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11 hours ago

I love this place. The trail is pretty tough. Very steep with a lot of steps but once you reach the top it was well worth it!

13 hours ago

A nice little hike with one very awesome view of some beautiful mountain scenery, rocks, some little falls, and one very nice bigger waterfall.
We heard some had seen a bear and snake, and we did have a rattlesnake cross our path on the way back so do be careful.

13 hours ago

good trail. beautiful falls.

absolutely beautiful shaded hike, breathtaking huge waterfall we thought it was the first little one but ten mins after that there is a huge waterfall you can sit on the Rocks and feel it's refreshing mist, it only took us 2 hrs to get there and hour and 15 mins back well worth the hike

20 hours ago

Very nice

20 hours ago

Bring plenty of snacks and water

20 hours ago

Lovely fall

Beautiful trail but not for the faint of heart!

This trail is listed as easy, I suppose because it is all paved. Please note that you are definitely hiking up hill for this hike, which can be a challenge for some. We saw a small black bear near the Trailhead. A few great views toward the top, and the waterfall is stunning at the end! Very busy trail, so if you’re looking for quiet, this isn’t one to try.

Fun trail with gentle grades that ends at the spectacular Charlie’s Bunion. There are some rocks and roots, but nothing technical. There’s a spring along the way if you need water.

Great trail! Easy for kids and lots of water to play in at the falls!

A little bonus hike for the day. You should know that you the last part of the trail is closed. When I went, I wanted to go past the gate but there was a ranger closeby watching the trail

Did this segment along while going up to Mount Leconte. It's a nice little detour if the weather is good (on my way up, clouds were hiding everything, but it was nice on my way down)

Great views! Worth the hike!

We had a great hike on this trail. It was our favorite for the trip. We are relatively amateur hikers but are all in good physical shape and had no problems. We had a diverse family group ranging in age from 7-78. We did have to stop at the cave and head back down do to some in our group getting tired but to that point it was beautiful. My husband and I plan to complete the hike on our next trip. We did not have hiking shoes (just tennis shoes) or rain gear however these would both be needed to hike all the way to the lodge at the summit. Arched Rock, Inspiration point and Alum cave were very beautiful and well worth it. The park is very crowded. I would recommend going early to avoid the crowd.

Did this hike early May. Very nice hike. Waterfall was beautiful. Simple hike doesn’t take much time but worth it.

Nice easy trail. Good morning hike.

Was worth it for us. We went in the spring and it was cold. It was also just after a large snow storm, so the snow was melting and we got a gorgeous view of the falls! Hiked with my 11 year old and he did great! Took us 2.5 to get up and 1.5 to go down. Several smaller falls along the route as well.

I was pressed for time. So straight up, 10 minutes at the top, half walk half jog back down, total time was 66 minutes. I’m 42, lean, run 10 miles a week. Thought it might be helpful to someone to know it can be done in that amount of time. Definitely wish I had more time to take everything in, etc.

My first hike I loved it

Great quick but Vigorous trail. The end is closed due to the fires but still a great walk with Beautiful scenery and overlooks

3 days ago

Great hike. Had a full family of all ages. Our 3 year old didn't complain about being tired on the hike. It was easy enough for him. Not a large elevation gain. Very beautiful throughout the hike with all of the rocks and roots along the trail which does make it a little tough to maneuver. Not paved. The waterfall is so pretty!!

This trail was relatively easy. Other trails we have been on became part of the terrain, whereas this was a “trail” the whole way. Rainbow Falls was beautiful- wished we had seen a rainbow! Worth the view for the distance of the hike. We enjoyed it!

Best view we’ve had in the Smokies! My wife and I did this trail the day after we had hiked around 10 miles. Even being a little sore, this trail was doable but moderate. The trail was uphill coming back from the Bunion. Well worth it, was great!

We did this hike on October 2nd 2017. We hiked up to LeConte Lodge and eventually to LeConte peak marked by a cairn just past the LeConte shelter. We weren’t aware of Myrtle Point so we turned back after reaching the high-point. We did however back-track to Cliff Tops to get some good views. After this we did get to stop at the Lodge for some Hot Chocolate and some great views of Gatlinburg and the park outskirts from the Cafe balcony. They had some chairs too so you can relax for a bit. We were also very lucky to see a Llama train arrive with supplies for the Lodge while we were there. We found out that they do a couple trips during the week to carry supplies for the Lodge. The hosts were really nice and let most of the people there even feed and pet the llamas. Definitely made up to the fact we missed Myrtle Point.

A must do! Always a trip to remember. The trail has been reworked so that the rocks and ground create better footing and drainage making it a much easier hike.

This is a very scenic hike and the views from the cliff tops are amazing. We hiked up and back the same day, but you can make reservations (a year in advance) to stay at the top. The hike is strenuous and very rocky. If you have knee problems, this one hurts a bit. There are a few things for sale at the top like chocolate and T-shirt’s. I think you can buy meals as well. We spent 8 hours on the trail including the time we spent at the top. Definitely start early and pack a lunch and plenty of water.

A pretty easy hike and the waterfall is beautiful. You can walk behind the falls. Even though it’s a short, easy hike, I would recommend take no water.

Really pretty hike. Saw a black bear cub on the hike less than 15 feet off the trail.

Started this hike at around 8am and we were lucky enough to miss the fog as it rolled in after we departed Charlie's Bunion. I would rate this trail on the easier side of moderate. There are a few water sources along this trail with one being marked near the Icewater Spring Shelter. There is also an outdoor toilet on the way up. The trailhead itself is a lookout that was very popular for motorist driving through. There were also restrooms located there. The view from Charlie's Bunion was well worth the hike.

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