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Lyon Mountain is the Northern Most Firetower mountain in the Adirondack Park. We snowshoed to this summit and fire tower as part of the Adirondack Fire Tower Challenge. It was a wonderful snowshoe. The view from the top is amazing. You can see all the way to the Champlain Valley and Vermont!

Definitely my new favorite approach to Mansfield. We did Sunset Ridge as our approach to Mount Mansfield, which stayed in the alpine zone for more than half the way up. We were able to see wonderful views of the Green Mountains on the way up including Camels Hump in the distance. The summit of Mansfield had wonderful views into Smugglers Notch and the Northern Green Mountains. We decided to take Subway and Canyons Trail to Hallway House rather than Long Trail. This brought us through epic caves an glacial features. Half Way House was very steep, definitely not meant for downhill hiking. All in all great hike.

We did this hike yesterday and found it to be moderate. We were all fit and experienced hikers. It took us 1h50 to get to the top, all while taking breaks to grab snacks or water and to look at the scenary (fun mushrooms!). The view on the top is awesome though, especially from the fire tower.

5 days ago

This was our first hike in Vermont and we thought this trail was fabulous! It is short but challenging. Wear good shoes because there is lots of rocks and scrambling. We ditched our packs after the first mile at the backcountry campground and I’m sure glad we did! The second two miles were straight uphill and I wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much with 50lbs on my back. We made it to the summit later in the evening, so we ended up being the only ones up there. The views are amazing! Definitely recommend this hike!

This was my first fire tower hike. The view from the tower made the hike worth it. I did the hike in running shoes and will get a good pair of hiking shoes/boots before I try this one again. Going up was fine with runners but I would have liked more stability on the way down. It was a beautiful day and the shaded trail was appreciated on such a hot sunny day. I look forward to my next hike in the Adirondacks.

I would say it’s hard. Mostly because you need to bring a lot of water and marple trail part is not good for children and unexperienced pets.

Take Deans Trails to Long Trail up for a more exciting hike with some rock scrambling, then Monroe to descend. If hiking with kids or dogs, I recommend Monroe up, it’s a steady incline and not exposed. Be prepared for a lot of people at the summit during summer, unless you start the hike very early, 6am-ish.

7 days ago

Trails were wet and rocks were slippery. Recommend sturdy boots and trekking poles. Overall fun hike, but challenging. Not for anyone with bad knees. Beautiful views. Definitely will go back and try other approaches and trails.

This was a very nice easy trail! Nice to find the lodge at the top and still had great views ! Definitely would do this one again!!!

Great long hike weekends are busy so make sure your dogs are on a leash or under good voice command! The summit is so worth it on a beautiful day with never ending views! The way down is Steep and long so make sure you have your trekking polls especially if you have joint issues! Love this hike so glad we finally did it!

So this is a moderate trail if you’re in shape. In my group, 2 of us have never been hiking, and the other person hadn’t been hiking in a couple years and has put on 40lbs since her last hike. Needless to say, it was brutal. Going up took us 2 hours and 40 minutes, coming back down was only 2 hours. The last 40 minutes of the hike is the worst, but we survived. We’re all overweight alcoholics and even though it sucked, the views were worth it!

This hike is really beautiful... amazing views from the top and it’s all shaded in a forest on the way there. A few things; VERY dog friendly. This was really nice because most of the East Coast doesn’t allow dogs to be off leash while they hike, so for someone from the West this trail was a breath of fresh air. There is NO WATER. No lakes, creeks, streams, nothing. Bring your own. Finally, I would classify this trail as heavily trafficked, at least on the weekends. It is basically straight up and then straight down so bring your hiking poles if you have them. Happy trails!

Love this mountain! We took the new trail which is a switch back trail. Took about 2.5 hours up and 2.5 hours down. Not a whole lot of technical moves and the incline is gradual almost gentle. The day we went there was wind and we ended up adding extra layers at the summit. Some rocky portions with a mix of forested areas. I wouldn’t consider this mountain hard, but endurance is needed as our tracking device had us at 10 miles total.

2 adults and 2 kids (6 and 9) and a puppy. We took the old trail on the way up. Took us about 2hrs. Great view and no crowds. Everybody was really happy. I'd say that its moderately hard with steep sections.

Great trail! Probably my favorite so far in the North East, and I've hiked in NY, VT and NH. If you have done anything in the White Mountains, this will feel a bit like the Franconia Notch Loop, but a little more technical. I did the Wampahoofus to Butler lodge trail and got to go through a cave (really cool). From there you take Rock Garden trail back to the main path and that had some really cool stuff as well. I also took the offshoot to Cantilever Rock and that had a great view. Overall, the majority of the hike is a breeze but there are a few sections that can be tricky. It was sunny and dry when we did it but I think it would be very tough in rainy conditions as much of the hike is on rock faces that have grip when dry but not when wet.

The trail up took us around an hour and forty five minutes (with a few, short water breaks). It is definitely continuously steep throughout, and the second half was wet. The falls are lovely and the top was wonderful and breezy. There were definitely a lot of people on the trail today. The trip down took almost as long as the way up.

Not easy but managed up and done in 6 hours a beginner. Amazing views. Glad we did it!! Recommended.
Made it to Ben and Jerrys before they closed for the day.

18 days ago

great hike! challenging but worth it for the views.

