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Great trails, well marked and well maintained. Would be muddy in spring when snow melts or after a rainfall.

Great short and quick hike. Pay attention to trail markers though!

21 hours ago

Extremely easy, flat trail. Not very long and all open trail. Perfect with kids and dogs. Beautiful falls at the end.

The view at the end of the hike was breathtaking. I went in winter time and it was incredible seeing the falls half frozen. If you are hiking this hike in the winter time it may be tricky! Me and my dog made it but I feel we were on the wrong trail. After reading reviews it looks like you need to go to the left of the bridge. However, we went to the right and followed a beaten down deer path. The destination was the same but it may have made it a little trickier scaling down the steep and icy ravine with no rope guidance. I recommend this hike but be weary it’s not easy and you will get wet.

great place to hike but it is closed for hunting from 1/12/19-1/31/19

on Ithaca Falls Trail

5 days ago

looking for a curisey trail lmk

Warm January day helped dry the one open trail. Good afternoon walk.

Not a ton to look at. Easy to follow for the most part.

Where is the cave at turning point park. One of the last photos. It looks like it’s on top of a waterfall. Please help

9 days ago

This is a beautiful and fairly easy hike. We did it on a 45 degree January day, so there were sections that were very muddy—which made steeper sections a bit harder than they would be normally.

Two big things to be aware of for this hike:
First, there are lots of places to park along the trail, however, the spot the directions button takes you to is an apartment complex that requires parking tags to park... two good spots to park include: at the bottom of Monkey Run road (a dead end that has parking at the end) and the section of the hike that crosses a one way bridge (I’m not sure the road name). But, my recommendation is to figure out parking first! We parked at Cornell on Caldwell Drive and Forest Home—a third good option.

Second, there are a number of sections of this hike that are very poorly marked, and these spots are often at weird intersections or spots that are confusing—so be aware of this. What makes it more confusing is that from the Cornell end, the Cayuga trail isn’t marked Cayuga consistently—and there are a number of smaller Cornell trails that are marked. We ended up on other trails in this section, and as a result, ended up doing 11 miles total.

I suspect others also got lost or sidetracked on the other trails, too—if you open up the record button above, you can see very few of those recording are similar or actually line up w the official Cayuga loop.

10 days ago

I specifically wanted a trail that was lightly trafficked and something fun/ exciting for my dogs. While the area was beautiful and somewhat challenging, this was not the case. The trails were completely packed with people and dogs. Almost every dog we came across was off leash and the owners were clueless when we asked them to get control of their animals. As beautiful and challenging as this park was I will not go back because of the amount of people and ignorance they all showed when handling their animals.

Always love coming here with my family. I seem to prefer walking here during the winter more than any other season

12 days ago

beautiful when there has been a lot of rain

Nice waterfall and easy trail for short winter hike

They changed part of orange trail to black

Great Christmas Day hike. The boardwalk trail provides access to the river, amazing views, and opportunities to see wildlife. Keep it pretty - pack it in, pack it out.

Good little trail. Suitable for all.

easy trail. pretty scenery

Excellent hike! Plenty of parking in the lot off Chestnut Ridge Rd. , however it is not plowed in the winter (as it is just loose stone.) You would be advised to park and enter the trial off Seufert Rd.) This trial is very well marked! It’s also Great for dogs!

Crisp day, around 26 but the sun was out and it was beautiful on the trails. All the trails are very clearly marked. If you feel like racking up miles you can link to the Big Woods Trail to the West or head East(over Whiting Rd) and into the trail system at Webster Park. Great trails for mountain biking also, fun single track.

trail running
29 days ago

Fun trail!

Beautiful views of the River, lots of bird life. A ship was docked at Boxart St. The walkway 9ver the river was a little wet and icy but passable.

1 month ago

not difficult, very beautiful in winter with some snow

1 month ago

Spectacular waterfall really tall and some tall gorges surrounding the pool of water below. Love this hike

Short trail but pretty. Pretty busy area

1 month ago

Well marked but tough to navigate, especially through the stream section. Would love to revisit in the spring or summer

1 month ago

We hiked in the fall with dogs. Not many people there, beautiful scenery. Easiest moderately rated trail I have done, loved it. Saw several deer.

1 month ago

Waterfalls after waterfalls!! Beautiful trail for hiking and trail running. Very slushy at some places and slippery at others during this time of the year. Gorge trail was closed due to the snow and ice but the rim trail portion of the loop is open and accessible.

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