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Good work out. We went on a cool day. Beautiful scenery and very well maintained.

you dont need high clearance/4wd when the road is dry, but it definitely takes some slow speeds and maneuvering. it's also pretty steep and there's only room for one car most of the time.

as for the trail, it was gorgeous! lots of wild flowers waterfalls, 360 views once you get a couple miles on. there are a lot of water crossings and at some points the trail was more of a creek bed so I definitely recommend waterproof shoes.

So fun! Beautiful lake!

1 day ago

We did this clockwise. Loved it for the following reasons: only 3 miles to the ridge so yes it is steeper but you are up quicker. You are in the trees for 2.25 miles, (nice and cool). You have beautiful views of Rainy Lake. The trail surface is pine needles without any rocks! Regardless, absolutely stunning scenery on this loop. A few remaining minor snow patches. The mosquitos were aggressive the entire way, except in the stronger breezes, and the black flies nasty at the top and upper ridgelines. If you go up counter clockwise, be prepared for alot of sun on sunny days.

1 day ago

Amazing! There’s 3 lakes, the first is a very easy 10 min walk, the second is a pretty tough hour up hill (but so worth it) from there it’s another 15 to the waterfall then about 20 to the last lake. Overall, you spend 3 to 4 hours there. You can also swim & there’s a log to walkout on the second lake. Moderate to intermediate and about 14k round trip.

One of the finest hikes in North America with glacier encrusted peaks surrounding Garibaldi Lake with volcanic remnants crowned with The Black Tusk.

Great hike! Did the entire trip to the summit from the parking lot and back in 12 hours. Trails are super smooth for at least 10 km up and then the ascent gets back to rock and snow like you'd expect. I'd really recommend a helmet if you plan on actually going to the summit (after the saddle) since there are tons of loose rocks all the way up. To get up to the summit you want to climb the second chimney which is a lot narrower than the first that you'll come across. Check every hold on your way up! Contrary to what we were told, the view from the summit is totally worth the scramble because when you're sitting at the saddle you'll know there's something better up there. Just don't die!

It was perfect short hike for a very hot day. Most of the way is shaded. Lake colour a stunning deep emerald green on a cloudless sunny day.
Pacific trilliums starting to bloom around the lake. Rocks and roots (R & R) kind of trail all the way. Very enjoyable afternoon.

1 day ago

I really enjoyed this hike! I’m a relative beginner and this was manageable while still offering a challenge. It was fun to look for all of the teapots.

I would rate this trail as moderate difficulty. It took us about 3 hours in and out with about 15 min at the top! Great workout. I would recommend wearing shoes with some traction because the trail is quite loose in parts. The view is spectacular!

on Heather Lake Trail

1 day ago

Cloudy so we couldn’t see across the lake but it was a fun hike that wasn’t too easy and wasn’t too hard

This hike is really hard. As someone that lives in Ohio where we don’t have much elevation gain. This hike kicked my butt but it was so beautiful. I had trekking poles to help through the snow but my bf didn’t. We both did fine.

2 days ago

Beautiful hike. We were a bit leery about heading out given all the bug reports. We came prepared with Repellent and while we used it, the bugs weren’t that bad. They were mostly at the very top and a bit worse on our way down. I’m glad we didn’t let them keep us away.

The trail is very rocky so I definitely recommend hiking boots. There is also quite a bit of water on the trail in places so plan accordingly with waterproof shoes.

We logged 5.6 miles on my Garmin vs. the 4.x listed on the trail summary. We stuck to the main trail so not sure where the discrepancy is coming from.

Enjoy the hike! Worth it.

Hiked today! First time and Loved it. Climbing and climbing switchbacks which never seem to end until you hit the medow. It was beautiful and the climbs were worth it. It's pretty buggy out there, and hot! Luckily the water at the river crossings were ice cold a nice way to cool down.
Also beware of road conditions. There's some damage on the forest road about a mile from the trailhead. So we added an extra mile to our hike.

This is an easy short afternoon hike. I spent less than 2 hours plus small breaks at the two lookouts. Please wear closed-toe shoes coz some part of the trail is fully covered with roots and rocks. When you are leaving the low and high knoll lookout, just follow the same route you get up there. Have a lot of spaces for parking on gravel road.

I’m not sure if I completely agree with this being super kid friendly- it was a LOT of fairly steep switchbacks on the way up. We had two five year olds with us, and they made it, but barely. The lake is cute, the trail is well-maintained.

Nice trail for beginners.

2 days ago

Great hike with hard and easy spots, wonderful workout, beautiful scenery. I wish everyone followed the dog on leash law on this trail, as some of the narrow lanes can be difficult to tread when dogs come running at you.

More people than a mall at Christmas

Great quick hike. Absolutely beautiful day and not too many hikers.
Up and down in 2:04.

Awesome hike. Downloading the gps was helpful over some of the snow patches as none of us in the group had done this one before. Seemed like most of the snow would melt soon. Trekking poles would have been helpful but managed without.

on Mount Pilchuck Trail

2 days ago


Loved it but was much farther than it says on here. We did have to park at the second parking lot which added a bit but it was 13.2 to get to the peak totalling close at 27km not the above quoted 18.9 - there were 6 of us that were all tracking.

beautiful view once you are on the top of the mountain, however this hike was a lot harder than we expected.
from beginning of the trail to the top is definitely longer than posted here. roughly 25km round trip including a small detour to the Norvan fall (very worth it!). Make sure you pack lots of water as it's a very long hike.

3 days ago

Hike up was beautiful. Moderate difficulty is a good description. Get there early. We parked at 630am and shared the entire walk up with one other person (and a quick bear sighting). On the way down we passed a ton of people. Parking lot was filled with people circling for spots at 12. Beautiful views at the top!

Love it beautiful views a little bit crowded but is worth the effort

Great waterfall hike with lots of wildflowers.

Did all 3 main peaks + Mystery Peak today. Trail was fairly well marked, though I did accidentally stray from it a couple times - it was never hard to get back on track. There was a bit of snow in a few shaded spots, but it was never an issue - though if you did it in runners they might get wet.

Bugs weren't nearly as bad as I feared. There was basically one horsefly with me for the entire trip out and back, but he became more like a travelling companion than anything. There were no swarms or masses of bugs like others have experienced, though I used basic DEET bug repellant.

Regardless, the trail was in pretty good condition. The scrambles at the end for the Seymour summit were moderate, and I had to rest for a minute a few times, but it wasn't too terrible for a somewhat out-of-shape 35 year old. Was about 6 hours out and back, including all detours and stops. 8.7 miles according to my watch.

3 days ago

Did the grind first and then proceeded to do goat mountain. I found the directions on here a bit misleading. Finding the trail head was the hardest part for me but there were no bugs, hardly any snow and it was a beautiful day! I was cautioned not to do this alone but I did it during the day and there were about 12-15 people I passed along the way. I felt very safe and comfortable. Also it says it’s 8.1 miles on this site but is much less...5km I think. I did the grind and goat mountain with a long stop at the top and it took me 3 hours. Great views. I recommend this!

Get there early! Beautiful hike. Not over crowded in the early morning. When we left at 1pm, the parking lot was packed! Trail was quite enjoyable.
Also don’t forget bug spray.

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