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A long hike but much quicker than one would expect. The 14 mile length is deceiving, a slow hiker like myself being passed by most on the trail took about 9.5 hrs. Not a problem for a summer day hike.

Trail is crowded in the summer but well maintained and of a modest grade as far as high peaks trails go. Few to no views until you get to the alpine zone. Great views from the baren summit of course.

Surreal! Went backpacking for 3 days and enjoyed every moment. One foot in front of the other was my mantra for a whopping 30 miles in 3 days. Getting to the top was incredibly rewarding in many ways.

2 months ago

Fabulous stay in the lodge and an amazing and unforgettable hike up Marcy. A long, but not as strenuous as I expected. I would do this hike again in a heartbeat!!!

2 months ago

17 miles!! Longest hike in one day! This was a great accomplishment!(May 2017)

Wow, what a hike! As an amateur hiker I hardly knew what I was getting into when my family and I decided to take the trip up to the Adirondacks and hike Mt. Marcy. It was nearing the end of May 2016 and I was wearing my old, worn-out, “banana-peel” bottom sneakers that I soon learned was a big mistake once we discovered the top third of the mountain was snow-covered and icy. It was quite an exhausting trip up the mountain, especially with the snow, but well worth the view at the top of the mountain range. While waiting for some of my family to get to the summit I ate my lunch and took a 30 minute nap. The trip took about 10 hours and was about 17 miles total.

super hard 9 hours total awesome

super hard 9 hours total awesome

super hard 9 hours total

Ice climbed to the summit.

I've hiked all over the country, and this is by far one of my favorite hikes. The complaints below are laughable and should be disregarded. "A lot of stones and mud on the trail"? Really?

A beautiful hike and totally worth the summit views. out 10 and 12 yo daughters.. and us parents... were exhausted by the time we finished but we feel accomplished!

Great hike, gorgeous views. Loved every minute!

Me and my wife did this hike on Wednesday and I tell you it was the most challenging hike that we have done but we managed to do it no matter what this hike offers beautiful wilderness River Forest and view on the top of Mount Marcy be ready for a lot of rocks and a lot of mud but it’s worth it. Make sure to wear proper foot wear and bring extra socks.

Traveled here 10/14. 9 hour out and back at relaxed pace. Shitty visibility at the top but a good climb none the less

A lot of stones and mud on the trail

Amazing hike! Difficult mostly because of the distance, not too technical until the last half mile up the peak. The peak was very cold and socked in fog when we got there (around noon), but it was beautiful and clear just below the summit. Wonderful hike, just make sure you're prepared for lots of mud if it's been raining!

Long and no views until you get to the 1.2 mile marker that shows you just how far you have left to get to the top.

Go on a clear weather day.

Brace for ice-rock climbing / slipping often unless experienced or durable enough to handle a slip on your butt like what happened to me 

This hike will more-so show you what you're made of with a very scenic end that will leave you saying "cool!" When you see the view at the top but also saying "crap... that's a lonnggg way back" on the way down.

Did the whole round trip in 8 (30 minutes spent at the top / we stopped to talk to people to give them an idea of what they had left and what to expect)

Good luck and enjoy!

We went on October 1, 2017

Nice reward at the top. A good day. It took us 8 hours

This was hands down one of the best hikes I ever went on.

The elevation gain and distance would make this a difficult hike overall, but a very rewarding one. The first two miles are moderate. From Marcy Dam you begin climbing up very rocky terrain and this persists most of the way from there on. You follow Phelps Brook, and once you diverge from that the real climbing begins. I recommend boots with great ankle support. The last 1.2 miles is the toughest climb of all but the payoff is one fantastic view of the Adirondack landscape from the highest peak in the state.

Due to the popularity, this trail is both heavily traveled, well maintained, and very well marked. I made it up to the summit in 3.5 hours and back down in 3. However, many hikers may want to plan for it taking longer than that.

I went in late September. It was so crowded that the main parking area was 100% booked and we had to park more than a mile down the road, and we arrived at 8am. I wore shorts and a short sleeve shirt and was comfortable all day, even at the summit. For reference, it was around 80 degrees at the base. I had heard it can be chilly at the summit so I had a fleece in my pack. I had heard reports of snow and 40 degree weather in July and August, however, I saw none of this on the day I went.

I brought 100 oz. of water and drank the last of it just as I finished.

This is an amazing hike; a great challenge with a big payoff. Enjoy!

Did it on an overcast day! Beautiful still and such fun rocks to climb! Dog did it with me! Would recommend an early start, but if not, headlamps!

It was the longest hike ever done in my life and an amazing views!!! it was worth the hike!! What a beautiful mountain!

Absolutely gorgeous weather and beautiful views from the top. Trail was muddy in some areas but did not need gators. Coming down was more difficult than going up, but trekking poles helped, especially during rock scrambles.

Trail in good condition on a perfect day!

Was beautiful! Definitely greatly rewarded at the top!

Just did this hike with my wife on Sept. 8, 2017. Trail was really muddy in small parts and the weather was undesirable. However would recommend this hike to any hiking enthusiast. It was a challenge and the weather above tree line added another exciting element. The satisfaction of completing Marcy as a day hike (under 9 hours) was one off my bucket list. While good fitness would be an asset, I wouldn't grade this hike difficult. Added benefits are the super friendly and helpful staff of the ADK MC and the Adirondack Loj and Heart Lake campground. With Lake Placid a short drive away, opting for a large pizza and beer after this hike was the second best decision of the day. Making the hike was the first.

Fifth time. Super fun, engaging and beautiful just always so many people otherwise a 5 star

Did this hike with 2 college buddies in August 2016. Lots of boulder climbing that can really take a toll on your legs, so make sure you're in decent shape. The views at the top are some of the best around (as you're at the highest point in the state). The final climb to the summit can be exhausting, but is well worth it. Took approximately an hour less on the way down.

Did this hike in mid-august 2017. Very
demanding hike. Must be in good physical shape. Took me 5 hours up and 4 hours down. This includes a stop for lunch at Indian falls and time at the summit. Going down was much easier. Did not have trekking poles but have invested in them since this hike/climb. Definitely wear gators. Lots of mud and wet conditions. Hiking boots with a vibram sole works great. Plenty of rocks. Boulder field was physically demanding. I packed 3 liters of water and 2 liters of Gatorade and drank it all. 1st 2 miles was easy. Gets tougher after Marcy dam. Take bug spray! Horseflies, mosquitoes and black flies were bad in august. Views at summit were incredible. Enjoyed talking with the trail steward. All in all I enjoyed the hike.

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