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7 days ago

My husband and I completed this hike with our Scout dog on September 29. This is a nice, gently graded, easy-to-follow trail with some nice views. My only complaint is that there wasn't an official "end" to the trail. The trail itself kept going, but the app said that we had made it to the turn-around point.

Other than that, it was a nice trail and the perfect day for hiking. We even saw a moose near the lake.

I would mirror Julie Kirby’s comments. Great trail for running, beautiful, but way too many people. Also way too much dog crap on the trail.

Loved this hike! We took the fork to the left at the end and connected to Hidden Valley to make a big loop! Will definitely be doing this again!

12 days ago

Beautiful fall hike. Horses definitely present on the trail, as well as mountain bikes. Be careful if you’re hiking and kids are mountain biking - some curves don’t allow for much sight of pedestrians/bikes.

trail running
15 days ago

October is a pleasant time to trail run or hike this moderate to easy trail. The entire trail was carpeted with the fallen mable and oak brush leaves. I recorded 1.7 miles to the distination which is a grove of trees. I guess it could be called the trail to nowhere. Which was not a bad thing because I really enjoyed the quiet stillness and solitude.

This trail is great for trail running. My only complaint is its popularity. Too many people. It thinned out after the first 2 miles. I clocked this at 7 miles to elephant rock and back.

Perfect time of year. Perfect trail to start trail running or get back into trail running.

Love this hike! And the mountain bikers are very courteous of the hikers. Beautiful.

Found a geocache right at the point where the trail starts to go uphill more steeply. Utah has some cool looking rocks! The grotto was worth the narrow path, which was slippery dirt at some points where someone had even left a rope for people to grab onto during the most tricky part. If you wear the right shoes (which I didn’t) this hike shouldn’t be difficult at all for an adult. It almost seems like the path was a game trail originally.

easiest 6 miles of my life. well established trail. some bikers but everyone is pretty cautious of hikers! beautiful views all the way up!

Beautiful trail! Well managed. Perfect for families. I took a 3 yr old and 1 yr old in a backpack, it was perfect for us.

Loved this trail it was so beautiful ♥️♥️

I love this trail

1 month ago

Loved the red of the changing oak leaves and the bright yellow of the Aspens. There were lots of bikers but they were all kind and courteous.

Great for trail running! Mostly shaded by trees and a clear, defined trail. Keep running past big rock towards Rudy’s flat it’s beautiful.

1 month ago

We took our two young children in a stroller (the whole trail is paved) on this walk and they really enjoyed it. There was alot for them to see including fruit trees, some of the animals from lagoon, and a large bridge. The trail is well maintained including trash cans and picnic tables along the way.

1 month ago

Had an awesome trip. They were having a mountain bike race up Snowbasin, but we talked to a few couples walking out of the trail that said the race was on the other side of the pond, so we just took a quick trip to the pond and back. Had all four children with us (8,4,3,5weeks) so it was a good first time out. We’ll be back to hike the whole thing soon enough.

1 month ago

Super mellow hike, barely any elevation gain at all. Lots of trees and shady areas. A good hike for those that just want to be in nature without all the huffing and puffing. I created a short video showcasing parts of this hike, both from the ground and from the air:

1 month ago

Didn't know where to park because I couldn't quite find the beginning. Parked in a cul de sac and walked for a bit. Animals and pavement were nice for a walk but not a hiking trail at all.

on Lagoon Trail

1 month ago

Went with my son and dog. A lot of fun

Thus trail is beautiful and well maintained.
ylThe path is worn and easy yo navigate. I went around 7:30 and it was already busy.
There are a lot of hikers, runners and bikes on the trail. I didn't see any horses.
The elevation gain definitely manageable. There are several ups and downs to give you breaks.
Lots of shade with only a few exposed areas.
Some of the plants are already to starting to change color.

I'll be running this one again.


I love this trail, it's so easy to get to and doesnt take you all day to do it. Trail is fairly easy with a slight incline but doable. The only downside is this trail gets busy, runners, bikers, sometimes even horseback riders, so keep ya eyes out.

1 month ago

Fun! Kids love it because they can ride their bikes or scooters. It’s fun to see the animals too!

I love this trail. Trail has slight incline most of the way but I think it's a good trail for everyone. Only downside is its a very busy busy trail, it's best to come early to avoid collisions.

2 months ago

I did this hike with a friend of mine and we loved it!! It was the perfect hike, it wasn’t too hard but still gave you a good workout. Mostly shaded which was nice so the sun wasn’t beating on us the whole time. The only thing about this trail was the end was just a dead end? We followed the map and it said we reached the end and it was just a bunch of trees right passed the fort people talked about in the reviews. We went farther past the end point located on the map but it just took us into the woods and led to nothing. So that was a little disappointing but on the way back down we went off trail and climbed some huge (dangerous) rocks and came to a beautiful view!! It was incredible- don’t recommend unless you’re good at climbing and not afraid of heights but it made the whole hike for us climbing up there. All in all loved this trail and will do again!

This trail offers amazing views!! Some of it it shaded, like next to the creek in Ice Box Canyon. Lots of trees and meadows. Beautiful mountain cliff views! The perfect amount of incline for the length of the trail. This one will be a go to trail time after time!!

you can tell this is not one of the more hiked trails. a lot of over growth still nice trail.

2 months ago

If you go soon after this is posted, BEWARE and read on.
Great hike, especially for kids. One problem. We went yesterday, hiked up to the pond. We walked around the pond, which it seems like few do. The little trail is somewhat overgrown. We stumbled onto a ground nest of hornets right in the middle of the trail and they swarmed. Whole family got stung several times. As you walk up to the pond, the nest is along the right side (west). If you stay on the other side, I'm sure you'll be fine. It wasn't until we walked right up on it that we had trouble. They chased us for several hundred yards back down the trail. We passed a couple that was heading up, told them about it and they decided to go up anyway and got stung as well. Otherwise, this was a great hike — perfect for young children. Not too far, not too strenuous. Just right. That being said, I don't think I'll be able to get the kids to come back to it. Good story for them to tell though. Builds character.

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