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3 days ago

Gave it a 3 because it was so snowy/cloudy/foggy that we couldn’t even see the water. Trail was snow/ice covered and very slippery. Definitely not worth the drive when it is snowing as the roads were snow covered with sheer drop offs with very few guard rails. People were driving with their flashers on and cars/buses were backed up (ie, at a stand still) trying to get up the mountain road. Cars were turning around to go back to Banff on a very narrow mountain road with curves and very limited visibility. We made it to The Crossing, spent the night, and with more snow being forecasted decided not to continue onto Jasper, but to go back to Banff. Disappointing.

3 days ago

Rather boring thru unimpressive Johnston Canyon and the lower/upper falls. Paved path good for families and seniors. Lots of people dropped off by buses. We continued onto the Ink Pots via a rather steep hike (dirt trail); the crowds thin out. The Ink Pots are very interesting and worth the hike.

Very easy paved path with railing for the majority of the route. Beautiful waterfall/river/canyon views but extremely crowded. 10-15 minute lines at each viewpoint so we turned back after the second waterfall before going further to the ink pots.

Beautiful view! Saw the fox outline and mountains surrounding it so clearly. 12/10 would recommend.

Loved this trail! The waterfall Is beautiful and the ink pots are a beautiful hue if turquoise and and a nice place for a picnic.

Beautiful easy hike. It could get pretty crowded so just make sure you get there early so you can actually enjoy it

10 days ago

Did this hike on a Friday (Sept 7) arriving at The main parking lot around 4pm to find ample parking. It wasn’t too crowded and we were one of the last people on Trail when we finished around 7:30pm. Arriving at ink pots was favorite of the hike with great views later in the day. There were some tough inclines but all enjoyable.

Too many people from parking lot 1 all the way up to upper falls but then a very pleasant trail with much less traffic up to the ink pots. Beautiful scenery. Enjoyed a snack next to the running water before making the return trip.

Such a marvelous lake !

11 days ago

As many have commented, the portion of the trail to the upper falls is very, very popular and crowded. However, the canyon, creek, and falls are very pretty and worth dealing with the crowds. After the upper falls we still encountered many people but at least it seemed like a real hike. We enjoyed the views of the mountains at the ink pots, as well as the ink pots. We thought the trail rating of moderate is appropriate. Overall, this is a very nice hike despite the crowds

We went late afternoon and it was very crowded! A lot of buses and tourists ! We were a bit disapointed but we walked the main trail anyway and took a trail away from the main path after the belvedere! What a good choice we made !! The view is much more impressive! And you can appreciate your moment without having thousands of tourists behind your back ! My advice: take the small trail after the belvedere!

We arrived about 7:30 five days ago and it was wonderful as not many people were there. We felt
like we had the place to ourselves. It was so beautiful. We hiked on to the ink pots. So uphill. We didn’t enjoy as there weren’t really any views and it seem to go on forever. The ink pots were pretty and the Mountain View was pretty, but not really worth it. I guess we’re getting spoiled with the majestic beauty all around us out here!

They are not joking when they describe this trail as heavily used. On the Falls Trail at times it felt like we were dealing with the TSA lines at an airport. Both falls are beautiful. If you want an alpine experience I recommend hiking all the way to the Inkpots - the meadow and stream are beautiful but the Inkpots were a little disappointing. The lower trail is easier because it's paved but still a workout! Getting to the Inkpots involved some very steep terrain so be prepared.

Very crowded, but beautiful views

This is a great hike for beginners because it offers various terrain from a dirt path in the trees, to steep rocks and is only around 2 hours round trip. There is even a toilet at the top, no walls though, so if you wear a good pair of hiking boots or shoes and you will have no problem making it to the top. The drive in is a rough 14km but the view at the top makes it all worth it.

A lot of people until Upper falls but the way is beautiful, you can go down in some places out of the path enabled. From Upper until Ink Pots is calm and a little long, forest and some view mountains. The end is a beautiful open landscape with natural pools that remanate water. I spent 3 hours.

Go early it gets very crowded and the trail is narrow. Amazing views! The water is absolutely stunning! Be careful leaning against the railings on the first viewpoint. It was rotted and loose!

Beautiful trail - just too crowded to the falls.

Started at about 10:30 and got super lucky finding a parking spot in the main lot. It was packed going up to the falls but once you turned to go to the ink pots, it was a great, less busy trail. The hills up are a good workout but the last part to the ink pots are downhill. Beautiful view that opens up with bubbling glacial water. Absolutely recommend.

Parked at 7:30 and there were 5 other cars there. We had the trail to ourselves on the way out. Johnston Canyon and the waterfalls were fun. Trail to Ink Pots is wide and mostly up hill. Ink Pots were so cool. On the way back, Johnston Canyon was PACKED with families so I’m glad we got to enjoy it on the way out.

loved it. gotta go really early. made all the difference.

The view is a-m-a-z-i-n-g! Your’e gonna end up in a valley, there’s a few ink pots, a lot of moutains, the river. 1/2 part of the trek is easy (until the little and big cascade) after the 2/2 is a moderate trail. You can also take 1,2 other trek after this (that I know)!

Loved the views and the challenge of the hike. Took some beautiful photos. very scenic. I recommend this.
Definitely go early weekday.

I really enjoyed this trail, and I’m thankful I went early! If you don’t like big crowds, get there by 7/7:30. I hiked to Ink pots and had the place to myself! On the way back, the trail was much busier. It was a beautiful hike with a variety of scenery to enjoy!

Great moderate hike! I was a little disappointed with how much of it was man made but also very appreciative because of the amazing views the man made “trail” allowed us to see! It was very very busy when we made our way back at 10-11am. Best to go early to really enjoy.

Beautiful! Get to the parking lot early, for sure you 8:00. Go all the way to Ink Pots. Great views.

Excellent trail, walk ways are a little narrow at the initial part of the trail, can be very crowded, however it is well worth doing.

Make sure to take some of the trails off the main path. We decided to do that and ended up completely alone with the most amazing view. I think it may have been the Cauldron Trail but I’m not completely sure. It is also better to visit this lake on the earlier side.

Go for the scenery not the hike or crowds.

Very crowded but awesome view

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