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4 days ago

We took our scout and webelo pack camping in the Tuscarora State forest about 40 minutes from this trail. We had a mix of 12-16 year old scouts and a few 10-11 year old cubs with varying degrees of hiking experience and fitness levels. I’m 47 and in decent shape, and I was able to do the steps, then hike another mile or so once we got to the top.

The views are fantastic, and the hike is somewhat hard, but definitely worth it. I would recommend a hiking or trekking stick for the descent, and a solid pair of hiking shoes/boots with thick sides as there are a lot of loose, sharp rocks that will beat up your feet. Also recommend a camera and lots of water. Great trail with an interesting history.

Definitely one of the best hikes I've ever done. Falls were amazing and scrambling up the rocks was a lot of fun.

AMAZING wish I lived closer. The falls are beautiful. Scrambling is a little tough but I was able to do it with my dog on a lead. Highly recommend.

9 days ago

A little over 1,000 steps! It was a great workout and the view at the top was awesome.

Went to see the fall foliage on 03 November, but majority of leaves had fallen (cold season starts earlier there). Still well worth it. Beautiful moss covered rocks line many portions of the trail. Eventually, you walk along some roaring mountain streams. Probably not an "easy" trail, but certainly not hard. Would recommend as a pleasant day hike.

I went on November 3rd 2018. Fall colors were still there. It was a good hike. Falls was awesome.

Solid hike! I did this loop in about 3 hours, we took our time looking at the falls/outlooks. The waterfalls are quite steep and can be slippery, hiking shoes are best. I would not suggest going down on the falls side! Some parts of the trail are not well marked, so pay close attention once you get to the top of the falls.

The trail is open and is beautiful. Two large waterfalls, easily accessible. Highly recommended.

16 days ago

A beautiful trail, the waterfalls and "tubs" are fantastic, I have been here 4 times in the past month.The overall nearly 2 mi. hike was fairly simple though there were a few spots where the trail was crossed by running water which made it a bit tricky. Nothing a good pair of boots couldn't overcome though. I also had my 4 & 6 yr old boys with me so that made it a bit more challenging. None the less it was an easy trek and the boys and I had a blast, especially my little guy he was so gung ho and never wavered, taking point the whole time.We areactually heading there now, just waiting in the drive thru for coffee!!!! Safe trekking!
P.S. bring your walking stick it'll come in handy.

Wow! Stunning yellows here right now. The falls are gorgeous, pictures don't do it justice. I'm so glad I took th loop clockwise like someone on this app suggested. It would have been much more difficult coming down on the falls side. I wouldn't suggest doing this in the rain as wet rock scrambling here could be dangerous. The overlook was awesome, don't miss this trail!

Opens 10/31/18 at 1pm... Not a trick but certainly a treat.

Absolutely beautiful scenery especially in the fall right now while the leaves are changing! Very steep steps but getting to the top is worth it!

This was a fantastic hike. Very Scenic and very challenging. Highly recommended. if I were to do it again I would not take the back half of the loop though. Much better to stay along the falls and out along the ridge of the Gorge.

Paved walking and biking trail. Nice views and relatively flat.

Not on a rainy day.

A great hike. I’ve waited a while to actually do this one because I always hear it’s just littered with people. Today it was pretty secluded and weather was good, plus we were in area. There are a lot of signs stating you’re going to die so there’s that. I 100% recommend a clockwise hike, starting with the falls trail first and coming down the steep side last. One thing I’ll point out, if you’re wearing the right gear and you don’t stand near the cliffs of the water falls and use good judgment, you’re not going to have a bad day. I can see why people get in trouble there, but they’re probably not experienced hikers. There are harder spots on the AT for sure.

very nice hike. easy for all ages

26 days ago

My wife and I love walking here, you can make it as easy or moderate as you want. Just hike near the creek if you want a nice easy walk, or do the whole loop for a bigger hike. Hiking down the tubs area can get moderate or difficult for some.

Our car was broken into once, so be aware not to leave things in sight.

26 days ago

I think this trail leans closer to “moderate” than “easy” in difficulty (ignoring the fact that it was covered in snow when I completed it). Most of the trail is narrow and rocky.

Suggest boots with good tread. Slick in some places. Well maintained with nice waterfalls to view. Save your energy for the climb back up. There were lots of benches to rest on if needed.

Great short hike, awesome views and a good workout!

This is a difficult hike up the falls, especially if it has rained the day before. Absolutely gorgeous falls as it has been a rainy summer. Plenty of places to get in trouble but well worth it. Go to the left trail loop to start as it is the most difficult. Enjoy!

Beautiful trail but highly trafficked.. I usually prefer to hike with less people but it was still a great time. Tough in spots, our friends came with us who don’t usually hike and they had a hard time. The waterfall and overlook were beautiful!

Due to all the recent rain, the trail has spots where the mud is unavoidable and where a river crossing means you're going to wet. I enjoyed the many tiny waterfalls and the tower yielded better views than expected. This was a fun little muddy nature walk.

Lots of water falls and natural TUBS formed from the erosion of water and gravel... trail is very steep in parts... if you don’t walk well only part of the trail will be doable... but still worth seeing.... hey.... it’s FREE!

A wonderful experience. Getting to the trail is a bit confusing due to lack of signage but once on the trail it is clearly blazed. Lots of signs about the danger of the trail but if you use your instincts and don’t get crazy to get that outlandish selife, you will be fine. I would describe the trail as a 6 on a scale of 10. Take the stream side trail for the ascent for some great photos. Descent is easiest in the eastern side of the loop. Best to wear hiking shoes instead of sneakers but don’t miss out on this one if you don’t have shoes. Just be cautious. Plenty of stable foot holds. An athletic, non-whiny child with encouraging adults will have a “cool” time to tell their friends how brave they are.ENJOY!

1 month ago


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