Hiked up Butler Lodge Trail to Butler Lodge. Pretty quick and easy, and a nice view from the lodge. Decided to continue up Wampahoofus for the first time to the forehead thinking it would be fairly quick and easy.. wrong!! It was so fun though! But a little intimating! I had to take off my pack a few times to hoist myself up slippery rocks, had to walk through a cave, but what an adventure. Once at the forehead, I decided to continue to the chin so I took Long Trail North to the chin, not too windy despite cloudy weather, then on the way back, Long Trail South to Wallace Cutoff back to Butler Lodge. Keep in mind going down LT south is a little daunting, those ladders going down can be scary if you don’t like heights and a few points where if you mis step, you could fall down some rock crevices. All in all I’m glad I did that loop, exciting adventure 8.8 total miles.

My favorite hike in Vermont! Similar to the West Loop Camel’s Hump hike, but with heartbreakingly beautiful views of the Champlain Valley throughout the top half of the hike, and gorgeous views of the White Mountains to the east once you attain the summit.

Doesn’t take very long to get up and down. Most of it is done up on the ridge. I added Bad Weather Pass as an option up top which was fun although you have a few up close encounters with cliff edges. Fun trail all in all.

21 days ago

Beautiful views- I would rate this as an easy hike- took some friends that are beginner hikers and it was perfect for them. Views are fantastic and you will be greeted by two friendly Golden retrievers at the top! So yes very dog friendly hike!

22 days ago

Nice trail - came in from the Stowe Meadow Trail (new, half mile shorter, slabbing across the hill to meet up w Stowe Pinnacle Trail). Very busy. Many dogs. No biting insects today (only one moth noticed ). Very cool 50 - 60 w incoming showers. Rich northern hardwoods - many trillium and other wildflowers in the understory (but the blooms in the woods mostly stopped when the leaves filled out a month ago). Still clintonia, Canada mayflower, bunchberry and goldthread blooming up on the Wooster Range (Skyline Trail) where spring still reigns at solstice tide. Winter wrens, juncos and white-throated sparrows on Pinnacle (above small vista). 360 view including Breadloaf in Ripton north up to Elmore and Lowell. Mont Owls Head in QC peeking up. The trail from the Pinnacle up to the Skyline Trail on Hogback is much less trafficked. Excellent condition. Steeper, rocky, interesting, sporting. Small rock shelter near top. ~130 feet north (left) on Skyline Trail is a tiny side path to a small vista with a view north up the range. Swainson’s thrushes and black-polled warblers. Deep mosses. Moose and coyote scat from last winter.

This is a fantastic hike, and not just because it's only 45 minutes from Burlington. I love that while it's pretty rigorous, it's not too long of a hike -- you sweat buckets for 90 minutes and get great views at the top. My dog and I hike it several times a month, year round. Here are a few tips:

-- The trail is a bit longer than listed on this site -- 2.1 miles to the summit from the Waterbury lot.
-- It can be very busy on weekends. If you prefer solitude, head out early in the morning or in the late afternoon.
-- Hunger is a very doable hike for dogs, but be aware that there is one spot where you might have to lift your pup up a five-foot rock face, depending on how spry he/she is.
--Check out the white rock spur trail, which provides some beautiful views. It does take you considerably down hill, so don't do it if you think you won't be able to face any more uphill on the way back. The White Rock summit is a bit rocky and technical and for this reason is not easy to navigate with a dog. My energetic, acrobatic trail pup couldn't make it.
-- Winter hiking here is spectacular (assuming you have snowshoes/spikes, depending on conditions).
-- Obviously, you should stop at Ben and Jerry's on the way back to the highway for a celebratory cone.


26 days ago

this is a premier hiking trail for anyone considering hiking the green mountains. It is one of the few alpine summits offering a breathtaking 360 degree view of the surrounding Winooski valley, Lake Champlain and Green Mountain valleys. I hiked this trail in June following the Monroe trail from the Camels Hump Rd trailhead. I took the Dean trail to Allis lookout in order to ascent Ethan Allen to the south along the Long trail. At 3680 feet, this little known peak offers gorgeous views of the valley to the east along Waterbury. From there I hiked to the lodge at Montclair Glen Lodge and then followed the extremely steep ascent up the south face of Camels Hump-- not for the faint heart or those afraid of heights. The summit along the rocky west climb offers views of the Lake Champlain valley and the alpine flora there is beautiful. At the summit you have a choice to descend to the west along the
burrows trail, continue on along the Long trail to the north descending 3.5 miles to Duxbury Rd, or switchback to the east along the Alpine trail to hook up once again with the Monroe trail loop back to the parking lot on camels hump rd. Overall this look was 9.8 miles in a leisurely 6 1/2 hours. have fun and happy trails.
p.s. watch out for nuisance bears along the Wind Gap at the junction of Dean and the Long trail south of the Hump. Don't leave your pack unattended. ; )

Excellent hike but it was really hard!

it's a lot of steep climbing but we'll marked and popular on weekends. if you're an infrequent hiker it will be a challenge but not overly so. well worth the effort for us.

Awesome hike! Took about 4.5 hours. The first part (CCC road) leading up to the Maple ridge trail is very easy. I am a pretty experienced hiker and this was the hardest one in Vermont I have ever done. There were definitely some technical parts leading up to the Forehead. I would not suggest attempting any of it when the rocks are wet. Awesome hike along the ridge line where you can see the Burlington side as well as the Stowe side. The distance listed on here is off in my opinion. My Iphone said about 8 miles. The park rangers guide says 8.4. Will definitely do again at some point!

Very good workout. We were sweating buckets by the time we got up. Took 67 minutes up and 60 minutes down. At the top we were pretty much rock climbing. Beaudoin views when you get to the top but the bugs were bad in middle june so bring your bug spray if you want to spend some time up there.

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