail here for everyone

2 days ago

Beautiful park but this trail is not “hard” difficulty level. The path is a very level and wide sand and grave path like a road; although there is a lot of elevation to traverse it does not require much thought or effort and feels rather domesticated.

very nice trail.

Beautiful! Easy trail a bit harder for younger kids but works out because at the end there is a place to jump into the river. If you are looking for some fitness and fun for the summer time this is perfect and if you are just looking to get some good cardio in or nature appreciation then this is perfect.

Kiosk and Warren Family graveyard on Reedy Creek Road. Misses the best part of the trail but cuts off about a mile.

Great trail and view!

Nice trail for a peaceful walk.

Fun hike

Nice hike up and down a bigger hill. Little walk along the river on the other side and back.

Great hike, lots of time by the river. Moderate traffic.

23 days ago

I drove three hours to explore this state park and this was hands down my favorite trail. I got there around 11am and I was literally the only person at the top. The view was stunning and a great place to eat my lunch and relax. Coming down I did run into about 30 people making their way up so the earlier you can get there the better.

Great day hike and good to start conditioning. It’s just a little out in the middle of no where.

Pleasant, easy trail. Not busy at all on a weekday morning. About half is walking along water which is very nice. Saw a big heron and turtle during our journey. Great low key hike.

28 days ago

Absolutely loved our day here! It was planned to be a chill, lackadaisical kinda hike and this trail delivered. Awesome stone “lookout” that we just sat and listened to the stream and laid down to look at the clouds. So chill and super good vibes. Zero difficulty.

on Wolf Rock Trail

30 days ago

Nice trail. Not very long or hard. I believe there was one good steep hill to climb. Once I got to Wolf Rock the views were beautiful. You can walk out on the rock and hang out for a while. Made a loop out of the trail by hiking down Cedar Rock.

Stone Mtn Loop trail is under repairs. Storms damaged the wooden steps by the falls. You cannot hike this trail as a loop until the steps are repaired. The out-n-back hike between the Upper Lot and the summit is just as nice but the experience is not as enjoyable as when you can hike the whole loop around. There were no signs posted to warn hikers of the trail closure.

trail running
1 month ago

Great place for a run alone or in a group. Beautiful area and fun for any hiker.

Well trafficked, but that’s ok as the loop takes you deep in the woods. Great views of the creek at the mill and “picnic rock”. I like doing the loop counter clockwise, going against the main traffic allows for more private periods. Most hikers don’t do the entire loop so you get the back 1/3 to yourself.

My wife and I really enjoyed this Trail. We didn’t get to summit as we were first timers and didn’t know where the trail was closed. The main reason I’m writing this review is to let everyone know that the trail is still closed just above the the lower/middle trail head, where the long, wooden staircase is located. Next to the cascading falls. We had planned to take the long way around the loop and finish with the summit.

We enjoyed the lower half with the homestead as we chose to park at the lower lot and start off on the wolf rock trail.

trail running
1 month ago

Tough trail run. Always makes you want to come back for more

1 month ago

Great year round hiking spot, can be a little too busy during peak hours in the warmer months.

1 month ago

I took my 6 year old son with me to do this trail and we had an absolute blast. There was still snow on the ground so it wasn't crowded like usual and made for a very peaceful hike.

I enjoyed it very much. It inclines, declines, woods, trees, the Eno River, maybe other bodies of running water, ice, snow, sun, shade, a bridge or two, and more.

1 month ago

nice, easy walk. trail a little muddy and slick around the water areas.

1 month ago

Trail was slick due to snow and mud. Lots of people on the trail though.

Yep. It’s a beautiful forest walk, trail run.

WB Umstead park is a gem in the triangle. The Company Mill trail is well maintained natural trails BUT it doesn’t feel man made. Great walk through the woods with creek and small rapids along the way...sneak a little off the trail to find some great little pools. Push hard and it’s a good hike-loop.

1 month ago

Beautiful easy walk!

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