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Absolutely stunning. The challenging terrain is worth the views!

Love!! Went here because it’s close to my sisters in the city but still on the way from Chalfont area. Hike was a workout and kicked my butt! (In the best way of course). I loved that it was easy enough but harder than most of my go-to trails. Will definitely be returning :) watch for the little spiders that build their web right across the trails!

Great hike with the kids! Tons of stop off points. Front end is more entertaining than the back end. Though the back end is definitely less trafficked.


Such an amazing place to hike and see all the different falls. Definitely have good shoes for this as it gets slippery. It's well worth spending the day

Great hike with lots of little spots for wading in the water or shallow pools for kids to play in.

Busy trail although we did visit the day after a holiday. Parking lot was full at noon but the ranger let us wait in line until a spot opened which only took 10 minutes. Bring your water shoes to cross the river and get a better view of the waterfall! Trail is nicely shaded.

challenging but worth it. not well marked. had to use gps a bit especially at the top and around the look out point. very easy to follow an interconnecting trail and find your self back on a trail you already took. red and orange markets are not clear.
falls are nice. look out at very top is really special.

Great trail Waterfalls were fantastic was a little slippery.

very nice walk and good get away!!!

Easy hike- took my 7yr old and puppy. Small but pretty waterfall and pretty walk along the creek. A lot of families, kids, bikers, runners. Felt safe. Overall very nice

Very cute easy trail that is very well maintained! Came across a handful of mountain bikers throughout the 3mile hike and plenty of people and dogs. Wasn’t as crowded as I thought it’d be (definitely not as bad as sugarloaf mountain). The falls are tiny but cute and it has 2 small pools below it that you can hang out in. The top pool is only about 3ft deep at its deepest and the bottom pool is max 2ft deep. Great spot to bring a friendly dog (my 10lb dog loved it, couldn’t bring my 30lb dog because she doesn’t do well with large numbers of nearby dogs while on leash)

We enjoyed this hike through the woods and along the creek. My Golden Retriever loves it!

Love this place. Challenging but fun

A beautiful, fairly easy hike, with awesome falls at the end. For the return trip, you can go up the hill through a less travelled trail. Not blazed, but stay on the trail, you can view the main trail below and not get lost.

Beautiful hike only draw back is the multitude of people and the lack of knowledge on trail etiquette. Not sure there is a slow time but worthy the views

Beautiful trail ! It is not easy and at some areas dangerous and very treacherous . Be careful and cautious- wet and slippery spots .
All worth it though !

Cool trail. Go early to avoid encounters with other humans. :)

a few downed tree scrambles to get thru
also, the lower parking lot is closed
go to the upper glen trail area and walk down

I loved this trail but was not for everyone. There were tons of people and one man fell and had to be rescued after trying to climb up the waterfall barefoot with no gear. The rangers said that was the 5th call in TWO DAYS there. I wore chacos and was fine but if you are unsure, wear boots. There's lots of scrambling and the rocks are wet and slippery. Once you get past the falls it's a pretty nice decent back to the parking area, much easier to keep going than to turn around and hike back out.

Very hard hike, very beautiful and worth it. I hiked it in sneakers and was okay. The beginning of the trail wasn’t marked. The trail could be very dangerous, def not for small children or large groups. I would recommend lots of water and pace yourself!

It's a nice little workout with some great scenery

“I loved it”. “It was one of the best I’ve ever been on”. “That was a great hike”. Those were the comments from our group. Wear hiking shoes as it can be slippery and very rocky. It was a good workout, and the falls were beautiful.

Waterfall was nice but too many mountain bikers the day I went.

Beautiful climb up the falls and an amazing view of the gorge at the lookout. Follow the recommended trail here and go up the falls and down the steps. Bring plenty of water and wear shoes with good grip. Flip flops are not appropriate.

great trail.
make sure to bring proper hiking shoes and socks.
should be no problem for anyone with average health

Good workout for a beginner like me.

One of our favorite hikes. You get to see 22 water falls on this trail. The falls were amazing. The hike it self was great! We went Memorial weekend on Friday. Wasn’t to crowded we started out early. Take your time enjoy the day. The water was rushing pretty nice after a lot of rain. Plenty of place to sit and enjoy lunch.

Great trail for beginners. Beautiful place, not crowded at all. Creek and waterfall were nice.

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